Re-Casts on Ebay

Feb 9, 2018

    1. I just do not understand how Ebay can let people sell re-casts!! It seems to me that this should be against the Law? It sure makes me mad! It just to be only from China now it is in the USA too.
    2. Discussion of recasts is a pretty hot topic, I would honestly avoid talking about it at all here to avoid any sort of risk of suspension.
    3. It is actually illegal and against eBay's ToS. You can read about their counterfeit policy here.

      No matter how many employees you have to combat this sort of stuff, there will always be things that get through the cracks, especially in a hobby like this where the average person has no idea what any of the terms mean. To an eBay employee, the word "Recast" might just be the doll's brand name- they don't know any better!

      Most of the anti-counterfeit measures on sites like eBay are going to be targeted towards things such as counterfeit designer goods, electronics, and accessories such as watches- not BJDs sadly. Take the time to report these listings when you see them. Ctrl + F to look for the text "Report item" and click on that link. You'll need to be signed in to make a report. Select the category "Copyright and trademark", the subcategory "Counterfeit item or authenticity disclaimer", and the detailed reason of "Counterfeit, fake, or replica items." Then, fill out the box that asks you to give a brief description. Something like "Counterfeit adult collector item" will do. It's only around 100 characters long. And that's how you keep eBay clean for your fellow collectors!

      Edit: Spelling/grammar mistakes- I need my caffeine! :lol:
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    4. I've also spotted that somebody in Italy has started selling them, just as a warning it's not just limited to one area. And I mean in a way in which they were clearly producing them, or supplying from a producer and not just an owner selling off their collection.
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    5. I honestly couldn't be bothered, it's an uphill battle and lost already... but good luck, I wish you strength in it!
    6. Good to know its against ebay's ToS and there's a way to let them know so we can help keep recasts off the market.
    7. Den of Angels has a zero tolerance policy towards recasts and doesn't allow discussion of them, so this thread is being closed.
      Reporting the listings is the only thing you can do.
      If at any point you aren't sure if a doll is a recast or legitimate, please come ask us in Ask the Moderator and we'll be happy to assist you.
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