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Reasons you bought your dolls. And do you still love them?

Apr 11, 2018

    1. 1st Doll: 2013 nYID Patrick from Iplehouse.
      Reason I bought this doll: At that time, I was watching a YouTube preview of the upcoming game, Final Fantasy 15 (probably goes by another name at that time) and I wanted a bjd to resemble the main character, Noctis.
      Do you still love this doll? He didn't turn out what I expected. Skinny, boyish body, and I didn't like the real skin resin colour.

      2nd Doll: 2014 Rex Special Force from Iplehouse
      Reason I bought this doll: I had a crush on one of my fellow workmates. And Rex looks exactly like him with the scruffy/ bearded face. I even selected the default face-up based on him. His outfits was also another selling point. It made him look masculine.
      Do you still love this doll? Not anymore. Turned out my crush was unrequited and painful. I sold him after I left work as I don't want to think of my old crush anymore.

      3rd Doll: Hyperon - SOOM Idealian
      Reason I bought this doll: I've always wanted a SOOM Idealian doll since it first released. But not sure why I never got one. Instead I ended up with an Iplehouse as my first doll. I love the body features of the Idealian and the themes - futuristic and science-fiction look. Eventually, I ended up with Hyperon as my first SOOM doll because he was on sale at that time.
      Do you still love this doll? It was kind of risky because the company I worked for was laying off people and I had thoughts of pulling out from the layaway plan. Luckily, I managed to finished off the layaway. Upon receiving the doll, I wasn't excited because I was completely broke and thought of selling it. But once I assembled him, I've completely fallen in love with him. I'm hoping to get more Idealians in the future.
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    2. DZ yosd Mika in normal skin 2012.
      Love at first sight! He was just so unique and I prefer yosd, so I had to get him. The wait was painful as it was six months, which was long for back in 2012.

      DZ yosd Nyu in tan 2012
      Doll Zone released Nyu at the same time as Mika, and I liked the sculpt, but thought I didn’t need one. Ha, that lasted only a couple weeks after getting Mika. Another six month wait of doom, sigh. I got Nyu in tan because I saw one here on DOA and liked the look. Now I had two out of the series, only two left. Should I get them? Maybe...

      DZ yosd Hiro in normal yellow 2013 and DZ yosd Tengyuan in white 2013
      After much thinking, I decided to get Hiro as a girl in normal yellow and Tengyuan in white so I could have all four dolls in the series. At the time I thought it would be unique to get them all in different skin tones. Thankfully I did this as soon after, DZ announced they were discontinuing them all!

      I still have all four and they are never going to leave. I love their uniqueness and small size. Only regret is getting them in the different skin tones. I would like them all innormal pink, but that is just a tiny regret. They are my oldest bjds. I do have more, but these are super special to me as they are now irreplaceable and firm friends!
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    3. Akagidoll Ban- I really wanted a softer/more feminine boy doll to make matching fashion styles for, who would be easy to carry around! I definitely still adore him, partially because he got new eyes to match the rest of his aesthetic.

      Maverick Mage Wang (??? It's hard to decipher the name, since it's translated from taobao) is not in my possession yet, though I'm worried I won't like him when he arrives. I bought him to shell an OC of mine, but now whenever I look at the picture I notice flaws/differences from the character build I'm aiming for :(
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    4. I bought all of mine because I liked the sculpt. But my tastes keep changing so some if them I'm not so in love with anymore. Most of the ones I fell out of love with are gone.
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    5. Doll #1: Impldoll Azalea
      RFC: Company was running a free head event, and at the time I really thought her sculpt was ideal for the character.
      Current state: Body retained for aesthetic and posability reasons, but head is now in storage due to style discrepancies with Doll #2. May or may not rehome in the near future.

      Doll #2: Granado Michael + Impldoll Idol FGB
      RFC: Near-instantaneous fangirl moment. XD No male sculpts had 'clicked' for the character until I saw his promo pics. Went into a saving spree at once to accumulate enough doll funds.
      Current state: While my female dolls tend to get more attention, he nonetheless has a special place in my crew. Case in point, I decided to reshell Doll #1 because she was stylistically a bit different from him.

      Doll #3: Fantasia Vivian (head only - body taken from Doll #1)
      RFC: Needed a female sculpt with more angular features that is more to-scale with Doll #2's head.
      Current state: Took a while to warm up to the sculpt (almost a year, to be exact). But now, she is the undisputed favorite in my crew, and is also the doll most associated with me in the local bjd community.

