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Re-releasing a limited doll as a basic—your thoughts?

Jul 2, 2011

    1. This is in response to Iplehouse putting out Ashanti, Kamau, and Benny. I was pretty bummed about missing out on Ashanti when she was originally released. Then a bit confused when I saw her on CDS. And now just a little pissed that she's being released as a basic. To me, if a company says a doll is limited, it's limited. (I still don't have an Ashanti, by the way.) There are plenty of limited dolls, now sold out, that I would love to get my hands on, but part of the doll's appeal is that it is a rare, unique doll that you either pounce on, or spend ages hunting down on the marketplace. It's one thing to do a quick second-chance limited event, like SOOM did when they released only a couple of each doll for that raffle, but to outright re-release a limited doll as a basic makes the first release entirely dishonest; it means they lied to the original customers who thought they were getting a doll that not just anybody else would be able to get.

      I've been lusting after a SOOM Bygg for some time now, and even have set aside funds for when I find him on the marketplace. But frankly, if SOOM released him as a basic, I wouldn't buy him from them. Part of what I love about limited dolls is how hard they can be to get, and it'll be that much more rewarding when I can finally bring him home than if I just ordered a basic doll from a company. Not that I have anything against basic dolls—I own a couple—but if a company tells you a certain doll is limited, then I believe they should keep their word and keep that doll limited.

      So, that's my opinion :lol: What do you guys think?
    2. personnaly I have never been found of the idea of limited things. it kinda piss me off. I don't care that I'm one of the rare persons to own a certain doll, being "unique" has never been one of my priority. I just want to have the things I love. and I hate hunting for MONTHS on the market place and when there is finally one, it's over 1k ¬.¬
      so personnaly, Iplehouse couldn't have made me happier when they put Benny in the CDS :D

      however, when I company decides to re-release one of the limited and make it basic, I gotta admit it really sucks for the persons who got theirs secondhand and had to pay twice the original price <.<
    3. I think Iplehouse's "limiteds" are just limited resin colors, costumes, etc--basically, the fullset. That's why they say "special edition". I guess I always knew they'd be releasing a basic Ashanti.

      I'm not hugely into the idea of limited editions, personally--I prefer a democratic approach. I used to have a Bambicrony doll with the special limited Viya faceup, and while I thought that was neat, if Viya had started offering faceups again, it wouldn't have bothered me at all.

      I was a little bugged by the Soom thing, because I felt like Soom misrepresented their limiteds as one-shots, and it just really sucked for all the people who paid a lot for an Amber or whatever. Those were still small editions, though--the NS reissues aren't available as basics.
    4. They are not dishonest. Iplehouse never made a big secret of the way they treated limiteds. The first release of Ashanti, Kamau and Benny are limited; there was only one shot in getting them in that skintone and with that outfit. They've been doing the same thing for years. First, they release a limited version of a sculpt and then, after a few months a standard version with limited options.

      Unless the extra's really appeal to me I wouldn't soon buy a limited from Iplehouse, but I don't think what they're doing is amoral or wrong.
    5. What you have to realize, is that much of the time it's not the sculpt itself that's limited -- it's the entire package it comes with -- for instance you might get a special skin tone, outfit, wig, eyes, faceup etc. Now to release that exact set as a standard later, would not be a great thing to do. However, releasing it with less options as a basic (basics generally have far fewer options anyway) or as an LE with a different set of clothes, different faceup etc, then that's fine and is standard practice among abjd companies.
    6. I love limiteds and I love hunting for them when I really want them. Although I prefer to buy my dolls by simply clicking the buy button at my own pace, I find click wars and systematically checking the second hand marking quite entertaining. When I get that one limited I've been hunting for, then that's a thrill and victory no doll company can take away from me even if they would start handing out that mold for free with a box of cereals.

      I have paid high prices for limiteds that were re-released unexpectedly and their second hand values dropped significantly because of that. That hurts my "potential cash wallet", but I know that ABJD are not good investments anyway so I can cope with the loss.
      Re-releases are a good way for more people to enjoy a mold. I'd like to think that doll companies are not re-releasing limited edition dolls, because they are out to hurt people's feelings. They want to cater to more customers.
    7. The main thing is that the limiteds are mainly fullets - so while the same sculpt may be offered again later on, all the extras like clothes, specific faceups, props etc are only available for that first limited release. Personally, I like the idea of limited dolls... it's nice to know you own something that not many others have!

      But, I also understand that it sucks for people who may not be able to pay the price of the limited, and lose out on it because it is a fullset. Re-releasing sculpts later on as basic dolls help others who couldn't originally afford it get what could possibly be their dream doll, so I don't see the harm in it. Basically, I look at it this way - if a company were to make 5 of a certain doll, and never release that sculpt again it would mean only five people would ever own it... but that could be the "holy grail of dolls" or something to the 6th person that tried buying. And say the first 5 people that were 1/2 a second faster all held on to that doll forever... it would be discouraging for the 6th person to know that there is no chance, ever, that they'll own that sculpt.

