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Raurencio Studio's New Limiteds - Kan & Kaul

Dec 13, 2011

    1. Raurencio Studio's new limited boys - Kan & Kaul, 67cm




      These guys definitely need a discussion thread - so I made one. ^o^ What do we think, everyone? I took one look at Kaul and nearly swallowed my tongue. He's GORGEOUS!! And Kan is giving me a definite Cloud Strife vibe...

      Does anyone know if Raurencio does layaway?
    2. I'm definitely interested in Kaul...he''s amazing! Love everything about his face, but the character I want him for isn't as big as the new body measures, so I'm hoping I can just get the head :)
    3. Same here. i'm only interested in his head sculpt unfortunately. Hopefully it'll be possible to get it separately?
    4. Genesblues: Yes, Raurencio does layaway. Just sign up on their site and request their layaway terms.

      I am definitely loving Kaul! His face is absolutely smoldering!!

      Initially the heads aren't sold separately as was with the first dolls. They were eventually released though as just heads. Christmas is coming so perhaps a Christmas even is in the makings. ^^

      Also, if you guys notice the price is considerably lower than their first 67 inch line guys!!:D
    5. LOL XD

      Omg XD I was just about to say the same thing XD He has that Cloud Strife vibe in him XD Narrow chin, wide lips and sharp angled eyebrows XD

      I'm actually a fan of their male 67cm body. It is a shame though the upper thighs aren't jointed and the knees also aren't double jointed while the body itself is actually well-sculpted T_T

    6. They are both very handsome. Kan really looks like Cloud in Advent children! Too bad they are limited
    7. Awesome! Thanks for the layaway info, PacificBlue. :) And yeah, they said somewhere that the lowered prices on these two guys is a limited X-mas special event. I think I'm pretty much doomed - Kaul's face is divine, and that profile absolutely slays me. I hope they'll offer the lowered price even if I do layaway... I've never purchased from Raurencio, so this will be a new experience. ^o^

    8. I love Kaul but there is no way I can get a doll this month. T_T At least Kaido is not limited, I'm in love with him too.
      Does anyone know where they get their outfits from? They don't have anything for sale really (everything is sold out) but I love many of the outfits.