      Doll #4: Iplehouse JID Violet
      RFC: Character considerations (her features make her look like the child of Doll #2 and Doll #3) and sentimentality (she was one of the sculpts that first attracted me to the hobby).
      Current state: She is the literal baby of my crew, having arrived only a month ago. Although I haven't done anything much to her yet (and wasn't really too thrilled with her engineering), I am really happy to have her.
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    6. Doll#1 Resinsoul Bei 27cm girl
      I got her because I wanted to create doll clothing to sell. She fit with an OC I had though and she’s since become my little darling! I love Amara, and though I doubt I’d ever sell her, I will make some mods to her(pixie wings) in the future. I’m even bringing home some of her family in the next couple weeks! I also picked her sculpt because she’s a freaking ELF. The rest are...

      Doll#2 Lilli Head on 1/4 girl body from Mirodoll
      This girl will be Lillis, Amara’s sister’s wife! She’ll be my model for all artsy and cute type outfits, as well as the model for things like wings and shoes. I hadbto get Morya her wife when I got Morya so...ta-da!! XD

      Doll#3 Yaya Head on 1/4 Mirodoll girl body This girl is Amara’s sister Morya, she’ll be the model for my more rugged, outdoorsy, and business attire as well as wigs....and ball jointed tails I plan to begin making as well as animal ears and possibly faceups. I picked her because she’s similar to Amara’s sculpt but just different enough be herself.

      Doll#4 1/3 Wind head on 1/3 girl body from Mirodoll This giantess is going to be a BFF for Amara, Lorea, and will be a model for shoes, boots, and 1/3 size outfits of all kinds. I chose her because her head sculpt pretty much screams elegant goddess hahaha.

      I have no regrets on purchasing any of them and as long as my babes arrive without issue I’ll be over the moon with cheer to have multiple darlings to make things for....they both have a purpose and I adore them~! ☺️
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    7. Doll One: DC Madeline. I bought her because I was looking to buy my first doll, but didn't want to wait the time it took for a new doll, so I bought her secondhand. I do still love her, but now I've realized yoSD's aren't really my thing.

      Doll Two: DL Nina. She hasn't arrived yet, but I bought her to shell a character that's loosely based on me... I adore her sculpt but I'm a bit afraid I won't love her because of her size when she gets here. I love SD's. She's an MSD.

      Doll Three: LaFargue Dolls Tiffany. I bought her because I saw her on an FB group. She looked really nice and had a good price, so I went ahead and got her. I adore her.

      Doll Four: DC Douglas. Also hasn't arrived yet, but I was looking to shell a character loosely based on my husband with a DC kid body, since they reminded me of him. I saw him for sale on instagram and had to snatch him. I know I'll love him. He's 50cm and I love DC.
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    8. Doll #1: Dollsbe Mango head
      Reason: Fell in love with the faceup the head already had, and she was within my budget, so my first BJD was just a head.
      Currently: On a Pipos PO-11 body. First tried a resinsoul body but it was way too disproportionate. Then tried a volks yosd body, but the color was too off. Was going to sell her but I tried for a body one more time and it fit perfectly and the color was spot on. I'll now never sell her. <3

      Doll #2: Leekeworld Daisy
      Reason: She seemed so neatly proportioned!
      Currently: Her odd proportions annoyed me more than anything. Eventually traded her for doll #4.

      Doll #3: Luts Kid Delf Elf Yul
      Reason: I wanted an elf doll and she already had a custom faceup I adored!
      Currently: Probably the only MSD I'll hold on to. She is just so adorable and I love her so much.

      Doll #4: Luts Kid Delf Coco
      Reason: Anime face Luts doll and seller was willing to trade my doll #2 for her.
      Currently: I didn't love the anime face as much as I'd hoped. Her mouth bothered me. Tried getting a new head, but she was in RS Brown so I couldn't find one in the same size and color to fit. Sold her to one of her previous owners at least.

      Doll #5: Fairyland Event Head
      Reason: Had an Angel Toast mermaid faceup, so I snatched her up!
      Currently: Still a floating head. Not sure if I'll hybrid her or not. >.<

      Doll #6: Luts Senior65 Breeze
      Reason: At this point I loved Luts dolls, so I decided to get a Luts SD. Also found him for a good price secondhand!
      Currently: I put a Luts event head with a custom faceup on his body. Bought him a new body (doll #8) later.

      Doll #7: Iplehouse Barron
      Reason: I've had a character I wanted to make into a doll since I've started the hobby. Didn't plan it to be Barron from the beginning, but I found him in the MP for a price too good to pass up right after selling doll #4, so I had the funds and he is perfect for my character!
      Currently: STILL awaiting customization. Has his original faceup, which I will be wiping soon, but I need to get pictures first so I can archive him here.

      Doll #8: Luts SSDF Blue Knight Abadon Body
      Reason: My Breeze head needed a body, so he got one!
      Currently: Has my Breeze head. Needs to be cleaned and hot glued. Also needs more clothes because he's too big for most of my SD clothing. >.<

      Doll #9: IoS Cho head
      Reason: He is my grail and I found him secondhand so I bought him immediately!
      Currently: Floating head, in dire need of a body! Not sure if I'll hybrid him yet.

      Doll #10: Luts SSDF Flood
      Reason: I originally wanted a Flood as my first SD, but it didn't work out because I only buy secondhand these days. Feels like fate that I one day found someone selling him used and it's a local!
      Currently: Picked him up exactly a month after I discovered him and a day after fully paying him off. Needs more clothing. Also came with an extra event head that I'm considering making another character if I can find a body.

      Doll #11: Doll Leaves Oscar
      Reason: I loved his face and found him in stock from jeermaya on ebay via auction. Didn't expect to win, but I did! He even has his company faceup and wig!
      Currently: Awaiting his arrival. Have already made a character for him. :>
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    9. Doll #1: Resinsoul Feng. He was the doll I liked best out of those in my price range. I liked his gentle smile.
      Now: My tastes have totally changed. While I am sentimental over him as my first doll, the character has been reshelled, so the head is stowed and the body is serving as a placeholder.

      Doll #2: Bobobie Weylin. I wanted a contrasting companion for my first doll, and I loved this guy’s foxy sweet expression.
      Now: He is also being reshelled to look better with the others in photos, but I still love the sculpt so much I don’t think I could ever sell him on!

      Doll #3: Dollshe Saint. My grail. I almost cried over spending so much on myself, but I wanted him so badly. I was going through a lot at the time and the goal kept me moving.
      Now: Still my favourite doll. Anyone else could be reshelled, replaced, etc. Not him.

      Doll #4: Supia Ji-in. I wanted a girl doll to shell a character, and because she would be my only female, she had to be just right. Semi-realistic while still “doll-like”, with wide-set eyes. At the time I could not afford a Supia body so she is a cheap hybrid.
      Now: I like her quite a bit, but I find her open-mouth expression limiting in photos so I wouldn’t be 100% opposed to reshelling her. If anything, I may get her a different body.
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    10. This is a good question.
      Doll #1 Resinsoul Mei. I got her because I had been looking at BJDs for a couple of years and admiring the customization aspect. I didn't think I could afford one until I discovered Resinsoul and Bobobie dolls. I bought Mei because she was inexpensive and very cute. I loved her elf ears and sweet face.
      Do I still love this doll? Well, yes and no. I bought Mei in white skin, because I thought white skin would be appropriate for an elf, but after getting my second doll in normal, I realized I didn't like the white skin. I loved her except for her skin tone. I didn't know anything about blushing, painting or modding dolls, and if I had known, I would have kept her and just blushed her to a different color. But since I was ignorant, I sold her. Now I wish I had her back again, and keep thinking of getting another Mei in normal skin.

      Doll #2 5 Star Doll Tumnus. I had a major pixel-crush on the Final Fantsy VII character Genesis (he's my avatar pic). Similar to Tangmalanaloo above, I wanted a doll that I could model after my crush. But he was skinny and his face looked nothing like the FFVII character. Back then there were no really mature or muscular looking male dolls.
      Do I still love him? YES more than ever, but for different reasons. He is still named Genesis, but he no longer represents the FFVII character. Instead he has his own character and story that is nothing like the game character. I love him to bits and he is the one doll I would never part with. Even my friend who does not like dolls, says I can never part with Gen, because he is so much a part of me now.

