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Received Bambicrony dolls recently? Any issues?

Aug 2, 2007

    1. I am looking at getting a Bambicrony CB, despite everything. I know there are issues with the coloured elves, but I'm wondering if anyone has bought and received any normal and snow white skin toned dolls recently. Recently, as in late July 2007 and onwards.

      Are there are still joint popping issues?

      Are there still issues with messed up resin on the hands?

      Thanks in advance. ^_^

      ~ seph
    2. I got Lotti and Cookie this week, both NS, and the hands are fine. I hadn't had issues with the hands on any of my BC dolls (I always order at the start of the promotions, so that might be a factor). Two of my previous elves came with knee-lock issues, but these two don't seem to have that. Honestly, though, it's a minor annoyance, not a major flaw, so even if they had arrived with the problem, it wouldn't have bothered me.
    3. I recieved my Cookie in july and she was perfect. Sure she had a bit of the leg problem, but that is fixable and easy to deal with...unlike damaged resin.
    4. My Elf Gun was strung WAY too tightly, and his legs kick like nobody's business... I'm thinking of sanding the locking mechanism clear off and resculpting it similar to the Yo-SD bodies. It's just insane! Those knees will pinch your fingers if you're not careful.
    5. What about just stringing him a bit looser? Or would that do something to the way he poses?

      (Wow, BC sure is shipping them fast if you've got your lil Elf already.)

      Thanks for the replies, clochette and sadistic_x_blood. ^_^
    6. Just to answer my own thread...

      I ordered an Elf Cookie and Pepe head on 8 August, and my order was shipped on the 14th. Surprisingly quick, but sadly, when I got them, they were the wrong skin tone. *falls over* I'm keeping them anyway because I can't bear to send them back and have to wait for new ones. ^_^;

      I received them in normal skin colour, and all their parts were perfect. All the pairs of hands (even the fisted hands) have no issues. The wings are fine too. The knees were sanded a bit too much (though I wonder why they were even sanded), but I can live with them. ^_^ I also don't have any joint popping issues. The body was strung too tight but the legs don't kick as much and since BC provided extra elastic, I can fix that easily.

      I'm really happy with my lil ones. ^_^
    7. I haven't ever had any problems with my Bambicrony troops. And now that I think about it, the body on my Sisley doesn't seem to be as kicky as the ones I've received in the past. And as others have stated, it really isn't a big deal, as I find my BC's to be the best posers in my collection, standing right out of the box.

      I was wondering if this is your first BC doll? Their white skin looks pale, but more like normal skin than the WS from other companies. Their normal skin has a warm glow to it. So perhaps you did get the right skin tone, after all?

      I'm glad to hear of another BC fan! Have you posted any photos of them yet? :fangirl:
    8. I'm glad to hear that no one's had any problems with their Bambicrony dolls. I've been planning on getting a BC Gun eventually so it's good to know that they're no longer having problems with their resin.
    9. I was of the impression that snow white was a chalk white, like their doll Charity. My lil ones are close to Volks standard pure skin colour (just a little lighter), and nowhere near the snow I was expecting. Perhaps I was mislead by the name of the skin color, and the pics I'd seen. You're right about the skin colour from the looks of this thread.

      BC hasn't replied actually regarding the skin tone. It doesn't help that they don't exactly have skin colour comparisons on their site. I almost feel cheated now. *laughs* But my lil ones do look rather pale out in the light, though inside the house, they do look normal skin.

      I haven't really said anything about my lil ones yet officially. But here are the pics. ^_^ Both Viera and Rika share one body and are both meant to be genderless, though I refer to them as males. ^_^

      (Btw, I'm sorry to hear about your Sisley's ear. It's surprising to find out that they pack the more limited dolls so carelessly. My basic Elf Cookie came cushioned in foam that had been cut to his shape. I'd assumed they had the foam custom made as it was cut out to fit the shape of her ears, and thought they packed all their dolls like that. I hope BC says something positive in reply soon. *hugs*)

      ~ seph
    10. Loosening the stings increases the knee pop problem not fixes it. The only waty to fix it is modding the teeth to fit in better and to cut a groove in.

      i think FunnyLori was the only one to have posted any major issue with a recent order. She ran the last BC group order
    11. Can any of the dolls wear the wings or is it only the elf dolls? I would like to order a Cookie Elf in normal skin tone but they are sold out. So I thought I would order a basic Cookie and add wings? Is this possible?
    12. Gooch5050, the elf dolls have magnets in their backs that the wings attach to. I'd suggest just waiting for Cookie Elf to restock :)

      SephXIII, I had a similar issue -- my first BC doll (white Cookie/Kumi, two heads, one body) is CHALK white . . . but the white Kumi Elf that I ordered later on is more peachy. I think they either sent me the wrong skintone (although it's not THAT different color-wise) or they changed the color of their "white skin".

