Recast Minifee A-line Chloe vs Legit Minifee A-line Chloe?

Dec 14, 2016

    1. Hello dollies! :chibi

      How can you tell the difference between a legit Minifee and a recast Minifee...? I've searched for pictures, videos, but I still can't tell the differences...

      Any help? :sigh
    2. General things would be resin colour being off/not a colour that Fairyland offers, the resin quality is poorer and might feel or look different, or the seller/owner has no certificate of authenticity or other papertrail to prove legitimacy. If you're worried about buying a recast by accident I'd say stick to the marketplace here or Fairyland's own site and official dealers.
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    3. Recasts are stolen copies of the legit doll. It's stolen art. Recasts are not aloud to be on this site and its for the best you don't talk about recasts here.
    4. @fenn_bjd Recasts aren't allowed here, but we should at least be allowed to discuss how to spot one so that we can protect ourselves and each other.
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    5. I know what they are. I just wanna know the differences so I don't buy a recast...
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    6. We do have a section on identifying recasts in the DoA Wiki. Here is a link.
      Nothing is entirely foolproof, so if you can't buy direct or from an official dealer, make sure you do your due diligence and research the person you buy from.
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    7. When I bought my legit Minifee, I did a lot of research and learned some of the biggest red flags in recast Minifee in particular are:

      -wrong color for a legit doll
      -magnet hands/feet should be polar opposites, meaning you can't stick a left hand on a right arm for example. Most recasts can be swapped.
      -jagged stringing tunnels. This can vary slightly but if you can see inside the doll like inside the hip or chest pieces, the inside of a legit doll is mostly smooth but a recast is often so rough it looks almost broken or sharp.

      Also make sure your seller is trusted in the community. Check for feedback, look for proof the doll is real. Do they have a box and CoA or screencap of their purchase? If they are not the first owner, can you trace the doll back to its origin or previous owner? Are there box opening pictures you can look at? These things can help confirm the legitimacy of the doll.
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    8. ^Aaww!!! Thank you for your help! That's very kind of you.:whee:
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