      Doll #3 5 Star Doll Edmund.
      Do I still love this doll? A resounding YES! But it took 7 years to get to this point. I got the Edmund head as a free gift when I purchased Tumnus (Genesis). I had the blank head sitting around for 7 years and kept changing my mind about keeping him or not. Well, this past year I finally commissioned a faceup for him and he has a body on layaway. As soon as he came back from getting a faceup I fell in love. Now I adore him so much. I can't wait for his body to arrive. He is named Ivan after my favorite uncle.

      Doll #4 5 Star Doll Becca.
      Do I still love this doll? Sadly no. My Genesis needed a girlfriend. I took months to decide, and finally settled on 5 Star Becca because I really liked the quality of my other 5 Star doll. She is a very pretty doll, but for some unknown reason I just could NOT bond with her. I tried for more than a year to learn to love her, but it was useless. I also had a bad vibe between she and Genesis. It didn't feel like the dolls were meant for each other. I finally sold Becca on EBay. I hope the person who bought her bonded with her better than I did.
      Note: Genesis has a new girlfriend now, Resinsould Dai. They are a perfect pair, and I think it was fate that Becca didn't work out, because Dai and Gen are a wonderful pair together.

      By the way, I now have a total of 14 BJDs and I truly love all the ones I have. I only need one more girl to fill my doll family, and then I think that's enough dolls for now. I don't want to have dolls just for the sake of having lots of dolls, I really have to love the ones I have.
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    11. Here is my chronicle of over 11 years in the hobby.
      <3 = still own

      #1: DOD Homme Kirill (oct 2006)
      Bought because: Volks Black Cat Lucas was actually the first that I decided I wanted to buy but I was intimidated by the size and price and hesitated. Kirill was just released and I felt had a similar aesthetic and I liked the darker faceup and I felt the smaller size would be better at the time.
      Why kept/sold: I adored him. I still feel nostalgic seeing pics of the sculpt, especially since DOD has disappeared. I sold him when I got Volks Ryu as I felt they'd fill the same space in my collection.

      2: DIM Aleksei (feb 2007)
      Bought because: I had an idea for a counterpart to my Kirill who as light color themed, as Kirill was dark. I liked one of the larger DIM boys a lot (gosh I cant remember the name now but he's no longer made) but I was determined to stay with 1/4 size. When the Happy size came out I felt Aleksei was perfect.
      Why kept/sold: He was sooo cute and I was able to arrange a somewhat custom faceup for him between Junkyspot and DIM which I felt was very special. After a while though I remember thinking, he's cute but only cute and I don't have any deeper feelings for him. Once I thought that I couldn't justify keeping him.

      3: Volks Schulze (mid 2007)
      Bought because: I still was interested in Volks after not getting Lucas and Schulze, being part of the "Lucai" family, seemed a good fit for my collection.
      Why kept/sold: He was sweet but his expression never seemed quite what I wanted and I wasn't invested in him enough to try sending him out for a 2nd faceup. Oddly this is the only doll my SO ever really protested me selling. I kept him for a little longer for that reason but he was just sitting in a box not played with, so he eventually left.

      4: Volks Yori (mid/late 2007)
      Bought because: There was a particular dress that I just fell in love with and just "needed". So, naturally I needed a girl doll to go with it right? I knew I wanted it to be a Volks SD girl. I liked the solid torso body. I pretty much chose who I thought was cutest of the lower priced Volks girls available in the DoA marketplace at the time.
      Why kept/sold: I ended up liking her a lot. I still think Yori has the most perfect nose. I had a hard time finding wigs I liked for her though and her head shape in general annoyed me sometimes. She was a tomboy and didn't want to be the fluffy lolita I wanted her to be.

      5: K-Doll SP Kill_U (late 2007)
      Bought because: This was the boy to finally push me into 1/3 territory. I loved his attitude he gave off from the company photos.
      Why kept/sold: Unfortunately, I didn't like him so much in person. I gave him a faceup (first ever) and was relatively happy with it even but I knew pretty early on that the sculpt wasn't going to work for what I had in mind. Also, I was so used to smaller size bjd that he seemed very awkward to handle too.

      6: SoNyeonGi Hyul SP (early 2008)
      Bought because: I had been following the sculptor on their site and I still wanted a larger boy after The Kill_U didn't work out. When this head was released I thought it was adorable and had to have it.
      Why kept/sold: I was apprehensive of getting a sculpt with such closed eyes but I still tried. I got kinda bored of the expression after a while.

