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realfee clothing database (what fits)

Oct 9, 2015

    1. there are a lot of "what fits?" posts for these new little creatures, since a lot of other odd sized dolls have their own what fits thread, i thought it would be helpful to make one for realfees too. please post here anything that fits your realfee be it wigs, clothing or shoes. if you find patterns that fit, or are easily adapted please post links to those here as well (with any necessary adaptations noted) if they are your own pattern and you would like to donate them, feel free to post the actual pattern.

      if it only fits the human or the fantasy parts please specify that too :)
    2. i'll start this off with shoes that i have. i'll come back and add pictures later.

      bssk just relisted these ones that fit


      they've been out of stock for a while. i have them in the solid color, (bought by mistake for my pukifees several years ago, long story) anyway, i tried them on and they are a snug but cute fit without socks. they don't seem to ever list them individually, so i just ordered the dotted ones too, to get the black, and white pairs
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    3. If we know of specific shops on Etsy that make Realfee clothing, are we allowed to post them here as well?

      As far as wigs go, I've had really good luck with 5/6 Leeke wigs (much to the chagrin of my PKF, one of which is now running around bald). The fit's pretty good without a wig cap though I would recommend using one.

      I'm still experimenting with clothing. I've found that some sleeveless LIV tops work pretty good as long shirts, though they're a little big in the chest area. And I don't know how well they'd work with the rabbit or satyr legs.
    4. Tops, dresses, and stretchy pants for the 6inch Our Generation Lori (at Target) fit the human body. The red and black plaid pants did not fit, but I reeeally wanted them to fit.
    5. as long as you arent the owner of the shop ( since that would be considered selling outside the marketplace) you can name shops or even post links to shops that sell realfee sizes
    6. Oh, if only I were that creative or talented with sewing! ;)

      I highly reccommend Meggie Made/megsdesignsonetsy. She makes very good quality BJD clothing. I bought a pair of stretch pants for Linnaea from her and they fit really well.
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    7. I can recommend Azone PureNeemo shirts and sweaters for their S and M lines. :)

      I also love the clothes made by Choupicouture on Etsy. She makes clothes specifically for Realfee, too. I own several of her dresses and I love them!

      Here's the link to her shop:
    8. I don't know for sure if these fit, but if we have knitters that would like to give it a try, I've heard that Lati Yellow Special clothing fits and Dolls West Designs has quite a few that fit that size.

      THIS ONE is free.
    9. I bought a couple of "Neo Blythe" dresses by Henriette Jardin (on eBay), and they fit my RealFees very nicely! The dresses also fit my Lati Yellow-SP body-- and the Pilot Momo outfit I have from Lati (LY-SP size) fits the human RealFee body PERFECTLY. :)

      Here's May in one of the Henriette Jardin Neo Blythe dresses.

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    10. Here's PANO (boy Realfee) wearing the Pilot Momo outfit set made for Lati Yellow-SP size. It fits Pano like a glove. :)

      #11 thepeachpeddler, Oct 17, 2015
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    11. Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!

      Those pants are perfect!
    12. So I stopped by target the other day and found the lori dolls clothing fits really well. Lori Dolls I don't know about the accessories but they look like they should work as well!
    13. Anyone have suggestions for high quality fantasy BOY clothes for realfee? Everything I see is for girls, or is modern (like t-shirts and jeans.) My Soso is going to be a kind of naughty elf, I don't think he'd look right in modern clothes.
    14. I bought these shoes for my RealFees. They are the right size but it was not possible to get the feet in them.

      The shoes are made of plastic so I decided to try and strech them a little. I put the back end of two spoons in a cup of boiled water to heat up. Then I used them to try and strech the shoes where they were too narrow and it worked!

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    15. shoes made by carrie(sleeping elf)

      LARGER ..made to order for REALFEE.. ..Monsterhigh , pullip Taeyang , makie , Hujoo

      ok the I better share what I have found else
      clothings and boots

      there are some others, if you look under realfee.....ban was already at my favorites, but not yet under realfee(hint)
      lati yellow sp has almost the same body size so more to find
      almost forgot my favorite designer:)...https://www.etsy.com/nl/shop/NiraDolls...she has got two realfees and she can make anything you like...my pukifee and smaller dolls have outfits from her and they are really amazing perfect made...look at pictures on flickr
      Irina Novoselova

      that's it for now..if I find more I will let you know
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    16. Does anyone have a Riley Kish doll they could snitch the clothing from and try it on RealFee? Or maybe you may have just heard if it fits or not?

      SewCoolSeparates on Etsy has some great knitting and sewing patterns for 7.5" Riley Kish. Riley Kish's head is about an inch smaller than the listed measurements for Realfee but I've noticed that searches for "Lati Yellow SP" sometimes brings up patterns for Riley Kish.
    17. I reported in the regular thread before our Realfees started to arrive that my that Kish Riley knitted sweater fit my Maskcat Aruna, my model for Realfee clothes. I can't remember if I reported back that it does indeed fit my Realfee for sure! I didn't make the sweater though I have since found the pattern. :) (Edit: the pattern is Jaunty Jackets at the link provided by Wovenflame!)

      So far, I've only crocheted a few things for them, modding existing patterns.
      #18 El BJD, Oct 23, 2015
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    18. A large number of my Kish Riley and Jenny/Lexie (Heather Maciak dolls) clothes fit my RealFee. Many of the clothes I have in those sizes are from Boneka (Boneka Puppenmoden GmbH - Alles für die perfekte Puppenausstattung)

      EDITED TO ADD: Avoid things that are a close-fit at the waist/hips on Riley as her waist is small and her hips and bum are miniscule to the point of looking deformed.

      The best fitting shoes I have found are from the Tonner old style Marley Wentworth dolls (the child doll, not the new adult version. The MaryJanes from the Marley/Alice/Agness Dreary outfit ranges fit very well indeed.

      Boneka Riley size outfit, Tonner Marley shoes.

      #19 Teddy, Oct 23, 2015
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    19. Okay, thanks. I'm going to give "Lovely Lopi" a try and then send it to a friend that has a Realfee. If it fits I'll go ahead and knit for my own incoming Realfee.

      Thanks Teddy, I'll check out your linked resource. And a HUGE thank you for the caution about the waist/hip/bum difference between Riley and Realfee. That was one thing I was specifically wondering about. SewCoolSeparates (Becky Colvin) has a sewing pattern for a really cute pair of jeans. I guess that's out of the question. Good to know!