      It does suck for the people who spent twice the original cost to buy the doll secondhand, but I figure if someone is willing to spend however much to get that doll, it's worth it to them, and a re-release (and therefore drop in secondhand value) wouldn't bother them as much. At least that's how I've been with mine. xD;

      Also, there's the case of companies like Luts and Dollzone who take their basic dolls that have been available for ages, crate a limited fullset, and then sell that. They sell out, and the people buying it are more often than not (I'm assuming) aware they they're spending more to get a "limited" doll they could just as easily have for 1/2 the cost, without all the fancy extras.

      /ramble ramble
    8. Akando Pierrot was limited. All of their other EID releases followed this same pattern until Kamau and Ashanti. You could get a basic Akando a few months later, if not a few weeks after the fullsets sold out. The only reason Ashanti, Kamau, and Benny were initially limited and not sold again the way the others were is for the reasons listed in their notice: they couldn't reliably produce the darker resin colors throughout the year.

      Personally, I'm thrilled, especially in this instance -- I've been wanting a RW Ashanti for a special project and didn't want to have to pay the CDS premium for her. I suspect they never expected anyone would want something like that, but I'm betting that from CDS they saw orders coming in for those dolls in skin colors they never anticipated would make decent enough sales to bother releasing a 'basic version' -- at least until they made the RS option available on their standard line rather than through CDS only.

      For the record, a decent percentage of my dolls are limited editions. If they (Iplehouse or any other company they've come from) released other versions -- or even the same versions -- again to the public, I really would not be bothered a bit. I bought them because I liked them, not for the 'specialness' of having something rare.
    9. I was not bothered by their re-releases at all; but I wouldn't be bothered by a re-release that I've spent months or years looking for! Why? Because if it's a sculpt I adore, I'd buy a double of it.

      Okay, I can understand some people like to feel unique or special by owning a limited doll that has a high re-sell value; most of my dolls are limited. (I don't own a basic yet. o_o) But that's because I am always worried I won't find it again, not because I value them more than basic dolls. I believe that you can customize any sculpt to be gorgeous and coveted- basic or not. So if your worry is about being unique, do a unique customization!
    10. Same here. Except for the RS Kamau I just ordered, all my dolls are limited and I wouldn't care one bit if those companies suddenly decided to make them standard. I love their faces and will not love them any less even if there were thousands of them on this earth.

      I spend a lot of money to get a Williams second hand only to discover he was being rereleased a few months later. Didn't bother me. It was my own decission to spend the cash, so obviously he was worth it to me.
    11. My personal feelings are that I personally don't care about having a limited doll - it doesn't matter to me how many other people have the same sculpt as me because I can make my doll my doll with customization. Personally I don't think I'd ever want to buy a limited or fullset because they are already put together and gorgeous that way and I would likely not want to change anything and that takes something away from it for me. "Playing with" and changing up my doll is part of the appeal for me. I would have to REALLY love the look to buy something like that.
      However, I can understand the upset with a limited doll being re-released because if you go out of your way to spend extra (or hunt it down and spend extra) and there is suddenly a basic version available (different skin tone/dress aside) and anyone can get it - it is somewhat upsetting. So, I can understand both sides of the debate - I just personally am not affected :)
    12. I really don't like it because it seems to negate the entire purpose of having a doll be 'limited' in the first place. If you're going to just re-release a sculpt, why bother making it limited in the first place?
    13. The limiteds I've seen (mostly Soom) are amazing, but I know I could never obtain one for myself. The reason I'm happy with Iplehouse doing what they're doing now is because when I first saw Benny, I just kind of skimmed over her. Now that I've seen her in the newer pictures, I've been able to see what I missed out on and now I have the chance to get her exactly as I want, since before as a limited she wasn't what I was looking for. I guess IH's re-releasing is to be expected these days.

      I understand why most people would be unhappy, though. It's unfair to those who bought the limited version, but fair to those who missed out on it and/or just want a basic.
    14. I can definitely understand the other side of the argument as well, being able to get a doll you've been wanting for a while. Like I said, I don't own Ashanti, and I probably never will because the ebony-skinned version is so expensive, so it's not really a personal thing&#8212;it's more like if a company says they're going to sell a doll only from this date to that date, I feel like they should stick to what they say. Even if some people don't care one way or the other, I'm sure plenty of people who own limited dolls do like having a mold that's not seen all over the place. I know I feel that way about my limited dolls&#8212;yes, they have their own face-ups and wigs and eyes and clothes, but still, a mold is a mold. A lot of limited dolls aren't just full-sets&#8212;plenty have outfits and wigs and such that are optional, and people buy just the blank doll for the limited sculpt (both of my MSDs are examples of this, one from SOOM and one from Withdoll).