      7: SoNyonGi Javi (mid 2008)
      Bought because: I think I just thought he looked cute and I liked the company so I got him.
      Why kept/sold: I never really felt any attachment to him. He didn't stay long.

      8: Pixydoll Mano (mid 2008)
      Bought because: Loved the company photos and even bought a very similar wig for my own girl.
      Why kept/sold: I did her faceup twice and it wasn't coming out as I wanted. Girly faceups in the color scheme I wanted just weren't working, I later made her a boy instead which seemed to work much better but just wasn't what I wanted for the sculpt.

      9: DZ Celine (mid 2008)
      Bought because: I bought this doll only for the body with the intent of selling the head or using it for faceup practice.
      Why kept/sold: She arrived with a chip in her ankle and the color match for head I wanted to use the body for wasn't as good as expected. I opted to just return her for a refund.

      10: Volks Ryu (late 2008)
      Bought because: I fell in love when Volks announced him. He ended up replacing my first doll. I felt he suited the style I was growing to like in dolls much better.
      Why kept/sold: Several years ago I decided to no longer have any smaller dolls and only collect SD size. At the time he wasn't getting a lot of attention. He's the only one I've sold that I occasionally have a tinge of sadness about letting go but selling him allowed my collecting to evolve I think.

      <3 11: Volks Bianka (apr 2009)
      Bought because: I still wanted a girl I could dress in lolita fashion and still had a body from the Pixydoll girl that didn't work out. It happened to be a Volks Bianka body with box and papers. Who better than the doll based off Momoko Ryugasaki, right? Someone locally was selling a Bianka head and even though I thought I preferred Rose's faceup I decided to complete Bianka.
      Why kept/sold: I've had her longer than any other doll now. She came together so serendipitously and I have so much love for her. She looks great in a variety of wigs and can go from a super sweet expression to totally judgmental depending on the angle she's at and I love it. That said, there are a few aspects I've wanted to be different about her and I have wanted to replace her a few times. I feel eventually she may be re-shelled but the right one hasn't appeared yet to take her place.

      12: Volks SDGr Okita (mid 2010)
      Bought because: I wanted to give 1/3 boys another chance. He seemed like he'd make a perfect big brother for my SDC Ryu.
      Why kept/sold: His face ended up seeming really feminine to me somehow and not quite what I wanted. I had a hard time wrangling a boy of his height still.

      13: Volks Rose (aug/sept 2010)
      Bought because: I really don't remember exactly. I guess I wanted twins to justify buying more BtSSB dresses?
      Why kept/sold: Her and Bianka were very cute together but after a while I decided I didn't need 2 of the same sculpt.

      14: Volks Hewitt 3rd (late 2010/early 2011)
      Bought because: I saw someones photos and fell in love with this release of Hewitt. I think I put up a wtb and got a message from someone that Volks may still have one available in their shop. I emailed and was able to bring him home.
      Why kept/sold: He always reminded me of a cat. Very cute but also a bit serious. He didn't have a lot of versatility it seemed though and he left when I decided to no longer collect smaller dolls.

      15: Volks YoSD Megu (mid 2012)
      Bought because: I'd never owned a Yo before and thought it'd be really cool to have a more portable doll to take to meets. She's a perfect little adorable Volks mascot.
      Why kept/sold: Oh my gosh she was so cute but it turns out 1/6 doesn't seem to be a good size for me.

      <3 16: Aileen Doll Cathy (nov 2013)
      Bought because: She's a purple bat-cat and super adorable.
      Why kept/sold: I do love her but she doesn't get taken out very much and I'm terrified I'll scuff her paint.

      Monodee Crescent Zirbel (late 2014/early 2015)
      Bought because: He seemed so perfect and cute from the company photos. I still wanted to give owning larger boys a try.
      Why kept/sold: Another case of him not giving off quite the vibe I wanted once I had him home. I lacked any motivation to buy him a proper wig and eyes. I was really disappointed about it too and held onto him way longer than I probably should have.

      <3 18: Volks Hikari Tenshi (sept 2015)
      Bought because: Ok, not technically a bjd but I count him in my collection. I won him at Dolpa in LA 2015.
      Why kept/sold: I consider him a good luck charm and he'll never leave as long as I'm in the hobby.

