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Raurencio Studio's Utopia Tales Discussion Thread

Dec 5, 2010

    1. Hello, it’s Raurencio Studio.

      New size dolls are released!

      To celebrate it, we will sell the dolls only 10 sets through worldwide.

      We will sell these dolls with full set on a first-come first-served basis from 6th December, 00:00 a.m.

      Please give a lot of interest.


    2. very interesting! I like the girls ears
      and where you can see the measurements of the new dolls?
    3. [​IMG]

      Raurencio Studio has released the first Limited dolls in their Utopia Tales Series!
      What do you think of them?!

      Raurencio Studio Website

      Utopia Tales News Release

      Read about the Utopia Tales on the Raurencio Studio Blog

      Aren't they sooo cute?! I love Edan the best I think. His big brown eyes are just so curious. Solenn looks abit lonely though. I think she needs a friend. :)

      Solenn's Sizes:
      Height: 42cm
      Neck circumference: 7cm Head size: 19cm (7~8 inches)
      Girth: 19.5cm
      Waist circumference: 14.5cm
      Hip circumference: 19.5cm
      The shoulder width which includes the arm: 8cm
      Shoulder ~ elbow: 7cm
      Elbow ~ wrist: 6cm
      Navel ~ knee: 12cm
      Knee ~ sole of a foot: 11cm
      Foot flood control: 5.5cm


      Edan's Sizes:
      Height: 42cm
      Neck circumference: 7cm
      Head size: 19cm (7~8 inches)
      Girth: 18cm
      Waist circumference: 16cm
      Hip circumference: 20.5cm
      The shoulder width which includes the arm: 8cm
      Shoulder ~ elbow: 7cm
      Elbow ~ wrist: 6cm
      Navel ~ knee: 13cm
      Knee ~ sole of a foot: 11cm
      Foot flood control: 5.5cm

      Sizes are approximate.

    4. Utopia Tales Discussion Thread

      PICTUS01: The Raurencio website has exceeded the views for a specific time. Check back later and it should be available again.^^
    5. I love Solenn's face, dreamy eyes are my favorite, and her ears are adorable!
    6. I like the look of them both, but goodness that seems expensive for a mini LE. I'm guessing the basic versions (if they are coming later?) may not have the fairy parts though? I do like Solenn's fairy ears. I'd like to see Edan as a girl.
    7. That was my thought on the price also. I would love to know if
      she'll be a basic, but then as you said will she have those ears..?
    8. Can you put up body nude shots of both these dolls?

      Also will the basic version of the girl also have the large ears? :) cute
    9. Hi TreeLore: If you go onto Raurencio's website there are nude shots of both Solenn and Edan there.
    10. I think the fullset price is comparable to other companies who sell full set LE minis.

      I sent Raurencio Studio inquiring if Solenn and Edan will be available as basic dolls and also if Solenn will have those cute ears. I'll let you know as soon as I hear back. ^^
    11. It does depend on the company, I've a Cherishdoll LE fullset who was very reasonable and I suppose I was hoping these two would end up closer to that than Fairyland/Soom LE sets ^^

      Yes, please, do share what you learn. I don't think I'd be able to get either LE but I'd be very interested in a basic version for both.
    12. 600.00 is a little much for a msd and i realy dont care for the hand's but i love the head
    13. I just thought i would post that I had asked a question on Raurencio's Q&A board (its an unlocked question btw) if Solenns ears would be available separately or if they are limited to the Utopia Tales release. (I have a special interest in these particular ears)
      The response I got was "We don't have no idea for selling that after this story."
      I'm taking that as a possibility they could decide to release them later but not likely, anywa just though there might be someone out there that might want to know.
    14. Hi guys! Raurencio has replied back to me:

      Sarako: A basic version is going to be released as soon as the Limited sales are over.

      PICTUS01: You can open and closed hands for the sculpt. Did you not like either type?

      Makkura Koyappi: Raurencio is going to release a limited run on Solenn's ears during their upcoming Christmas event. They haven't said as to when, but with Christmas just around the corner I would say soon.

      No word as to whether or not the basic Solenn with have the elf ears.
    15. Solenn and Taki should be the same mold... right?
      God. I fall for Taki the moment I saw him on the banner of their website. And he is a BOY!!!!!
      I think I will have to bring him home........................................
    16. I'm very excited for Taki as well! He's exactally what I wanted since I was interested in Solenn for her head and ears but wanted her as a boy! It's the prefect x-mas gift for me and I've already ordered him. Can't wait for him to arrive :D
    17. I am pretty sure Taki and Solenn are the same mold. What's puzzling me is which girl is the same as Edan, though I think it's Daisy. Bella is not too far off (just differently shaped eyes and a slightly different nose, at least to me). I like Ted as well.
    18. Anybody order these cuties?

      Makkura Koyappi: Did Taki make it home?