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Re-ment cloths.

Oct 11, 2008

    1. This thread is about (as the title saids) re-ment cloths.
      Good? bad?
      and who do they fit?
    2. Re-ment clothes are supposed to fit Blythe. So some of the clothes could fit Pipos Baha and Secretdoll Binu. Those are just the dolls I own that I know off of personal experience. :) I'd like to order some of the sets but I am afraid they won't fit. :/
    3. They'd fit PpoPpo and the Large Moona as they're made for Blythe and these dolls are designed specifically to fit Blythe clothes.
    4. I have a couple of the Rement outfits, and they definately won't fit my Pipos's wide hips! I know there is at least one thread around here that has a list of dolls that fit Blythe clothes.
    5. Yeah her hips don't lie...nor do they fit Bratz pants :)

      How about the large Moona?
    6. The few Re-ment clothes that I've bought fit my Elfdoll Hana and Tiny Betsy BJD (she's off limits here, I know :-) They both stand about 8" high.
    7. i had a Lati Yellow SP and some blythe clothes fit her. loose tops especially.
    8. I have plenty of Blythe clothes for my large Moona
      so they should fit ...not the shoes though
    9. I have the set of rement clothes, which I originally bought for Riley. It does however in the main fit my CH Bijou Lilly. She looks especially cute in the denim overall dress and the red spotty puffball dress. Hope that helps.
    10. I'm not familiar with most of those dolls (gads but the hobby has gotten large). Anyone know if they fit Naripon or Orientdoll So?
    11. They would be much too big for a Naripon and Orientdoll So. Kelly clothes fit Naripons and So's really well though!