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Really cute elf kid Delf HEAD at Luts....

Apr 30, 2005

    1. ELF ANI! That's lovely!!!
    2. Ani isn't new but I guess it's new that she's available as an elf, right?

      the kid delfs are so cute. I want an elf ttory.
    3. Oh I know, LOL... was just wishing I had the funds for one, LOL... I love Nettle and Lyn just got one, Finn, she's ADORABLE too!
    4. I was just about to post this, but you beat me to it. Now I'm trying to decide between Elf Ani and Elf Ttory. I know I want an elf kid, but I can't decide which I like better.
    5. Am I seeing this wrong? Or does this elf have ears that stick up, rather than out?
    6. Yeah, the ears look different than the elf ears on their other dolls to me.
    7. I know that Ani Elf is new as I would have jumped on the purchase having loved Ani forever.. I did just get an elf Ttory head about a month ago, and really like her alot... Her name is Domino and she lives on my SDC Kaede body just swell.

      The ears do appear a little larger and tend to stick out more on the Kid Delf's... They are really cute and you will not regret getting one...

      Now if they made an elf Boomi, we would all be in even more trouble!
    8. !!!
      I've been wishing and hoping and pining for Elf Ani - do you think s/he's standard? (Oh, please dear God be standard.)
    9. its an optional part so it probably is standard, I would think... do luts have limited parts?

      He's sooo cute!
      Is it possible that this is the new elf head that doogi was talking about?
      If so.. no elf chiwoo! NOOOOOO!
    10. *sigh* :| Funny, I campaigned for an Elf Head... and like, the one elf head I didn't really want became an elf head. :oops: (I don't personally care for the humongous eyes) Come on, Elf Nara! :cry:
    11. Aw, don't feel bad Blue! If it makes you feel better, I was hoping for an Elf Ani. :daisy
    12. Does anyone have any idea when the Elf Ani head will be available for purchase? Also, would it fit on the smaller Cutie body? And how is the skin colour match to other smaller bodies, such as Leekworld Sweet?
    13. No idea when it will be available(soon I imagine), but as Kid Delf's are MSD sized I would imagine the head would look pretty funny on a Cutie Delf body.
    14. I am pretty much totally in love with the elf ani face. And I am determined to get a girl one as soon as the head and a girl body are available. And I love those ears!
    15. Actually, the head size of a Kid Delf is 9cm, that's only 1cm larger than the Cutie's head.
    16. Awww, my husband just decided on the Elf Ttory, now he wants the Elf Ani too, so she can have a friend! :chibi

      I don't know about the huge eyes, but on the whole it's pretty cute.
    17. Sooo cute! If I ever get another mini, it will probably be an Elf Ani. :D
    18. I asked Doogi about putting Ani head on Cutie bod and he said it wouldn't work cause the attatchment at the neck is different. Oh well...
      Oh and Doogi also said that the Elf Ani head will be available some time before the end of the week.