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Publication RD New Arrival

Dec 4, 2009

    1. New Arrival[FONT=&#23435]![/FONT]Ringdoll pure normal skin is on sale

      Dear BJD lovers[FONT=&#23435]:[/FONT]
      Thanks very much for your attention and support to Ringdoll.
      Ringdoll latest normal skin is on sale now. Everybody can chose more kinds of different skin-white skin and pure normal skin. And the original pink skin and yellow skin are also on sale.

      Here is the comparison picture of Ringdoll pure normal skin with white skin.

      And This is the comparison picture of Ringdoll new skins with Ringdoll original skins.
      From the left to the right in picture, they are
      Pure normal skin, white skin, pink skin, yellow skin.
      Also, there is comparison of Ringdoll skin and skin form other BJD agency.
      You can choose skins you like according to the pictures. Welcome to pick and buy.
      Thanks again for everyone’s supporting!

      [FONT=&#23435]                              ——[/FONT]Ringdoll