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Recall buying your first doll?

Jan 7, 2007

    1. Okay, so I have a question to all you guys who remember deciding on your very first doll. How long did it take you to finally submit your order for your dream doll? I mean, I've seen quite a few that I like from the few short months I've searched but I find myself falling in and out of love with whichever doll I've "decided on." I started with Souldoll's Lupinus, then Volks FCS old F29 (which at this point would be too much of a hassle to find and pay someone to buy him for me), then I was (and I think still) captivated by El.

      Aack! What is wrong with me? Did anyone else have this kind of trouble making up their mind? I would love to start buying clothes and wigs and such but I'm afraid that I'll change my mind again and then be left with clothes that wouldn't fit the new doll. I would like to hear what others have gone through just so I know what I can do to ease this decision somewhat.
    2. at first i didnt know much about the diff companies etc...i just looked around for a doll that suited my character mancha most. My friend ketp giving me links to sites and showing me pictures, until i finally found the lishe special head, and i knew she would be perfect.

      i didn't really jump around a lot in terms of what doll i wanted, it was more looking which doll was better suited.
    3. Yeah!! I remember it all very clearly!!
      I wanted a DOD U or a Too, and thought about it for ages, kept stalking the marketplace and eBay, til that fateful day I saw a Ren boy listed.

      My heart melted, love at first sight. The auction was about to end and my internet connection died. GAAH!!
      Then I contacted the seller and later found out she was a DoA member, and a very nice person! The boy got relisted, I bought him, I couldn't stop staring at his pics, and the days felt like centuries, til he arrived and my love for him just grew and grew XD

      *hugs and squeezes her beloved first boy* :D

      And then, of course later I got a U ^^
      And my resin family keeps growing too O_o
    4. hmmm....6 months, over the amount of time that I took to save up. I try not to stress over my second one, because once I get the money ready I tend to know what I want when the time comes :D
    5. i was delayed three months getting my girl- i was supposed to go to tenshi-no-sumika in LA during thanksgiving break of '05, but had to cancel at the last minute + +;; too many problems popped up, i guess.
      i was finally able to visit sumika in january last year because my cousin's wedding was in LA, and my mom, aunt, and sister came to the store with me XD it was great. i still remember bailey opening the box to show me the mika head and everything- i must've been acting like such a dork XD;; that was definitely a happy day for me.
    6. I remember that summer before I bought my first doll to be very...difficult. I was seriously debating between two dolls I liked very much, and whether to buy a doll at all. The decision-making process occupied all of my spare time...I guess I became pretty obsessed about it. I still remember finally deciding and the moment I put the money order in the mailbox...it was the largest amount of money I'd spent at that time.

      I can look back nowadays and smile at those months, although I was very serious and conflicted at that time. It's a good memory, although the doll I bought that time has since been sold. :)
    7. I've had it pretty easy, Bluefairy's tinyfairy Niky was the first doll I saw who actually made me sit up and go, 'ok I'm actually willing to spend this much money on a doll.' It took me a year of yearning after him to finally work up all the money and ask my Dad if he'd let me borrow his credit card to order the little guy. Every now and then I'd look at a cheaper doll and wonder, but it was always Niky I was comparing them to, so I figured it wouldn't be worth the hassle to not get him XD

      And I honestly couldn't be happier with him.
    8. it took me ages to decide that i'd actually splash out on one but couldnt decide on a doll. Then i found out about the Luts company and fell in love with their dolls. After that it was pretty much a toss up between El and Chiwoo. And i ended up deciding on getting an El ^^
    9. I remember buying my first boy back in spring 2004. The dark ages of BJD buying honestly. I got him off ebay. I'd been into 16inch fashion dolls at that time and saw one SD boy (Ryo) on a fashion doll message board. I searched repeatedly on ebay and found only a listing hear and there, mostly for the 1/6 scale stuff. This was just before most doll companies existed or sold directly to the US market. Shopping services and overseas friends were just about the only way to make purchases at that time.

      Then I stumbled on "him", a 2nd hand 1st ed. AR Kai from an ebay seller in Rochester NY. I didn't know he wasn't a Volks doll. I gulped once or twice about the $500 price tag, although I'd bought a couple of antique dolls at around that much, then bid 'cause the auction was ending and I feared I'd never see anything as captivating as him again.

      An hour later no-one had bid against me and he was mine. I was a nervous nellie for about a week while I waited for him to ship wondering if he was for real, or if the quality was worth the $$$. I'd never seen one in person.

