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Recast BJD shops??? How to avoid them?

Jul 12, 2017

    1. I want to know if there are any shops that sell Recasts so I can make sure I never accidentally buy one :( I don't want to be a bad noodle in the hobby
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    2. There are tons of shops that sell recasts, buying from places like ebay and taobao, Alibaba and Aliexpress can be dangers. 99% of the time you're going to be buying a recast.

      If you're afraid of buying a recast, when you find a doll you can always ask about it here, or even a shop. I believe there is a list of shops somewhere but I'm unable to find it on my phone.
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    3. We do not have a list of recast sellers on DoA. We do not want to inadvertently post a guide for people who want to purchase from those shops.

      As mentioned above, the best way to be sure is to buy directly from the shops that make the dolls or from their authorized dealers. Legit companies will usually list their authorized dealers on their websites. If there is still doubt and you want to ask, feel free to come to the forum staff via Ask the Mods. There you can privately ask us questions and we can help you.

      A general rules of thumb though, if you see a doll for sale on a site/taobao/ebay/alibaba etc and it's dramatically cheaper than on the maker's site, that doll is a recast.
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    4. Also pay attention to colors offered (because I just saw this recently); when you find a doll on a site like eBay, where some shops are legit but others aren't, go to the company website and see what resin colors they offer. If the company has white, normal, and tan, and the eBay (etc.) shop has options like green and blue and purple (or anything other than the exact colors on the website), you're gonna want to steer clear. :3nodding:
    5. Also if you buy secondhand get as much verification as you can from the seller (certificates, receipts, etc.) to make sure they aren't selling you a recast! Some people may inadvertently sell a doll that is a recast and that wouldn't be good for either party!
    6. I believe recasts have also appeared on Amazon too? Basically, a large marketplace retailer is very unlikely to sell legit dolls.

      There are also of course a few webshops that sell nothing but recasts, you can spot these as they sell dolls seemingly from many varied companies and the prices are lower than expected (but not crazy low- these shops ALWAYS charge a relatively high price for recasts, so I find it bizarre that they get business.)
    7. On DoA is a list of official dealers and doll companies! Just avoid going on other websites and if you want to buy second hand go on the Market Place or ask for the certificate!
    8. I applied for market place a few weeks ago and still can't get in so I guess I answered something wrong? idk, also thank you
    9. Try to shop directly from official site. If the price is super low, don't buy it. If you're wondering recast shops on Taobao, you can check the list of recast stores. And feel free to ask me with the link!
    10. thanks so much!
    11. Always look around for official vendors OR shop from the official shop! Places like Mint on Card, Denver Doll Emporium, and Alice's Collections are official vendors for many doll companies. And then the official websites are always the safest place to go! Like many people have said before, avoid anything that's super cheap. I'd even say avoid eBay unless the seller can present you with receipts and/or a certificate of authenticity of the doll, and if they can show the doll with a requested pose/picture to make sure it's the real deal.
    12. Thanks much!
    13. Honestly, you would know if its a recast shop. The prices are often too good to be true which is the first thing that you could use as a tell tell sign, though recently there was a recast that was the same price as the legit, so what you should do in that situation is to look at the other bjds and see if their prices are too good to be true. If it does not have any other sales posts then you should do research to see what company that doll is from and if you really want that doll, only get it form the actual company. Also you could go on alicescollections, there is only legit bjds there and there is a wide selection of bjds there, so if you stay on there then you should be fine.:sumomo: