Realistic Infant for 1/3 Dolls?

Jan 21, 2019

    1. So this question has been asked before, but the most recent answers were from 2011, and those dolls are no longer available, and I'm having no luck looking second-hand. Do any companies currently make a realistic newborn/ infant bjd in scale with 1/3 Dolls? I have a character who has a baby and I would love a poseable, at least semi-lifelike infant for her. Is there not much demand for these? It seems like many companies have sections called "infant" or "baby" but they really just mean small. What do you think? Thanks in advance!
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    2. Might be no good but I know Dream Valley have some babies
      1/12 Doll : Alice's Collections
      It says they are 1/12 (12cm) -
      I'm not sure how they would compare to an SD though.
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    3. Oh wow those are absolutely gorgeous! Maybe a little bigger than I was picturing but I think it would work. And they're a good price, too! Thank you!!!
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    4. No problem, glad I could help! I hope they do work for you! :)
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    5. [36.5° ][18cm] Ondo
      I saw these ones on KoreaDolls' website. It says they are about 18cm, but they are not super articulated.
    6. Are there any infants that have less of a newborn look? More around, say, 8 months? I want a baby that's chubby and alert but looks ages away from preschooler age.
    7. Have you looked at Volks' Tenshis?

      The ReiTenshi size might be a little too small for an older infant, but the SeiTenshi are a bit larger. They're not at all "realistic" sculpts, but they do make pretty good to-scale babies for 1/3-sized dolls.(My own ReiTenshi, Firefly, has SD13/SDGr-sized parents. XD)

      The one real complication is that Volks doesn't sell them... They're usually given out as event door-prizes... So, if you want one you'll have to look to the second-hand market, and they tend not to be inexpensive things for their size.
    8. SeiTenshi have the kind of proportions I'm trying to avoid, tbh. I'm looking for chunky, realistic-ish bodies, so they look less pixie like and more babylike.

      Honestly, I love the newborns, too, and I had a DZ Christmas baby that I ended up rehoming, but now regret. Pukifee also didn't work for baby because of pixie scale.
      Honestly, I'm surprised there aren't more chubby babies and infants, with as popular as making families is in the hobby.
    9. Happy Choo?

      Nikki Britts 6" Ellemeno?

      My Meadow Twinkles?
    10. I agree twinkles would work, they are 6 inches!