      Like you, I couldn't send the little cutie back, so I just don't switch heads between their bodies ;)

      -- A <3
    13. I just received my dolls today and everything was perfect from beginning to end. Dolls are in perfect condition.
    14. april, the clothes was part of the panda set from dollheart. The cute lil shorts are _really_ huge. ^_^; Without the tights, they slide down easily. The wigs were made by Cassiel. The wigs are actually Unoa size, which fits rather nicely, though if you want, you could always ask Cassiel to make you BC-sized ones (she has an Elf Pepe).

      Gooch5050, the Elf Cookies were limited. And you've just missed the event. =( It's not possible now to get any Elf Cookies, unless someone's selling theirs. There are still some tanned Guns left, if you're interested. As far as I know, it's only the Elves who come with the magnetic torso. You can't buy them otherwise, so you won't be able to use wings with a basic Cookie. You _could_ modify the torso yourself and add in magnets; cover up the back with a shirt and no problems. ^_~ (Or wait until new elves are released and then buy one of them and buy a Cookie head for it. ^_^)

      Hi Ashbet. ^_^ It's really too bad about the snow white skin tone. But really, Bambicrony should rename the skin tone to pale skin and normal skin rather than snow white. ToT

      Hi punkawalla. Glad to hear your lil ones are fine. ^o^

      I'm guessing this thread will help people like Zais decide whether to buy BC dolls or not. It seems we've pretty much got our lil ones in perfect condition. ^_^

      Btw, just to note, BC did reply about the "snow white" skin. Here's what they'd said:
      They should change the name of skin tone colour. -_-

      ~ seph
    15. Thanks for the information. So I can't buy a Cookie and add wings and ears. :( I'm always a day late and a dollar short!
      I'll try to be patient until the next elves come out. Le sigh!

    16. You should look at the Marketplace for Tinies

      There's an Elf Cookie head with Viya faceup for auction. And you can post a WTB for a magnetic torso or wait till BC has a new elf... ^_^ Either way, you'll be able to get your Elf Cookie with wings in the end.

      ~ seph
    17. Wow... I didn't recognize the outfits without the Panda coats! They are so darling!!! Thanks for the info!

      And... hmmm! about the the skin tone. I'd heard their white wasn't so white, but yes, it might be better to have a different name! Ah, well, your kids are darling, no matter how pale they are! :)

      And... It's probably reassuring to know most people's BCs arrive in good shape... although I think that was true in the past, too... It's just that some people were having problems--even though most were getting BCs that were just fine.

      I got mine in the middle of the recent problems and at least their joints were not any worse than most (that is, they are not quite the same on both legs, but not horrible--left leg pops more than the right on both). And my LSG Pepe did have odd marks in the resin--probably a problem with mixing the color... *sigh* At least the more "normal" colored resins don't have that difficulty... (or at least I hadn't heard of any big problems!). Anyway--the problems weren't bad enough for me to try and get my money back, or sell them...
    18. Hi april. ^o^ I bought the panda set for the halter and the pants. *grin* I'm gonna sell the hoodie as it's too cute for my lil ones. *laughs*

      I do hope BC is able to reproduce their coloured elves again in the future. The colours had so much appeal! I'm glad you still love your lil LSG despite his issues though. ^__^

      ~ seph
    19. Someone on the main Bambicrony thread reported that a person in France received a defective Tan BC recently. It looks like similar problems that Bunny from Spain had with her LSG Pepe... bad resin-mixing and odd discoloration and scrapes on the heels and headcap... Bunny is still waiting for a new body to come, I think.

      French forum thread--
    20. I guess you have figured out by now that you probably did get the right skin colour. Your little guys are ADORABLE! What great characters you've given them! I was surprised to see that picture of the white Charity! She is really lovely and really pale. BC now seems to have a better translator on staff, so perhaps it should be suggested that they call their WS - Pale Skin instead. I guess they thought if they called the WS - NS then they wouldn't know what to call their Normal Skin? *_*

      You know, I don't think the "artists" pack the dolls. Since there was no broken piece in the box, I suspect whoever was doing the packing might have decided to pack her up anyway and send her off hoping to delay getting in big trouble for breaking a OOAK expensive dollie! :o

      Bambicrony has been very good about replacing the head. The only thing is that I had to send back the broken head, and that cost me $15.00 which I found annoying, since it wasn't my fault. But I am very happy that they were honourable and agreed to replace the head without any argument.

      Of course, I will feel a LOT better when its actually here in my hands. :sweat