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Real Missing Link (RML) Heads K-01, K-02 & K-03

Jun 12, 2005

    1. I know these heads are meant for dollfie dream sized dolls, but will they fit any OTHER dolls?
    2. they are advertised as fitting DD and MSD bodies, but I never saw any proof of this. they are very small so they would only suit a slender neck I think, which the DD has and I'm not sure if other 60cms do. sorry if thats not helpful and I'm just wasting your time :sorry
    3. No, not a waste of time at all, and I appreciate the input very much. I just really like the heads, and I was wondering if maybe sanding would open it up enough to fit maybe a CP girl body, or something.

      Just wondering if anyone had one and knew...I don't know whether to sell mine once I've painted it, or keep it and get a body. I just know I don't really want a DD body right now.
    4. I wanted a RML head on a CP body too .. but when I asked before I got feedback that it would be toooo small ...
    5. So....they fit MSD sized dolls, then? That, really would be ideal. Would the head be too big for an MSD doll, or are they around the same? Also....does anyone know what resins match?

      Arrgh! I'm so sorry for keeping up with all the questions...