Re-paint which made you keep the doll

Feb 12, 2019

    1. Dear all, I am troubled by one of my dolls.
      Here's the deal:
      +I love her body to bits,
      +I like how her resin and proportions match 100% (she's a hybrid with parts from different years but they're from the same company)
      +she's super comfy for sewing. She's flat-chested and yet plumpy enough so that when I model the clothes on her I can be 100% sure I can resell them and feel confident they'll fit the new owner's doll.

      But... I've had her unchanged for 2 years and I'm scared of risking changing it. Her faceup was done by someone well-known and there is no way I could paint her any better in terms of technique (owning my own style is an entirely different matter). Also, I'd be too scared to send her for a faceup.
      I tried to find some other head (and keep this one in the box) but after looking through marketplace, I decided I haven't found anything that'd... "spark joy" :D

      This doll had her "moments" where she looked gogeous on photos, but overall I just know her face as it is now is just not my cup of tea.

      So my question to you: have you ever kept the doll because you fell in love with it after changing its faceup?
      I'd encourage some before/after photos for reference on how much a doll can change in the hands of the very same owner <3
    2. My doll Endigo went through alot of faceups and he’s going to get another one right after his new head gets here.

      I mostly use makeup references for inspiration for his faceups though.
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    3. did you ever regret wiping off a faceup and noticed that "a part of him got lost"?
    4. I’ve changed faceups on numerous dolls. Fact is that faceups wear out. It’s just a part of the hobby. Eventually every faceup is gonna need to be redone. I don’t do faceups myself but I’ve used several trusted artists who do a wonderful job. You can always ask an artist to match a faceup as close to the original as possible, too. They won’t directly copy it but using the same color tones can give it a similar feel. You’ll never know unless you try.
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    5. Not with him, my bigger doll Alucard has had the same faceup I gave him since the day his head arrived. I didn’t want to remove it,but I also want to update it. He doesn’t get alot of attention because I’m always giving it to my small Endigo.
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    6. thank you for your response <3
      the problem with my doll is that her faceup is in perfect state, however doesn't "feel" right and yet I'm scared of wiping it. I don't know if the problem is with the sculpt or the faceup...
      The artists that you commissioned - were these domestic or international?
    7. I bought a head secondhand with a faceup already on it. It was very close, but not quite right. At first I told myself it was fine, but finally it bothered me enough that I just tried to remove the offending part. That failed, but it did push me to redo the whole thing. It wasn't a good faceup by any means, but it was so much closer to his character that I didn't mind. And right now, after a few more redos, he has a faceup that suits him.

      However, that wasn't a professional faceup I wiped and I do have one I am holding on to on a secondhand head just in case my plans don't work out. But if they do I'm going to have to force myself to wipe her because I'd rather have an amateur faceup that fits than a professional one that doesn't.

      Before and after pics (I really need to get better after pics, I can't get him to look right.)

      [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    8. Okay, so my Souldoll Yeon Soo came with her factory faceup and... it wasn't great. It wasn't awful, but it quickly started flaking off and the colors didn't work with the hair color I picked, her eyes were the wrong size, she looked basically miserable. My conclusion was "Any faceup I can give her will be an improvement." Because after two months, I did not like her! She's had several faceups since, some better than others (this one is my favorite), all better than her factory makeup with regards to her personality/style/literally everything.
    9. You've got a few options:

      1) Leave the doll as-is.
      You haven't mentioned if you've tried changing up her eyes and wigs, and sometimes this can be a real game-changer. A face-up that just looks awful with certain colors/styles can really work with something you maybe haven't tried before or even thought to try. Try swapping eyes and wigs with some of your other dolls just for kicks. (Bonus: no cost.) Also, people will sell large lots of BJD cast-offs frequently on eBay cheaply if you want to experiment outside your current collection. It's worth a try anyway before moving onto more expensive options.

      2) Kill that face-up.
      I know you're concerned because it's an artist face-up, but it's your doll and it's also not working for you. I've been in your situation; I sent two dolls out for face-up by my absolute favorite artist who was ending commissions, so it was my last chance to order from her. And for whatever reason, the face-ups just really didn't work for me. I changed the concepts of both dolls, sent them out individually to different artists, and I'm very satisfied with them now. If I was a decent photographer or record keeper, I could show you the before-and-afters, but alas...

      As someone who has regularly sent their dolls out for commission, I can tell you it's always a little scary at first. I'm in the US and I've sent my dolls to China, to France, to Australia, you name it! Sometimes the artist and I would have a bad language barrier we'd have to work through, but it's a collaborative process, and one I find ultimately very rewarding. Nothing bad has ever happened to my dolls no matter where they've gone. I know there are plenty of horror stories out there, but remember that artists love BJDs too! Most of them are very reputable, and a search through their feedback and the problem transactions threads will help weed out those who aren't so stellar.

