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Raurencio Studio's Ralph

Jun 10, 2011

    1. Raurencio Studio has released a New guy Ralph in their RSG Basic Line.

      Some of the sale proceeds will go towards the tornado victims of Southeast America.


      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]Ralph comes with the following items according to Raurencio Studio [/FONT][FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]: Ralph[/FONT][FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ] head + R¡£studio¡¯s New 65 guy body (normal skin, No make up), [/FONT][FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]Glass eyes (random), Wig (random) [/FONT]

      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]Eye Size[/FONT][FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ] : 16mm[/FONT]
      [FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ]Head Size[/FONT][FONT=¸¼Àº °íµñ] : 8~9 inch[/FONT]

      News Thread

      Raurencio Studio's Website

      Ralph's Raurencio Studio Page
    2. He is so gorgeous!! Such a sweet face... But mature enough that I like it better than some of the other new heads on the buff guy body... I'm in love :D

      I'm dying to see some no-makeup photos... I think that what will say if he goes on my wishlist or not <3
    3. aaaaaaaaaaah.....I really like this head mold. =____= He looks like such a gentleman. I can't wait to see the blank photos from RS, and a profile shot too maybe... All his photos are the front of his face, which are very nice.
    4. They did say on the website that the blank head photos would be coming soon! ^^
    5. He is amazing *wants*!!!