      19: Volks Coco (mid 2016)
      Bought because: Since seeing her at Dolpa I was considering her. She is super cute. I intended to replace my Bianka with her.
      Why kept/sold: Something about her chin/mouth wasn't quite right for me. I ended up still preferring Bianka. I also found I no longer liked the solid torso body with it's lack of poseability.

      <3 20: Volks SD17 Williams (sept 2017)
      Bought because: I won him at LA Dolpa 2017. I initially went into Dolpa thinking I would try for the Shinku one-off but seeing her in person, her faceup wasn't quite right for me. I took some pictures of all the one offs, looked at all the dolls carefully and debated whether I wanted to try for anyone else but sat back down feeling that while they were all so beautiful, I wasn't sure I "needed" any of them. As the deadline for turning in entries drew close I started feeling a bit anxious and quickly scrolled through my pics. Seeing one of Williams, it hit me that I'd regret not trying for him. He was just too cool.
      Why kept/sold: I can't imagine ever letting him go. After all those years of never having any of the SD boys I bought work out, "Mother SD" delivered him to me. Haha, I'm not crazy, really, but I do feel fate played a role. I don't feel any awkwardness about his height that I did with my previous boys. His faceup is awesome and I feel so very lucky to have him.
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    12. Doll#1: My first doll was a hybrid out of a 1st gen Granado body and a Leekeworld Lionel head. I was eyeing Iplehouse EID men, but was too afraid to get a 70 cm, 3 kg heavy guy. Did not like the body and posing of that body, so I sold the body, but kept the head. For some reason, I really liked that headsculpt. Much, much later, I got a dirt-cheap 5STar Doll SD-body for him, and he became my Loki. I love him to bits. He is my odd one out. A bit short, a bit thin, but I don't care. I love him.

      Doll#2: An Iplehouse SID Carina. Carina is one of my holy grail sculpts. After several modding attempts due to lackluster posing abilities, I also sold this body and kept the head. Right now, I got her an old Impldoll Star body. I am still debating whether she will become Lara Croft (Tomb Raider), or Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars.

      Doll#3: An Iplehouse EID Chase. I really loved the looks of him and tried to sell his body only. Sadly, that didn't work out, so the whole guy was sold. Also, I really loved his sculpt, but not his posing.

      Doll#4: An Iplehouse SID Lee. I wanted a big, muscular guy and thought, I would give the smaller size a shot. At that point, somebody posted a pic of their Lee customized into Tony Stark from the Avengers (I think it was Buff?). From that moment on, I knew what I wanted to do with my dolls - I started to shape my Team of Favourite Avengers. I kept Lee, but I still do not like his body a lot. I also did a lot of moddings to that body, but still not thrilled with Iplehouse's engineering. But I will keep him due to sentimental reasons.

      Doll#5: My first contact with Impldoll. I read really good reviews of the posability of their first generation Idol man body. So I thought I would give this a try, and got a Tony head in their event to become my Captain America. I really fell in love with that body. So much that by now I own 4 of these bodies.

      Doll#6: A 5StarDoll Tong Tong. I wanted to try something different. Also, she became Tony's daughter (in my story, the guy is a bit different). She is really cute, but a bit tomboyish, too. I like her a lot and got her a lot of toys. She needs something to play in my diorama.

      Doll #7: Elfdoll Tasha as Pepper Potts. I bought her to become Tony's wife, and put her on an old Impldoll Star body. I wanted a sculpt with a strong expression, and found it in her. I modded her nose to make her more look like Gwyneth Paltrow. I have not much done with her yet, but that will happen.

      Doll #8: Dollzone Cosmo on an Impldoll FGB body (my second). I always had a soft spot for Cosmo, and he became my Hawkeye. I love him a lot, because he is a normal guy without superpowers (just an excellent marksman).

      Doll#9: Impldoll Mzzen. Due to Leonard Nimoy's passing, I wanted to have a portrayal of him as Mr. Spock. He also joined my Favourite Avengers and will never leave my house.

      Doll#10: A Cuartosdoll dragon. The other half of my Spock (My Spock is a bit different). He likes to play tricks, but he still a favourite of mine. So he will stay, although I do not think I can ever train him to behave. He really is stubborn (just like his other half).

