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Really, Dollmore? Blatant Kuroshitsuji rip-off

Apr 7, 2009

    1. Someone posted this on coscom and I couldn't find it here, but has anyone else noticed that Dollmore's new "My Lovely Lady" msd set which is apparently based on "My Fair Lady" is a complete and total copy of Ciel's episode 4 dress form Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler?
      This is totally not cool :\ They could of not credited at all if they were going to steal the bloody design... This is just wrong.


      "My Lovely Lady":

      Hey there Ciel >.>;

      Can they do this? T__T (Didn't think this went in debate.)
    2. I'm not too sure if they can do this... but MAN that is TOO similiar to go unnoticed for long....>.>

      It kinda makes me angry... even though it's cute. =\
    3. Sorry if I may sound short, I don't mean this with any disrespect.

      A lot of clothing companies (in general) pull inspiration and sometimes completely rip off an outfit. Whether it's right or wrong I cannot say. I just see it as "Well if people can make costumes and sell them, why not this?"

      Granted, the cosplay market does state it's original pull...but still...

      ((hopefully I can add more when I get a little more sleep. Again sorry if I sound rude.))

      Example: America's Next Top Model. I don't know which cycle it was, I think it was 3 because they were in Japan. In one of the shoots (the one with the motorcycle) one of the girls had a pink&blue uniform costume on. That costume looked SURPRISINGLY like Aya's (Psycho le Cemu) costume from Prism.
    4. I can think of a handful of reputable companies that have blatant rip offs of human companies... Thats obviously not anime but Dollheart and Dod for example have used many exact replicas of human shoes and profited highly from it, with no payment to the design holders.
      Unfortunately its a mode for us to have the designs we like in doll sizes, so people buy them and make them very popular.
    5. Well, uh, they've already done this before.

      Suigintou from rozen maiden

      Sailor moon, obviously

      they also had one that looked like shia's pajamas outfit from pita ten but I don't see it on the website anymore, i think it's been sold out for awhile

      There's probly more I didn't notice as well.

      obviously they're not introuble yet. There's knock offs of stuff all the time. Bjd clothes aren't exempt. Forever 21 and other human clothes companies knock off designers etc and they get along fine.
    6. Don't forget their Battle Royal Uniforms >>;
    7. I dont see anything wrong with it. Since humans make costumes, as well as some seamstress sites Iv seen will make costumes from animes and sell them, I doubt they have permission to do so, or need to give credit although most do. Iv also seen other doll companies make clothing off of animes before, and not give credit. So I see nothing wrong with dollmore making a dress similar or based off of an anime. It is just a dress after all.
    8. I'd invest in one of those.... even if it's a rip...

    9. Ah, the absolutely wonderful irony of this is I want so many of the outfits (his normal non crossdressing ones xD) for one of my boys. I love the fluffy Victorian clothing.

      I suppose that poses the question if an individual- such as myself- copied one so closely or not quite so closely would it be the same as a company copying it? Or does the profit automatically make it different? For those stated against it.
    10. What really makes me angry is the "Oh! It's Audrey Hepburn inspired!" Like hell it is -_-
    11. Well indirectly - it is. The Kuroshitsuji design appears to have been inspired by Hepburn's costumes in My Fair Lady, and Dollmore has apparently appropriated that derivative design for themselves. By that logic, the creators of Kuroshituji could be pointed to for swiping from My Fair Lady. But in those cases, we usually think of it as more of an homage, than a rip. ;)

      In any case, you see copies like this with both doll and human clothing all the time. Like DeathButterfly above observed, celebrities wear an expensive designer piece and start a trend, then suddenly you see the same thing in chain stores everywhere.
    12. ooh, thats cool! :)
    13. I don't see anything wrong with it. There are seamstresses here on the board, other sites, companies even etc. etc. that take custom orders to have outfits made based off of existing clothing/ designs. They make a profit from it just like Dollmore will make a profit from this but is it wrong now just because its a doll company?

      As many said above its part of the fashion industry for people to take 'inspiration' from other designs, series etc. whatever it may be. I see nothing wrong with Dollmore recognizing a lovely outfit design and making it available to the doll community. If not them other companies would have taken the design. I've counted far too many Dollheart outfits that I can trace back to series I've seen in the past. Besides I actually want to buy this outfit and am also working on myself making outfits I saw in the series.

      Loved the one worn in the church/cult saga thing with Angela. When Grell put on the little choir boy outfit it only made me love it more. Must make my own xD
    14. The dollmore dress is not a complete rip-off, I can see several differences between the dress and the anime.
      In fact it's not even accurate to the Anime.

      It's lovely non the less.
    15. Couldn't it be that Kuroshitsuji and Dollmore took from the same place? xD I just was thinking that seeing they explain where they got it from, and though not the same it's based. And even so I wouldn't care because it's adorable, and as long as it's not exact and if they really truly are basing it from "My Fair Lady," then there should be no problems, yes?
      Actually I was thinking of something a while back, it says its based of of the dress from "My Fair Lady" right? This was a really stupid connection but in the song they sing "The London bridge is falling down," who do they address? xD *Loves pointless connections*

      Plus I'm getting that for my boy...so yeah...>>;; I'll end up supporting it.
    16. Gunter von Christ, Dollmore is obviously a direct copy of the kuroshitsuji look, but the kuroshitsuji outfit was indeed inspired by one from My Fair Lady :P Good call.

      This really isn't much of an issue since the items being marketed are different, ie, a series of books/tv program vs. a doll outfit. The copyright holders aren't selling a doll dress from the show so this isn't technically infringement. As for whether or not the original mangaka wants to put up a fuss about it, that's another issue and is generally taken on a case by case basis. Companies like disney copyright everyhting related to their designs, most of the time Japanese artists don't, they simply hold rights to their own personal work. I don't know the particulars of this artist's legal standing so I can't say more than that, hopefully it makes sense of things for someone.
    17. Has anyone stopped to ask themselves if perhaps Dollmore may well have sought permission to produce a similar outfit to the Anime one? I have no idea myself because I'm not into Anime but I wonder perhaps if people are jumping to conclusions????
    18. I noticed that too, along the with the battle royale uniforms and the dress which greatly resembled that of Suigintou from Rozen Maiden, and to answer your question- yes they can do this. Just as cosplay commissioners remake the identical or seek to make the identical outfit to that of the anime or manga, and make money from it, this works in the same way.
      So I don't really see a problem with it although it is unlikely they would have sought permission, otherwise they would have gone, 'BUY OUR KUROSHITSUJI DRESS!!!' to promote it further. Which they didn't do.
    19. Dollmore has been doing this for a while now.
      Never really bothered because no one els seems to mind.

      I am sure tho that dollmore has probably gotten permission,
      or has at least researched if they are allowed to use it.

      Or els they would have changed the concept.
      Because i think this is as much alike as they can make the outfit on this scale.
      It would be stupid if they would risk so much for just a few outfits.
    20. I'm sure somewhere out there someone is glad this is on their site though.