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Raurencio Studio's Ryon

Feb 17, 2011

    1. What do you guys think of Ryon?! He is a super hottie! I love what Raurencio Studio is doing with their new sculpts! Handsome face, masculine body lines and his hands are a 100% improvement from their previous ones. I'd gladly sit with him on his lounge chair. :D
    2. Ah, this is him! I saw the preview of the head on raurencio's making blog and really liked it. When Walter was released he looked so different, I was like 'No... they changed him too much' :( But it seems this was the head I was actually waiting for.

      Walter is beautifully sculpted (reminds me of Dollshe's 'Van') but I prefer my boys a bit softer/more feminine, so Ryon is more my style

      I love him. Lips are very kissable. One for the wishlist I think? Certainly I am considering next time I come to make a dollie purchase.
    3. I find him very interesting as sculpt..
      anyway, i don't have a character for him so I won't add him to my wishlist (fiuuuuu XD) but I hope definitely to see some in the future around DoA..
    4. He is JUST like one of my characters, I just love his face in 3/4... If only I didn't have that character already... * sigh *
    5. I really do love him! He is definitely on my list of want to haves. Maybe a boyfriend for my Stella! ^^
    6. He is very nice. I like both him and Walter a lot. If only I wasn't so Iplewhelmed....
    7. Too many handsome sculpts out there most definitely Patrice S! I hope someone gets one of these new Raurencio boys...
    8. He is on my wishlist. Gosh, he is gorgeous.

      And actually, when I saw him I completely jumped for joy. He is the doll incarnation of the main character in a completed story that I am rewriting. I'm so excited. I don't know much about this company so I have no idea if his head matches any other body. I'm only interested because I don't know how good of a poser the default body is. This beauty would be photographed extensively!