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Raurencio Studio's Walter

Feb 4, 2011

    1. Raurencio Studio has been working hard lately it seems. Any opinions or their new guy Walter on the new and improved male body of course? ;) I find Walter to have a very chiseled and masculine jaw. The new body looks very nice and muscular. It also looks like they are using their improved double jointed system.

      News Thread

      Raurencio Studio Website


      Default Walter Faceup


      Special Walter Faceup

      The Brand New and Improved 65 cm Male Line Body


    2. Hm, not bad. Would have been nice to see how the bended knee looks like...

      The Walter sculpt does not look bad. Would be interesting to have a close-up of the blank head.
    3. Hi Ipledreamer! I'll ask Raurencio if they can accomodate us with your requests. I'll let you know as soon as I hear back from them. ^^
    4. Walter's "Special Makeup" makes him look like a bad boy! Me likee!
    5. Oh man, Raurencio has been tempting me for quite some time...I've been having my eye on Stella, but oi, he's a beaut! I love his jaw. <33
    6. Raurencio is really stepping it up with their new sculpts. I need a boyfriend for my Stella. I can't make up my mind which one of these new guys I like more. ^^
    7. I think I like Walter best...because he's just so manly.:D

      Oh man, I am envious you have Stella. She's just so unique. <3
    8. Duuude. Walter's speaking to me, but I'm having trouble deciphering who's voice it is. X3 If he came in a white skin he'd be a shoe-in for sure...
    9. Hey ZennoSaji! Raurencio Studio only comes in one resin color which is quite pale. Not quite white but close. My Raurencio girl Stella is the palest of my dolls next only to the Dollshe white resin. The Special Walter makeup really does it for me!

      Thanks Xorilla!
    10. Really! It looks so dark in their photos. :O
    11. The body pics are quite darker. Raurencio made it that way though. They only carry one resin color. If you go to one of the regular photos on their site or even Walter in the first pics it's quite white. It has a small tinge of yellow in my opinion. Could it possibly be your monitor? Sometimes different monitors vary in how color is shown.
    12. I have a dark setting on my monitor, yeah, and the clean-shaven Walters look really fair, but I'm so "aware" of WS that anything more saturated than, say, Dream of Doll's resin color registers as "not that pale" to me. Ultimately I'd have to see one in person.
    13. There's a new teaser picture for another boy, Adonis!