      Doll#11: A Mirodoll Hector on an Impldoll Third Generation Body as Captain Rex. I really like this character from Star Wars, as he is also different from the norm. He is an important member of my Favourite Avengers. As he stole Captain America's body, I now have to get another First Generation body for Cap. I am not too fond of Impl's TGB bodies, I particularly do not like their derriere too much.

      Oh, and I forgot my Thor! He comes between Doll#6 and Doll#7, so please feel free to push him in. He is an Impldoll Marcus on a TGB body. He looks better with that bigger body (although Impl's FGB is also quite muscular). I also love him a lot, and will keep him.

      Doll#13: An Impldoll Nicolas on a FGB body. Raphael is simply perfect, in every aspect. He is an archangel phoenix, and also part of my Favourite Avengers. A grumpy guy who is very angry about mankind, but has not yet given up on us. I love him to bits, although he has a bit extreme demands regarding his outifts ("Immediate delivery, please").

      Doll#14 (OMNG, how could that happen?) Another doll I got was a Fairyland Rus in violet. He accompanies Raphael and tries to calm him down. When he is not successful...the phoenix breaks loose.

      In summary: I still do love them. Admittedly some more, some less. But that is fine with me. Though strangely enough, it is difficult to really pick a favourite.
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    13. Doll #1 Doll Love Kaja (2014)
      Reason I bought this doll? I'd been looking for an interesting 1/4 size doll to be my first BJD after admiring them for years, and I really liked his wide eyes and cute fanged mouth as well as the way his body looked.
      Do I still love this doll? I absolutely adore him! I could not have found a better first doll if I tried. He poses well, and everything I liked about him in pictures is even more cute in person. I'll never be able to part with him.
      My one complaint is that because his legs are a bit thicker, he's on the taller side of 1/4 dolls (he's 45.5cm) and has really large feet, clothing can take more searching for him.

      Doll #2
      Doll Chateau Larry (2017)
      Reason I bought this doll? He was part of a mystery box that I asked for as a Christmas present.
      Do I still love this doll? I like him more than I thought I would! I usually am not a fan of how gaunt DC dolls are but because his little body is a snail from the hips downward, it doesn't seem as strange, and just strikes me as fantasy. I also really love his little ears and the fact that he looks like a fairy.

      Doll #3
      Doll Leaves Maya (2018)
      Reason I bought this doll? I've been searching since I ordered my first doll, for a sculpt to suit my character Adrian.
      Do I still love this doll? I haven't received him yet, since he's still in production...but I really have my hopes high. I already have a couple pieces of clothing, a wig, and a pair of eyes set for him and will be doing his faceup on my own. so regardless, it will be a good experience.

      Doll #4 Doll Family A Miao Miao (2018)
      Reason I bought this doll? It was part of an event for buying Doll #3. It's hard to say no to a 20 dollar doll feline doll.
      Do I still love this doll? Yes!! It's so cute and will make a great joint project with my artist friend who I'm slowly getting interested in BJDs. <3
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    14. The short of it: I got my dolls as I either fell for the sculpt or wanted to shell a character. While I may not play with them as much as I used to, I still have a soft spot for all my BJDs.
    15. 1st Doll: Angel of Dream Fei
      Reason I bought this doll: Saw her in a charity shop window and recognised her as a BJD from what I had seen online.
      Do you still love this doll? Meh, I wasn't really in love with her to start with so not really. She's in a bit of a state now (awful face-up and in dire need of restringing) but I don't think I'll ever get rid of her as she was my first doll after all.

      2nd Doll: Dollzone Megi
      Reason I bought this doll: The first doll I actually liked and wanted to buy, but didn't actually end up getting til quite a few years later. By the time I ended up actually having the money to buy him I didn't really care about having him anymore.
      Do you still love this doll? He's okay. He's my only male doll and I think I prefer female. He tends to just stay sat on a chair most of the time.

      3rd Doll: Minifee Miyu
      Reason I bought this doll: While Megi was the first doll I wanted to buy, my Minifee Miyu was the first doll I really fell in love with and just had to have.
      Do you still love this doll? I do. She's beautiful and probably my favourite Minifee sculpt.

      4th Doll: Resin Soul Ya
      Reason I bought this doll: Another doll I liked when I only looked at cheaper doll companies (when I was still a teenager with no income). I saw a picture of her sculpt on Facebook more recently and decided to finally get her.
      Do you still love this doll? I guess I still love the sculpt but not as much as my other dolls!

