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'Reasonable' if last owner prohibit the new owner to resale?

Oct 14, 2016

    1. Hi! For me, it is unreasonable if the next owner have already paid for the items. The new owner has recently assumed authority for handling methods.
      Two weeks ago, I bought a second hand tiny doll baled with a dress and a wig (its description: included all in the photo). I like the doll only so I was reselling the dress and the wig yesterday. It was surprised that the last owner commented on my sales post and ordered me to stop selling 'her gift'. As its description, the price included those and the doll. She hadn't mentioned for the resale problem. I don't want to argue with her on my post. Any suggestions?*_*
    2. The seller can't do anything to stop you from selling the extras, you own them now and you can do whatever you want with them. She's being ridiculous.
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    3. Whether or not they're upset about it, they have no right to tell you what to do. You bought it. It's yours.

      Maybe you should clarify that with the person who sold you the doll? Or you could just ignore them.
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    4. No, she isn't being fair! If you paid for the doll and the things that came with it, then you can do anything you want with any of those items. Even if she considered including the items to be a 'gift' to you, that still doesn't give her any right to tell you what to do with them.

      EDIT: Though, you could definitely try to clear up the issue with the previous owner, if you feel like you should. Ultimately, however, you aren't obligated to do anything with her.
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    5. I think they are out to lunch. You met their requirements for purchasing and it is now yours to handle as you wish. I'd be like 'That's nice but not your call, as we have already completed our transaction.'
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    6. You are well within your rights to resell the items. They're yours, not hers, gift or not.
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    7. The former owner is being unreasonable, and if you're worried about telling her so yourself... just point her to this thread.

      Once purchased and in a new owner's possession, she has absolutely *NO SAY WHATSOEVER* over what's done with the doll or its accessories.
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    8. I'd agree with the others here - the seller seems to be not right in her requests, at least from my personal point of view. As all sales are final and all the items you receive become yours it's totally wrong that the seller makes such requests. It'd be wrong even with the real life "real" presents, made out of any deals or transactions etc. - such as jewelry for example, if it's a present it's yours and you are free to do whatever you want with it.
    9. I've seen people try to control what happens to a doll they've sold before due to lingering emotional connection or just frustration with what the new owner is doing with it, and it's always uncomfortable for everyone concerned. You have every right to do what you want with your property, and once you pay for it, it's yours.
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    10. Echoing everyone else here, you paid for the doll and included items (purchased, not rented, them), they are yours now to keep, sell, throw in the trash, gift--whatever you want. Unless you signed a legally binding contract during the transaction saying you would never ever sell any of it (who does that??) then it's your choice.

      I understand being sad that your sold doll/item doesn't have a good forever home, but that's when you just hit the back button and ignore it if you can't handle seeing it. It's not right to force your buyer to do what you want after the transaction is done.
    11. The moment you've bought their items, they relinquish any authority they had over them. They cannot make you not resell something you bought from them and I find it almost laughable that they would think they have any say in the matter. If a seller is not comfortable with the idea that maybe the buyer of their doll might resell it at some point, then the original seller should just keep it, otherwise accept the reality.

      You have every right to resell whatever you bought from this person. If the doll came as a package deal and you would rather sell the clothes off because you have no use for them, better to do that and let someone who will use them have them.
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    12. If they don't want you to resell things, they shouldn't have sold it in the first place! I've only ever sold a face plate through the market place here, but have sold a few of my off-topic dressed dolls to pay for some of my BJDs. Once someone buys it, its theirs. They can resell all of it, part of it, or give it away. It's no longer any concern of mine.
    13. Honestly... If they can't handle a new owner doing whatever they want with the doll... don't sell it. I understand being sad if it isn't what they wished could have been, but it's unfair to expect others to live up to their expectations when it now belongs to someone else. You own it, they have no rights to it anymore.
      Even if it's gift, you still have the right to sell it. They gave it to you, they didn't loan or rent it.

      Personally I can't imagine feeling that way, I couldn't sell or give away a doll/items unless I had moved on from the emotional attachment, and I never expect others to do what I would have done with an item.
      #13 skyf, Oct 15, 2016
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    14. She already sold you the doll and the items with it, so you can do what you want with the items. They're yours now. She no longer has control over what you do with them now, and I'm not sure why she sold the dress and wig if she wanted them handled a certain way anyways.
    15. .That's silly. You bought it, it is yours.
      I have sold dolls that ended heavily modded and while I felt a "pang" for a second it is their doll and I am just happy they are enjoying it.

    16. those items are yours to do with as you will, you even paid for them! im not sure if there is an easy way to discuss it with the previous owner, but try not to be bullied into not reselling the items you dont want. again, they are now your property until they go onto the next owner!
    17. It's none of the seller's business if you sell the extras. In fact it's common practice in this hobby to do so.
      They belong to you now so if you wanted to burn them , that's your prerogative. They're being ridiculous.
    18. I'd totally agree with the others here, the request of the previous owner seems out of place, and by telling you in public to do as she says she may be disrupting some of your possible sales (however showing herself as not the best seller/buyer for the other community members). Stopping this may be hard for you unfortunately, I doubt that it's possible to just talk about it with the previous owner. To keep things civilized you might ask the admins/moderators of the place where you're selling the items for help, I think it's ok to politely ask for the assistance in such case.
    19. The items you purchased are now your property. the previous owner has no right nor any say so on what you do with it. that would be the equivalent of going to a store and buying items and they tell you youre not allowed to give them away to people or you can only do certain things with those items
    20. Just ignore that person, it's weird and tacky that they're apparently stalking you and your threads and trying to dictate what you can and can't do with the stuff you bought.
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