      Also, you don't necessarily have to send the doll out for a face-up. You could learn to do it yourself; you alone have the best idea of how your doll should look, after all. However, you would definitely need to procure the proper materials, and that does include a ventilator! Do a lot of research, and be prepared to make mistakes. It doesn't mean everything is ruined and you've failed, it just means you're learning how to make your doll into the vision you want her to be. Even the most popular face-up artists started in the same shoes you're in now, probably wondering, "Crap, should I risk wiping this face-up...?"

      3) Sell or trade her head.
      I know you've said there's nothing on the Marketplace that strikes your fancy, and that's understandable. Don't worry about what's currently for sale, but what's ultimately going to satisfy you in the end. Is there another doll you really like? Maybe you could buy just the head from the company with a factory face-up if it's available. Or if you love the head you have, you could always put up a Want to Trade thread for the same head with no face-up. Spend an hour or two looking at different dollmakers you haven't heard of before and see if you fall in love with a less-popular sculpt. Just because the Marketplace doesn't currently have any offerings that will work for you doesn't mean there aren't any out there in the wild!

      I know it's frustrating to have a doll that isn't measuring up, but take your time and weigh the options. It could be the right opportunity just hasn't presented itself yet. (I had a headless body once for seven years, and that was definitely the case for me!) In any event, I hope you're able to reach a solution you find satisfactory. Best of luck!
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    10. I'm having this situation with my Minifee Mirwen. She has the default faceup and I just don't like it anymore. She looks broody and unhappy, but pictures of other Mirwens make me fall in love with the sculpt again! I know I need to get her a new faceup with a cheerier style and then I'm sure I'll love her, but I keep putting it off because I paid so much money for her default and I'm so afraid to remove it and mess everything up.
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    11. I did this with Kit! I had never considered selling her, but she was a full set doll and I felt no bond to her because I felt like she wasn’t really ‘mine’. I’m terrible at anthro faceups, so I sent her to an artist. I love her so much more since she’s been back!
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    12. Why dont you try adding a little to the existing faceup to make it yours, maybe the newness will help refresh your feelings. You could add lipstick, or draw a cute design on her cheek, or change up eyeliner, or even glue on some piercings or gems. Simple enough stuff that you do it yourself without sending her out, and it might help her feel fresh and right again :)
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    13. They were domestic. AngelToast is one and Pepstar is another, also ArrowChild, although I'm not sure if she's taking commissions at the moment. PepStar and AngelToast are a bit on the pricier side but they both do beautiful work. They also both have different styles.

      I did have an elf Chiwoo I was considering selling because I just wasn't feeling it anymore. He had a gorgeous custom faceup from Luts that was still in excellent condition. I decided to send him to AngelToast to refresh his faceup and he came back looking much better. With a wig and new eyes, I've grown to love him all over again. He's still my Journey, but a new-and-improved version.

      Here is old vs. new:

      [​IMG] [​IMG]GoldenJourney by Thyme Willowbrook, on Flickr
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    14. thank you all for your precious suggestions <3

      @iamkathybrown thank you for the pics <3 The after suits him so much better!
      @rebeccag12363 thank you! changing her company faceup was a great decision!
      @Sandwich I sort of tried the 3rd option, but it didn't work out. Anyway, if anything, you've given me more courage to try (in case I ruin it) a professional artist ;)

      thank you everyone <3 I guess you gave me enough courage to really wipe this current one off regardless and try to go for what I think will suit her better! :)

      @Stormlight omg your Chiwoo looks sooo awesome after this change!
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    15. Right? He's beautiful! :love
    16. My boy Yuki went through a bit before he became Yuki. I got a free blank head, a tender elf sha, with my first DOD order and I didn't bond with it, tried to sell it but changed my mind. I sent him off for a face-up and got him a body...and I just didn't care for him. He was on and off the chopping block. Sad to admit that now. During this time I was also struggling to settle on a 1/3 sculpt for my OC that was in 1/4 size. One day I looked at my Sha and thought "lets sand those ears and see what happens." After that I was determined to make him fit into this character of mine. But surprisingly, each change came naturally and fit well. He is not exactly where I want him but pretty darn close.

      First arrives
      [​IMG]DSC01419 by rum pocky, on Flickr

      First attempt with no real idea of what to do...
      [​IMG]Kan 031 by rum pocky, on Flickr

      Pushing for my OC

      Current and in LOVE:D
      [​IMG]1st of the Year by rum pocky, on Flickr
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    17. Have you ever thought of just enhancing the current face-up? I loved my Elfdoll Lydia but after a while she became too sweet & innocent for me. I added eyeshadow & darkened her lips & fell in love all over again. Alas, she did eventually leave but I got several years of new life for her here.
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    18. Yes! Faceups change everything. I know it can be intimidating but the fact that you're not thrilled to bits is all the permission you need. My first girl doll, a ResinSoul Ya, has been through three different faceups and four or more different characters. For a long time I debated selling her because even though she's cute, I just didn't click with her. But I kept playing with her personality and trying different things and now she's my favorite! I am planning to redo her face yet again to match her personality as soon as I get a work area set up in my new place.
      I only have pictures of her with her most recent faceup unfortunately, but you can see what a difference eyes, wig, and style make as well!
      Version 3
      Version 4
      Version 5/now
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