Re-shelling Doll Sculpts

Nov 17, 2016

    1. I am eyeing SDF Harmony to use as a re-shell of my character Rory. She is a Senior AE Yara now, but I get the feeling she wants that doll as her shell. Yara...I'll make her someone new.
    2. People do it all the time, OP... Sometimes your concept of a particular character changes. Sometimes a better sculpt comes along. There are a lot of reasons to do it.

      In my crew, I've done it a couple of times... Crow, currently an elf-eared Volks F-31 started out a CP/Delf Vampire Elf El. I switched him because the El face was never quite right. The F-31 is much closer to how I pictured Crow in my mind. It was a similar situation with Kitsumaru. He started out a CP/Delf Harang, who was very cute but too... well, too "round"-featured for my fox kami, who needed a face with sharper, more angular features. When Shine came along, he was much more the Kits I wanted. T'tomi started out a Soom SO Euclase, but the skin tone wasn't as dark as I'd have liked only being available in NS. The expression was a little too attentive and a little too smiley as well. When the tawny resin SO Romantic Amber boys showed up, that was *perfect*... So I sold off the Euclase and bought one of the Ambers to replace it.

      It's all a matter of what appeals to you, OP. You know your character better than anyone else. Sometimes you'll hit on the perfect choice the first time. Sometimes you'll only find that perfect face after a couple of tries. Neither is wrong.
    3. And I was wrong! Yara has become Anna and the SDF head I got a meet is now Rory!
    4. i thought this situation was over for me... but... nope... its not over.

      I had a sculpt that i had for a long time... like several years almost 10 or something... anyways, so i decided he needed to be a bit smaller, so 65cm instead of like 70-71. so i sell the old version to get the new one and it just didnt work out. so then a head i got in a trade fit him well ... but just didnt suit who he has become, so i got another head and thats who he is now. without a doubt, i would go back to his original head or something similar. i still kick myself.

      my girl, Haru, is going thru this now as i need to find something that fits who she is.

      one other was also replaced and i regret it since hes not feeling the same, so a new head i got might be his replacement, and i will make the current one into another. or sell him. we will see.

      i need to take a step back and get character sheets and such set up... get to know them fully again. that might help on determining what they look like. or slightly tweak them to fit..
    5. I've not really had this happen but sort of have. I'm generally very careful about doll purchases and extremely resistant to changing how I've designed a character.

      Rhas-Khan was initially going to be a Batchix Orpheus in grey resin which I'd seen as a prototype at DollNorth one year. That didn't work out as he wasn't offered in that colour for the main order and the custom colour Batchix offered to have done for me was out of my budget. The hunt went on for about 4 years before I bought a Soom ID51 Gluino in grey to be him. He was almost a Soom ID51 Damphir but I missed the order period.

      Sancire was supposed to be a Dollshe Saint in espresso ebony in the new as-yet-unmade 55cm size. After waiting over 18 months with absolutely no progress whatsoever on making just the prototype, I got fed up and cancelled my order and bought a Soom ID51 London in ebony 2nd hand. Because of that, a lot about his appearance is likely going to change because the sculpts look nothing alike and parts of his character have morphed to fit his doll-self.
    6. I'm currently mulling over reselling one of my dolls. Falhen is a Miro Doll Thunder and he was my first ever doll. That being said he's looking less and less like what I want for his character. He is a non verbal Elvish hunter that has lived alone in the Planascene Forest in the Dragon Age universe. He been there for around 15 years and his current sculpt is looking too baby faced lately.
      I'm considering changing his head at least to a Eclipse designed by Maryam.
      I suppose sometimes our dolls must change and evolve like real people.