      I just feel like re-releasing the doll as a basic isn't really fair to the people who originally bought that doll. But like I said, that's just my opinion.
    15. I, as of yet, and, keep in mind, I'm still fairly new to this hobby, have yet to see a limited re-released (as a basic or otherwise) EXACTLY as it was first offered. Afterall, I could go through Iple's CDS but I can't completely re-create the limiteds I missed out on. I could get close but, if what I was wanting was the limited outfit/faceup/accessories complete with the doll, than I still feel like I'm missing something. Even Soom re-releases their limiteds (albeit also as limiteds) but in completely different skintones, outfits, and faceups and that doesn't always fill the gap of what you want vs. what is readily available. That being said, as long as everything I could get with the limited wasn't re-released with the doll through some other means, I think I would feel content in my buying decision if I bought a limited secondhand or otherwise, even if it was twice the price.

      Like Lahela. I missed out on buying her because of my horrible knack of being indecisive at the last minute. If she was put through to Iple's CDS I would cry with joy. Especially since I just wanted her and no extra frills. But, if I wanted her with the full-body tattoo and outfit, having just a regular CDS version of her would just not do. The same with Dollzone's limited Asura. It may just be Chen but it's Chen with special faceup, full-body tattoo, and an awesome outfit. Getting a regular Chen just wouldn't be the same. I think that's something I keep in mind, I guess.
    16. Iple is exceptionally free-wheeling with their limiteds. I believe that initial release of Akando Pierrot went from an edition of 50 when first released, to 70 soon after, because demand was so high. They just changed the number of dolls available after selling out at light speed, and none of us who'd stayed up until the wee hours to get one of the original 50 were consulted -- and not many people had an issue. (Some did, the majority did not.)
    17. - If the rerelease is limited, that means BOTH editions are limited.
      The first release is limited; the second release is also limited; both releases are limited; and therefore, the doll is still limited edition.

      - If the second release of that doll is basic stock, that first release is STILL limited edition.
      For example, at Iplehouse, the fact that there will some day be a Basic Lahela does NOT change the fact that the Elemental Guardian Lahela is still a limited edition. And the fact that you can now buy a Basic Akando at any time does NOT change the fact that Pierrot Akando is still LE-70.

      Hope that clears things up a bit.
    18. This is the way I feel, as well. When the drop-dead gorgeous limited (to what, 30 worldwide?) Egyptian Zaoll came out, my admiration was through the roof; but I preferred to enjoy others buying her. If I'd bought her, she would be sitting in a glass case and I'd never play with her, and that wouldn't be fun for me.

      However, if Dollmore released a basic dark-skinned Zaoll, I'd be down on First Avenue right now, selling plasma instead of typing this reply.

      I understand the term "limited", as others have stated before, to refer to the whole package ... skin, eyes, wig, clothes, accessories. I don't imagine a general release of, say, a dark-skinned Zaoll would in any way diminish the collector value of the limited Egyptian doll. If it diminishes the emotional value of the doll, that's a personal matter and would of necessity vary.
    19. I like limited editions, but not because I feel they make me or the doll special or unique, or because they have more monetary value on the aftermarket (er, I almost never sell a doll, and I avoid thinking about how much money my BJDs are worth). It's not about being or having a special little snowflake, it's about potentially adding a "hunting story" and a specific space and time context to the acquisition of the doll. So while I love LEs, re-releases don't bother me outside of very specific circumstances, either as basics or new LE versions.

      In the case of Iplehouse in particular, they've been re-releasing limiteds as basics for some time now, and never exactly the same as the LE. It's really become standard Iple behaviour (Iplehaviour?) to the point that many Iple fans have been disappointed by the fact they didn't release their dark-skinned sculpts as basics. Now, IIRC they've said they won't re-release their Elemental Guardians as basics, so I would be disappointed in them if they did. That's really the only aspect that would potentially bother me about LE sculpts being released as basics. For example, Crobidoll said specifically on their Elias and Zack releases that they would not re-release these sculpts. If they did re-releases of those it would bother me.
    20. I think this is a great idea. Whenever I see a limited doll - no matter how gorgeous - I tend to look the other way. Most of the time, I find limiteds nice to look at, but not particularly something I'd want to own. Maybe it's the competition, or the fact that there's no way I would be able to save for one in time, or the fact that the price is very high, but limiteds turn me off.

      If they took the same doll, and turned it into a basic doll, maybe I'd be willing to give it a second look because they'd most likely change the face up, or the whole look of the doll. I'm really bad at envisioning a blank doll's potential, so if I see a doll with a face up I'm not nuts about, I can't envision something else. Maybe that doll is really something I'd be interested in buying, but I can never really know.