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Re-Release of Suntan Goldie + NEW Suntan Wake-Up Goldie DH Sets

Jun 9, 2009

    1. There will be the re-release of Suntan Goldie with her new version, in Suntan as well, Wake-Up Goldie! They will be sold as fullsets jointed with Dollheart outfits. They're up for order at GoGaDoll at 10% off and an order period on the website on July 1st-July 31st. The order can end at anytime though.

      What do you think of these sets?
      Will you be thinking of purchasing one?
      What do you think of Goldie in general?
      What are your speculations on this?

      The news thread is here:

      As for me, I'm so excited. I'm hoping to me able to pick up her at GoGaDoll. Though, I hope they aren't pre-orders but if they are, oh well. I really want to just bring her from the Con home. D: It would be so amazing. *sighs* I hope there will be more news of her. ^^
    2. First I was a bit meh, because a new release will make my own goldie less unique =( but I find her face-up much nicer than the new one ^^

      I am in love with the wake-up tan goldie =_= I don't know how outrageous it would be if I went for twins >_>
    3. I soooooo want a tan Goldie!!! But I think I agree with solarsenshi..I kind of like the 1st tanned face ups. But that's not going to stop me from trying to get one July 1st!!
    4. I'll second that - I also like the face-up on the original doll a lot more - it's what made her really spectacular. But if I had the money I'd still be tempted! I was sad to see that Peak's Wood's have had to increase their prices of their basic dolls- I don't blame them of course since it's down to currency conversion rates, but it just makes it that much harder to bring one home! It makes the tanned Goldies even better value though.
    5. @solarsenshi - I would totally agree with you if I had one from the first release. But I know how you feel. x_x And I like the 1st Release Tan Goldie more than this one. Looks like someone has to get their face-up removed when he/she gets home. XD;; I wish I can get her w/o a face-up. It'd cost me less. *sighs* I'm never for one to buy dolls with face-ups. >.>;

      @chriss5girl - I hope you're able to get one. I'm hoping I'll be able to get one at the con. @_@!!

      @Quilla - They increased their prices? I thought they are in the current state of decreasing them thus having their basic dolls 20% off?
    6. I like tan Goldie so much! It's great to hear the news from PW!
      But I want the white outfits with the open-eye version Goldie more...
    7. On the Korean website you can choose with or without face-up it seems O.o I wonder why this won't be an option on the English part o.o
    8. I wish they would give you an option for the outfits as well! I would love to get the open eyed Goldie with the white outfit:aheartbea
    9. TsukiHiroshi - the dolls were $580 and they reduced the price sometime last year by 20% which brought them down to $464. They have just increased the price to $522, which is now 10% off the original price, due to the won gaining some ground against the $US. Apparently, from what I gather in the news thread, the new tan Goldies were being developed when the discount was still 20%, and so they are being offered at a price that represents 20% off what the originally released tan Goldie cost. Which I think is pretty good value.

      Unfortunately I live in Australia and our dollar tanked with all the other currencies (from being almost on parity with the US$ a year ago). It has just regained some ground which made PWs more affordable to me (and indeed I was lucky enough to just get a Goldie), but that gain is cancelled out by the price rise, sigh. Such is life I guess.
    10. i'm partyl thrilled by the rerelease cus I missed out her first time round and have been seraching the MP ever since to no avail, but I'm also gutted cus I don't think I'll have enough money by then to get her...As Quilla said:such is life I guess.

      She is truly truly gorgeous :D
    11. I really love her! I like this version even more than the first one, the face up makes her lips so full! I can't wait to get one... hard decision, both are soooo beautiful!
    12. I hoping to get my hands on a Wake-Up tan Goldie. She's very pretty.
      I'm not really into the outfit however.
    13. Yeah..I am in love with tan Goldie. Only 20 available though...it's gonna be tough to get one. I really thought I was done with SD sized girls but she is just SO beautiful :aheartbea
    14. Wake-Up Goldie is so beautiful and I just adore that outfit. I missed the tan Goldies last year and it seems I'll miss them yet again. -sigh-
    15. We should make a list of who's going to buy which Goldie, so we have some idea of availability. Myself, I'm going to try and buy both (if available, and money permitting), but if not, I'll probably get the open eyed girl.
    16. Another person chiming in :D I loved the first Goldie but opted out and then regretted it when I saw owner pics of how lovely the tan seemed to be in person. However the Wake-up version has upped the omg-must-have feelings :D I think I am another person though who is just "meh" about the outfit though. Can't wait to see these beauties in owner pics!
    17. I am going to try and get a wake-up tan goldie as twin for my girl ^o^ I love both her and the outfit, unsure about the lips though =x she might need to get her face-up redone >_>
    18. I love tanned wake-up goldie *A* I wonder if she will be released in normal skin in future *3*
    19. Perfectly_pink had a good question in the news section: If the convention is in June and all the dolls are all pre-ordered out then...will they not go on sale July 1st for everyone else, obviously?

    20. I hope they answer that question soon! I don't want to get my hopes up just to be told that if they sell out at the convention no one else even has a chance!

      I will be quite sad..