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Raurencio Studio's New 40cm Line of Dolls

Mar 3, 2011

    1. For those who collect smaller versions of these resin beauties, Raurencio Studio is really picking up the pace of their MSD line. Their newest additions are Josep and Joshua. Any thoughts on these cuties? I personally like Joshua myself! He has such an innocent, life-like look about him.

      News Thread

      Raurencio Studio's Website



      New Girl Karel

      Measurements per Raurencio's Website and items that come with these little ones:

      [FONT=µ¸¿ò]Items: Acrylic eyes(random), extra hand parts[/FONT]

      [FONT=µ¸¿ò]* If you want the make up & defult Wig please purchase the goods of make-up.[/FONT]
      [/FONT][FONT=µ¸¿ò][FONT=µ¸¿ò][FONT=µ¸¿ò]eye size : 14mm

      [FONT=µ¸¿ò]wig size : 7-8 inch[/FONT]

      [FONT=µ¸¿ò][FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]BODY SIZE

      Height(Including head) 42cm

      Girth of neck 7cm

      Girth of Head 19cm (7~8inch)

      Girth of chest 18cm

      Girth of waist 16cm

      Girth of hip 20.5cm

      Width of shoulder include arm 8cm

      Length from shoulder to elbow 7cm

      Length from elbow to wrist 6cm

      Length from navel to knee 13cm

      Length from knee to sole of the foot 11cm

      Width of shoulder include arm 5.5cm

      They are different according to a measurement method.

      [/FONT]R. Studio 40cm girl body

      R. Studio 40cm boy body
      Hi all! Valentinegirl has posted a new thread for pics, resin matching and posing capabilities on Raurencio's 40cm line. Click [/FONT]
      [/FONT]here[FONT=µ¸¿ò][FONT=µ¸¿ò][FONT=µ¸¿ò] for any info you may be able to add.
    2. Oh, wow. They're both adorable, but I also just LOVE Joshua. He's darling!
    3. Yup Joshua is totally cute <3
    4. Perhaps a dumb question, I haven't looked at Raurencio in a while but what does the (P) stand for underneath the pictures? Is that the points you earn?
    5. Joshua is like mini Azrail. So cute.

      Mathurine yeah, I think those are the points you earn buy purchasing their products.. although on the orders I placed in 2008 and 2009.. I did not get any point...:|

      Anyway, I hope they will do mini Baal.. then I am sure I won't resist him. He will be perfect to be my Arsene's kid. ;)
    6. Oh wow! They are so cute! I think they'd make good brothers to Dollmore's Narsha line. XD
    7. Absolutely gorgeous boys! I've tried only MSD girls and just haven't taken to them, but the idea of MSD boys really appeal. I do like the Edan as well, hopefully they will do him non-limited edition at some point. I think Joshua is my fave :)
    8. Hi Absynthe! They will release Edan in a basic edition as soon as the Limited Edition numbers sell out. No word as to what that number is though.....
    9. Hey :) Ah I see, thanks for the heads up on Edan. I haven't really ever looked at Raurenico to be honest, until the last few weeks; I just love the innocence of their boy sculpts; I think they'd have made adorable Yo's too
    10. Joshua looks really cute, I like what they're wearing xD;.... the website is down for me though.
    11. I thought I was done adding dolls to the wishlist, but Joshua is just adorable. How cute would a pair of Joshua/Josep siblings be!?
    12. Hi draa! Sometimes their website goes down when they have to many viewers. Try again later.

      I hope their outfits become available as well. I don't have any boys that size and like to be able to get a set of clothing that fits for sure.^^
    13. I think the boys would make beautiful brothers, utterly gorgeous. I haven't bought a doll at all in nearly two years; I am sooooooo due a splurge! I like the idea of trying a company I haven't bought from, or even seen IRL. The outfits are precious too. I'm just a leeeeettle bit in love ;)
    14. A couple more layaways to tie up and I am thinking Joshua will be joining my family.

      Hi Absynthe: Raurencio's quality is very nice indeed. Smooth resin, nice double jointed system and very easy to pose.
    15. Am I the only one here who likes Josep better than Joshua? I think his eyes are just so utterly adorable. :D
    16. They're both cute! Absynthe thinks they would make beautiful brothers. I totally agree!
    17. Karel makes such a cute girl!! I can't wait to see her finished. ^^
    18. Me too! She may need to go on the wish list!
    19. Now it's going to be a real choice to which one of these little ones I get. I had originally wanted Joshua, but twins would be awesome as well!!
    20. Karel is available for sale now! The pics are soooo cute!