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Re-naming dolls?

Aug 13, 2007

    1. I know this doesn't seem like a very crucial topic, but I'm a tad concerned about it. I'm getting my Leya in about a month, from a previous owner who named her Raven. Raven is a very nice name, but I kind of wanted a different name. What is your opinion on renaming dolls with previous owners? Does it depend on the owner's feelings? Or the dolls?

      Help please! D:
    2. I never kept the other owners doll's name. I named my dolls after my own characters. It's your doll and you can name it what you please :)
    3. I guess everything depends on your choice.
      I don't consider my dolls being 'born' when they get produced,
      but when I actually get to hold them physically or when I create a character.

      I recently purchased a doll from the 2nd hand market.
      I'm sure he had a name from his previous owner but I didn't bother to ask.
      When he gets home (he's on the way now, yay!), he will reborn as one of my own.
      And, of course, as a new character he will receive another name from me.
      Also, my girl has changed her name 2-3times to get the 'right name' and I don't see anything wrong wit it.

      Dolls are objects and you are the owner.
      Everything depends on you. They are your property.
      If you value the history of the doll, you can go with the doll's previous name.
      However, if you prefer another name for your doll, you give her/him another name.
    4. Hmmmmm... well, I don't have a doll yet, but I really think it all depends on what you want. If the previous owner told you about the doll's personality (according to them), and you really had something else in mind, would you change it? Would you keep the doll the same as the previous owner had it? I think it depends on how you feel. Personally, I'd change it, name, face, clothing, and personality, all to something I liked and felt was 'right', because it would be my doll for the duration of my ownership, and I wouldn't want to feel like I'm just babysitting someone else's doll. Sorry if I'm not making sense.
    5. I agree. You're going to be changing her clothes and hair, maybe her eyes, faceup.. why not her name? People change their names all the time. Albeit, you might get her and see that the name fits her, but if not, why not change it?
    6. I think if you want to keep the same name, you should ask the owner. Some people sell one doll because they have a different doll in mind for the same character and they plan to give their new doll the name of the one they sold.

    7. I've renamed one of my own 'children' because of a character change in the book. Tema is now Terelyn, and he even got a new face and wig. When I got the little sprites, Crystal and Lily, I had no idea what their names were from the previous owners as they weren't listed.

      It's like...adopting, only they take whatever name you grace them with. :3
    8. You totally made sense, BusterBrown. Thanks for your input everyone! ^_^ I'll definitely rename her and make her my own. <3
    9. I always rename, repaint, rewig, redress.... Because honestly, he/she wouldn't seem like my doll if I didn't have final say in who they are.

    10. Hi Hannah <333

      As you know I've renamed my doll twice and even switched it from male to female.
      Once you buy a doll (or have ownership over it) the doll is yours. The person you bought it from really doesn't have much say in what you can do with it.
      Name your girl what you want and dress her how you like/she likes. She's yours now and you can do with her what you please. ^__^
    11. I bought a Shiwoo from SDink and I kept his original name. I knew she was selling him because she fell in love with the bigger boys so I wasn't worried about her making the character into another doll, in fact she was quite thrilled that I was keeping his name the same. He has a very strong personality and even though he's with a new owner now, and I'm not sure what she named him, he'll always be Saige to me :)
    12. I'm getting a Twing~Key previously owned and named Layla. Her name will be Mistral Layla. I'm not sure if Layla is her last or middle name yet though. But I kinda thought I should keep it for some reason, and I generally go by instinct. So, for the moment, she's Mistral Layla unless some other thing randomly comes out and smacks me in the face.

      But yeah, she will be your girl, so you're free to do with her and name her as you please
    13. I think these type of dolls are so personal that you should rename them to something you are comfortable with, especially if you change their look to what you want.
      Then there is the issue of nationallity.... My Nara elf looks to me like she is a little Irish pixie, so I named her Niamh.;)
    14. I suppose I'm a little strange in that I've gotten a couple of dolls second hand now and while each of them have their own unique character and personality, that I'm sure is very different from their previous life, I've always wondered who they were before. Only one I actually know the name and character of his early life and I am actually happy I do, even though I changed his name and personality to what I wanted him to be. It's kind of like wanting to know who you were in a previous life, if you had one. It's just something that would be interesting to know. I know that the knowing would not have stopped me from making my children the characters they are today, I bought them for who they were to become, not who they were then, but it would have been cool to know.

      But yeah, your doll, do with him what you want.
    15. It really depends on you what name do you want. The best way to find out is to look at your dollie and wonder what name suits him/her better. If you have a doubt you always can give him/her two names ;)
    16. She's your doll, call her whatever you like. I've only gotten one doll from the second-hand market before and I've no idea what her name used to be. I might be academically interested, perhaps, but it's really of no great importance to me at all. As soon as she came home I gave her a new name without any hesitation - after all, I paid several hundred dollars for her; why shouldn't I get to do as I like and make her truly mine?
    17. They belongs to you, they're yours, name them what you like ;) I've re-named all the of the dolls I've got second hand, I don't even know what two of them were previously called and it doesn't bother me in the slightest, they suit their new names and in all three cases, I changed their looks so drastically, I sincerely doubt their original owners would recognise them now anyway lol
    18. If the person wanted their dolls personality, name, style, story and everything else to remain the same, why would they be selling them? They're obviously not attatched to the doll anymore, there's no reason for you to be.

      Make the doll your own, otherwise you're never going to get what you truly want out of it. :)
    19. Honestly.. I don't agree.
      It's only step away from saying that you should look for other dolls with same name or ask their owners if they don't mind if you name your doll Raven. It's not orginal name so.. I would feel differently about name that was created by owner and normaly wouldn't exist if not that person.. than yes it would be nice if you asked.

      Personaly I think it's your doll. You create her personality, however you want to name her.. it's up to you.
      I've gotten Unoas from Y!J and I didn't bother to ask what their name was before. And I don't care.. they have new names waiting for them and new charas.
      I've changed name of my Unoa few times as well. Till I found proper one.
    20. My opinion is 'My doll, my name'.

      To put it very blunt - I don't care what the previous owner did with the doll, it's mine now and I shall do with it whatever I like.