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Realistic or Anime Eyes?

May 26, 2019

    1. I like my dolls to look more realistic, but I like the eyes to be large so I can see the beautiful pairs of eyes I bought for them. But I wanted to know what everyone else likes
    2. I do like the look of anime style dolls but I don't know if I'd ever own one.
      I like my dolls to have a good balance between not looking cartoony but also not looking hyper realistic to the point they freak me out haha

      If it's the eyes itself inside definitly realistic.
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    3. Considering I prefer narrower eyed and more realistic sculpts....realistic eyes all the way for me. Anime style is reserved for my collection of Pullip/Taeyang/etc.:3nodding:
    4. Are we talking sculpt/eyeholes or the eyes themselves? :ablink:

      Dolls that look too realistic seriously creep me out. Even if the sculpt itself has relatively realistic proportions, I make my faceups and eye choices purposefully cartoony so all my doll will have an unrealistic look. I guess I don't mind how big the eyeholes are, just that they're pleasing aesthetically.

      Having said that, I don't like "animetic" eyes, even in my anime-style obitsu.
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    5. I like to use eyes in my dolls that fit their character, face structure and aesthetics. I love both realistic and anime eyes, but haven't had much luck with realistic eyes that I like, so far. I have anime-ish eyes in my anime-esque head sculpts. I have semi-realistic eyes in my realistic-ish head sculpts, and prefer smaller irises for them, because larger irises in realistic faces are a bit creepy to me. I have a tiny SoulDoll that takes 20mm eyes with giant irises, I think he would look weird if I gave him tiny irises, but I think it would look weird the other way around as well (for me, at least). (:
    6. I tend to prefer realistic dolls with more-or-less realistic eyes. The downside, of course, is that it's harder to see the eyes, so I go for very brightly colored eyes or eyes that catch the light. So while the eyes themselves may be more realistically proportioned, in color and sometimes style, they very much are not.

      I love looking at anime-style dolls - and I have an Obitsu Gretel head that I have plans for - but I don't have any of that type yet, not as full dolls.
    7. I like a mix, I adore eyes that have anime esqe elements to them like glitters and stars or gems, but I dont like too much of that. Too realistic and I personally dont like it much either. Its hard to find eyes that I fancy, so I tend to make them myself
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    8. I've taken a lot of inspiration from the unusual eyes on the market - like there's someone on Etsy who's making nebula print eyes and I'm like :O this is brilliant! But then, all my dolls start as more concepts than people, and only develop personality later on.
    9. I like realistically sized and textured eyes on the smaller side. But like @bewaretheshort1 the color won't necessarily be realistic, and it's mostly bright colors because they are easier to see.

      I don't have any anime style dolls, but if I did, I would look into anime and unrealistic eyes for them. It would finally give me the chance to try out all of those glittery, colourful, impossible eyes I like to look at, but don't want to put in my dolls.
    10. It depends on the doll. I have an OT Culture Japan and Volks DD vinyl dolls, intentionally sculpted in the anime style - so anything other than big eyes would look weird on them. I also have some fantasy tinies - fairies, dragons, zebrataurs and the like - and while their eyes aren't huge, they are somewhat larger than a normal human eye in proportion to the rest of the face, which gives them a charming look of innocence and otherworldliness. Those usually sport Oscar Doll eyes with varying degrees of bling, so yeah, it's nice that they're large enough to really see.

      The aesthetic of disproportionately large eye holes on anything else doesn't really appeal to me, though - I tend to go for either full fantasy or full realism, and I don't want giant eyes on my realistic dolls. I also always go with small irises on those, to complete the lifelike look (thus ensuring that they will utterly and completely creep out anyone who isn't initiated into the world of BJDs). :XD:
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    11. I love the nice, detailed, sparkly eyes...but prefer more realistic heads overall :sigh
      So most of my dolls are unfortunately forced to wear tiny eyes that never get the chance to really pop, and I have a couple bigger sized eyes I love very much that are never being used.
    12. I don't know if I would describe the dolls I tend to be drawn towards as exactly anime-like in that Very Anime Way, but they're definitely closer to anime than realistic. I like slightly exaggeratedly big eye sockets, and I tend to be drawn towards eyes that are in unrealistic colours, and are the kind that are glittery with no pupils.
    13. My collection is 90% anime with some anthros and a couple realistic sculpts. I just like anime, a lot. :XD:
    14. Realistic for me. If I ever bought an anime style doll then I’d probably buy anime eyes for it, but as yet I don’t have any so I just get normal style eyes.
    15. It depends on the doll for me. I like eyes with glitters, or slit (cat or dragon) pupils.

      The only thing I can not get used to is eyes that don't have some kind of black pupil. I know it's strange, but it just weirds me out...
    16. Whatever fits the character, but I have preference for fantasy eyes. There is quite a variety on market.

      Both large and small eyes are fine. It really depands on kind of doll...I prefer semi-realistic animals and anthros to have large eyes, realistic animals to have realisticly sized eyes. If it comes to elves/humans I have no particular preference. It depands on each sculpt.
    17. i feel like it really depends on the sculpt for me, more anime looking heads like dollfie and smart doll i prefer anime eyes but when its a more realistic sculpt like a ringdoll or dika i prefer regular eyes
    18. I don't really like anime style dolls but I dont like them too realistic either. I love Fairyland's full set eyes most.
    19. Only realistic. Even to dolls as realfee.
    20. To me, it depends on the doll who will wear the eyes, but I like to have different styles and colors to choose from.