ReRelease Re-release of Dark Elf

Aug 25, 2017

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      It's my birthday! So I'm re-releasing my favorite doll. The Dark Elf stands 52cm tall.
      Pre-order Sept 10 - Oct 10

      Price is still to be determined. I will update when I have a confirmation of price.

      batchix on etsy
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    2. Will Layaway be available?
    3. @JessiFlakes layaway will be available on a limited basis. thanks!
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    4. Price update! I got the casting estimate back.

      Wood Elf(brown) and Dark Elf(shown): $600
      High Elf(white) and Stone Elf(gray): $550
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    5. Hi Bats - do you plan on running the pre-order from 10th to 10th or do you have a cap on how many?
      I'm not letting Mr. Purple Ears get away from me this time and want to be prepared.

      (thanks for the early announcement)
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    6. Do you have examples of the three resin colours besides the purple? OR will you be putting up samples with the etsy/site listing?

      (thank you so much for the early announcement- i can't wait until the 10th!)
    7. Wood elf and High elf colors are shown here on the Clever Little's page.
      Clever Little B »
    8. There will be pictures of all the colors. <3
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    9. He is now ready for order!

      Also use code “Birthday” for a discount! It gives you $22 off, which is the equivalent of domestic shipping or a portion of your shipping back on international. So basically you’re getting free shipping if you order in full before the end of September and in the US. And you get $22 off on international shipping. <3

      His body has been updated with fixes to help him stand up straight and sit up straight without slouching. He's also sporting a brand new pair of hands!

      Thank you so much for your attention!

      If you're interested in Layaway you can contact me at [email protected] or message me here on DOA. Email is slightly faster.

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    10. Oh, wow! He's wonderful! But may I ask a question about sizing...What does he fit in and are there measurements available?:3nodding:
    11. @moonglo thank you! He's 51cm, so he fits similarly sized clothes. He fits some Idealian 52cm and Souldoll Vito clothes as well as some smaller 60cm tops(he has very broad shoulders). I've added shoes to the shop as an option.

      @Bailey thank you! <3 <3

      Head: 5.5
      Eyes: 8mm
      Shoulders: 13cm across
      Chest: 21cm
      Inseam: 23cm
      Shoulder top to wrist: 17cm
      Neck: 8cm

      I've also got a free pants patterns available on my site: part 1 and part 2 they're in PDF format. Make sure that "fit to page" is not selected when you print. <3

      I'll also have some limited outfits available for pre-order later this month!
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    12. I promised myself no more dolls until I finished painting the ones I have, but hnnngggg! I'm digging this guy so much.
      Roughly how long is layaway available for? 2 months? 3? etc
    13. @Gibbaba Layaway is $200 down and the rest in 3-4 months. I'm pretty flexible so if you need longer that's fine!
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