      5th Doll: Minifee FLAM
      Reason I bought this doll: Saw the sculpt on instagram and thought it was pretty cute, and then when it turned up on the market place thought I might as well buy it while it was there.
      Do you still love this doll? I love this doll so much! I was worried when I bought her that I wouldn't like her as much in person but now she's easily my favourite along with my Miyu ^^ (maybe even more that my Miyu).
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    16. 1st Doll: Immortality of Soul "G"
      Reason I bought this doll: At that moment of making a decision for the first doll, I had 3-4 dolls that I needed to choose just one. It was very painful when I couldn't decide, so I wrote their names down and drew lots. It turned out that the piece of paper I picked up was "G", and I did not hesitate to order him because I believed that he destined to be with me
      Do you still love this doll?: I'm sooooooooooo in love with him like crazy! I kiss his head every day and call him pretty:love I think he is too heavy to travel with but it's ok for me. He's just a 60 c.m. SD but that's not a comfortable weight xD I don't take him out but I take photos in my room instead, and it is more fun and much easier!

      2nd Doll: Darak-i "Alvin"
      Reason I bought this doll: I went to Dolltopia event and he looked really lovely in tan skin, plus, I wanted MSD and a tan doll, so I chose him.
      Do you still love this doll?: I really love him! Ok, maybe I love Matt (my first doll) more than him a little bit. He is much smaller and easy to carry. I treat him like Matt, kissing his head every day and call him cutie because he is cute more than pretty <3
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    17. Doll #1: MYOU Delia (Hyacinth)
      RFC: She was in my price range, the right size, had about the right expression, and got good reviews for poseability. Although I was skeptical that she might look like a creepy axe murderess in real life.
      Current state: She's sitting on a little bench I picked up at an antiques mall watching while I type this. She's not my current focus right now, but she's so easy to sew for and so lovely to play with that it's only a matter of time before I go make her something else again. :)

      Doll #2: Souldoll Yeon Soo (Saskia/Soz)
      RFC: The price was right and I wanted a soulkid girl since I found out about bjd's. I doubt I'll ever be mad about her sculpt and I'm definitely not a fan of her body, but she's really grown on me.
      Current state: As frustrating as I've sometimes found her, Soz is easily my most unique doll. She's also been my "test doll" for wig making, faceups, sueding, restringing, and basically everything else I'm likely to need to do for any future dolls. I'm very invested in her character now, and she's the one who gets noticed when I take my dolls out anywhere because of how different her styling tends to be.

      Doll #3: Atelier Momoni Momonita (Essie)
      RFC: Reviews of her poseability left me utterly stunned, and she's freakin' adorable. The preorder happened and I jumped on ordering her! I chose the tiny size partially for the price, but in retrospect, I don't think I'd want the 40cm version!
      Current state: I love my tiny little pixie! I'm a little annoyed with her elbow joints but it's nothing major. She's got the most extensive wardrobe out of all of my dolls (since barbie clothes fit reasonably well) and I can only hope to order her some friends the next time I have funds for a future preorder.
    18. I love all my Fairyland dolls but I've had some changes of heart about my Lati dolls so I'll discuss them.

      Tabby (Yellow Sp. Lami) was my first doll and I'll always find her darling, but I have more fun sewing for and dressing the Pukifees in their dollhouse. She doesn't quite fit in with either the tinies in the dollhouse or the MSDs. More recently I bought a second-hand Yellow Sp. Lumi to keep her company. I'm fond of them but don't play or dress them much.

      I adore my Lati White tan Belle! She's so tiny and precious. I really want to get a tan White Sp. too.

      I used to be so in love with Lati Blue Cara. I thought her open mouth was just so pretty. Now, I don't even really like her much and dislike her mouth and overall sculpt. I don't know what to do with her.
    19. 1st Doll: Snow from DZ
      Reason I bought this doll: I bought him because it's my first doll, and other doll owners recommend me go with SD size one instead of growth size since it's my first. So I bought him, because I really like his sculpt and the dz body
      Do you still love this doll? Yes and no, I really love his sculpt, but the fact that the body can't even stand well after hotguling, wiring make I dislike him
    20. I just fell in love with each of them in one way or another, they just tugged my heart strings. They still do, ten years later! I've had to sell some over the years, I havent been super active in the community for a while bc finances really dampen the doll hype ya know? but I still love them, and miss the ones i had to let go <3
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