REALLY small tinies?

Dec 18, 2006

    1. Hi ^^

      I'm just looking for a really really small tiny (something around 12-15 cm).
      I was first thinking about getting a wishel but since their site doesn't looks like it works that well, then would I try to see if there are other cuties out there I can use instead ^^

      So I you know a place where I can buy 15 cm BJDs then please tell me ^^
      (And please not any of them with giant heads ^^' )
    2. Maybe a Banji? They are very cute and have 12cm ^^
      You can find them in Dollmore =)
    3. I'm waiting on an adorable little Orient Doll :) 12 cm or 4.5:" inches tall! I've seen these in person and they are really adorable AND affordable at around $150. Here is a link to the ones they sell at Denver Doll Emporium

      Good Luck!
    4. i agree with ama- i have one of DD-Anne's tinies and i adore her! she is very tiny and cute-she makes a perfect newborn baby size.
    5. I adore the very small tinys ..all the ones I have listed are around 10cm
      the smallest tinys I have had ...but just full of character
      they also fit Kelly /Shelly outfits if you like them ;)
      DD-Anne tiny mero has my vote gorgeous little doll
      dont forget the N-doll tinys ...full of attitiude
      Lati White line ...the smallest body of them all ...but because of the larger head she is as tall as the others
      Secretdoll ..10cm
      AND PLEASE dont forget the tiny SSIN
      amazing doll only problem with this one lousy face-up , once I redid her face she was gorgeous
    6. I have two of the Orient Doll tinies and I love them, they are so cute, full of character, and pose quite well. Plus the company ships fast!
    7. Hmm... is a Naripon in this size range?
    8. Also Latidoll White tinies (9,5cm) ;)
    9. And... *drumroll* Elfdoll tinies. I guess they're only going to be making them as special orders now? (not 100% clear on that). I have 4... such a glutton for punishment here... the three elf girls are very mature in shape but Min del Re is just a darling little girl.

      And I'll second or third or fourth the vote on DD-Anne's tinies. Beautiful girls. I can't wait till after Christmas so I can safely post pictures of the 2 who are living at my house now (my kids don't know about them yet, for obvious reasons! :D )
    10. Unless you happen upon an in-stock Elfdoll 14cm tiny at a reseller, they are no longer regularly sold by Elfdoll, though they said they planned to have some limited releases in the future. They are my favorite little ones. I have five of them. They are mostly mature bodied and the Monnaemi sisters ones are young teen bodied.

      I also have two Banjis and they are sweet - definitely preteen and 5.7 inches tall (14.478 cm).

    11. Oh my god.. That are just some of the most adorable I ever seen xD Oh my.. Maybe could one of those just be the right one <3

      Aaw. some of the genies looks pretty cute to xD

      Oh yeah! I have seen some of the orient dolls before. They are just so cuuute ^^<3

      - Thank you everybody for showing me all those nice tinies xD Now do I have 3 different kinds of companies to choose between.. <3
    12. The smallest I've ever seen are the Naripons and the Ssin Umgi.