Realistic compared to stylised?

Feb 7, 2018

    1. Okay, so since I'm somewhat of a newbie, got my first boy 8 months ago.. I know the basic difference of stylised compared to realistic sculpts.. But does anyone have a few examples? Would an Iplehouse for example, be considered more of a realistic sculpt, than say, a Migidoll? What are peoples thoughts on Dollzone as far as that category?
    2. Souldoll, Iplehouse, Dollshe, and Granado are a few of the more 'realistic' companies I can think off right off the top of my head. Usually they have smaller/more in scale eyes and facial features. Stylized faces would be like Gem of Doll, Myou Doll, Fairyland, and Dollfie Dreams with their larger eyes, and less detailed facial features (IE: Lack of distinct chin or cheekbones or exaggerated features resembling a human face)

      To be honest I'm not sure people actually go through and categorize every company as "realistic" or "Stylized", It's more of a sculpt by sculpt basis and even then with the right face up I've seen a more commonly "Stylized" Doll look completely realistic. Sure there are companies that tend to have more realistic sculpts than stylized but even Iplehouse has their Pixxie Doll line which is more stylized than realistic.
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    3. There are companies that are known to generally have dolls that are more realistic or more stelized. There are many doll companies whose dolls tend to fall somewhere between stylized and realistic. I think that dolls from Dollzone or Soom tend to fall into this category.
    4. Thank you. This is good to know!
    5. I think of it as three categories: realism, medium realism, stylized(anime). I think the majority of BJDs fall under "medium realism" where they have almost correct proportions and detail in the sculpt but are not dead-on human looking but are also not so simply sculpted as many anime inspired styles.
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    6. Mine has four in order from least to most realistic: stylized, semi-stylized, semirealistic, and realistic. But I have stricter standards for realism. For example, I would put Iplehouse under semirealistic. All of my collection is in the semirealistic category.
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    7. I like realistic-semirealistic BJDs, but stylized ones like the Volks Miku are really cool too.
    8. Lillycat would be an excellent example of a stylized doll.