      Four months later I had 3 of them (I still have everyone I've ever purchased), and no regrets.
    10. After a handful of failed attempts at Doll & Hobby, I was walking by the Celga table at AX and there she was, an LE MSD Mika. I had enough cash, so she came home with me...I carried that darn doll box the rest of the day and never even noticed the weight <G>.

      She stayed an "only child" for about 6 weeks. Then the world started showing up <G>.
    11. I remember it like it was yesterday. xD I don't think my parents thought I would do it. But I saved the money for a Luts Ani Elf Boy, April 6th '05, and he was here exactly one week later. xD I sort of regretted it at first, but that of course went away very quickly once he arrived. <3 Opening your very first doll is one of the greatest feelings ever.
    12. I ordered Hunter first, even though Artemis came home first, lol. I ordered him within the third week of Feb, and got him on st. Patrick's day. ^^ I had my friend with me who already had about 4 dolls at the time to help me. my mom gaped at the order page, 389 dollars, she was like, omg, she was smacking my friend with the paper, lol. At the time, i thought elfdoll soah and kd ani were the same size, lol, i was so stupid back then, ah, good memories. ^^
    13. I guess I was lucky, because when I got my first doll, there weren't very many to choose from. ^^; He's since been sold, but remembering the anticipation is always fun. ^^
    14. Augh, I can't remember. I know I got my first doll (an Obitsu Haruka) about a year ago - before then, I had been in to 1/6-size dolls for a few months.

      I recall having seen resin BJDs long before then - possibly on Aimee's site - but after some legwork, I decided that they were too expensive and dismissed them from my mind entirely... Until I saw Obitsu's 1/3 version while browsing for 1/6-scale stuff. Anyway, now I'm hooked. :( The Obitsu bodies make excellent gateway drugs in to the world of resin BJDs.
    15. I knew I wanted to get a Sharmin as my first girl, and I just looked for a BIN auction on ebay, and she was here in 3 days. I was a lot more familiar with using ebay than I was in looking at doll shops, so that was the easiest way for me to go about it (though I did actually purchase her through a Dollmore agent, anyway, just via ebay)...I wasn't very ceremonious in her case, I just wanted her here, heh. It was another year before I had enough money to get my other dream girls. I was a bit more in the "take a deep breath and push 'confirm your order'" sort of mind-frame when I got to order my Kun.
    16. I debated between my two first babies for ages before finally pressing the Check Out button for a DoC U...
      it's a scary experience.. wondering if you did it all correctly.. thing is on my first my credit card refused to do the transaction until i contacted them letting them know that 'yes it is me doing it'

      of course about a week or so later i found a DoC Too on the Marketplace who i quickly adopted ^^; he arrived before my U
    17. I was terrified. I remember thinking it was so much money to spend all at once. I had all the money ready, but it took me a couple of days to want to push the order to completion. When I finally pushed the Check Out button for my U I was practically in hysterics haha.
    18. 3 years~^^I don't have any money in 2 years and 364 days.but at the 365th day of the second year, money suddenly comes to me~
    19. Yep, remember it well since it wasn't that long ago. I spent months hanging out on ZOZ & sometimes here just looking at dolls. I was very nervous about ordering overseas so I searched for US stores & sellers. Both Denver Doll & Dolls & Friends were places I haunted frequently but the prices kept putting me off. I thought about buying a MSD size since they were less expensive but knew it wasn't what I really wanted. Finally one afternoon I decided to take the plunge & picked Lydia but she wasn't in stock at Denver Doll. However she was at Dolls & Friends & they even had a Red to go with her. I could hardly wait for them to get here.

      Since then I've become much more active on the boards & have gotten some wonderful dolls there. I finally placed my first order directly from a company & am climbing the walls waiting.
    20. No, because my mind had a mind of its own and decided what doll I needed to get without consulting me. XD

      See, I was browsing Y!J and I wasn't even looking to buy. Just looking. Mostly at Volks SD13 boys like Isao. And then I saw Michele. He's an SD10 boy. I've seen him on the Volks site and I wasn't impressed. But I saw the auction pictures and I fell instantly in love with him. Had to have him. So I contacted my deputy and the rest is history. He was my first boy and I called him G. =)

      I no longer have that boy (I hope he has found a loving home wherever he may be right now... I do miss him when I see my photos of him) because I bought another Michele last year who was a one-off model. I fell utterly in love with his faceup. So G is still a SD10 boy, and still a Michele (and always will be a Michele) but with a faceup I consider to be more G, if that makes any sense. 8D And I love him so, so, so much. =3