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Receiving Gifts from Complete Strangers

Apr 21, 2012

    1. I know there are many topics about the attitudes towards our dolls and the comments we get from strangers, but I didn't quite see anything about receiving a gift from a random stranger. I would like to share a story of todays' events, and a photo. I would also like to invite anyone to comment with their own stories, and if they have them, photos. :3

      I was out thrift shopping today, a little glum and had Marc with me. He was in his SOOM padded...pouch thing most of the time, but I would occasionally pull him out if people asked or if I needed to compare material or buttons/props to his size. He's a Tiny Gem, and he was easy enough to tote around without looking too silly.

      I stopped for lunch at a JimBoys' and the cashier thought I had a dog! (Marc's fur wig pokes out of the top) LOL This led to me opening up the padded carrier, and showing off Marc. No one was in the place, so it was okay. Another customer was just tickled to pieces to see such a "strange and wonderful doll". I told her about him as we waited for our orders, and let her hold him. She was just fascinated with him. I then packed him carefully away to get my order, and we went seperate ways.

      Or so I thought.

      The lady had come back in, with a little stuffed polar bear, and offered it to me to give to Marc. I was speechless. I never had this happen to me, ever. I've had Marc for 2 years, and he's been out and about before, but never given anything!

      Like I said, this was a complete stranger, who knew nothing of the hobby.
      This made me feel just awesome.:aheartbea

      Marc and his polar bear:
    2. That's adorable! With so many of the threads discussing discouraging encounters with non-bjd owners, it's so refreshing to hear about the other side of the coin.
    3. Oh my gosh! That's so cute! This really made me smile and remember how glad I am to be a bjd hobbyist :)
    4. I just had a moment of "Awwwwwww!" That's so kind!

      I don't think I've had a moment like that, but I hope I do soon xP
    5. That's very sweet. I love taking my dolls places, especially the craft store - I've had some very interesting conversations with other crafters who like dolls but have never heard of BJD.

      My story sort of applies, since I only know Riven Vagary through Facebook... for my birthday they sent cute matching Hello Kitty-ear headbands for me and Tanith (Soom Bygg Unicorn). :) A very unexpected and sweet gift. (Riven is a member here and they have a commission shop in the MP.)
    6. That's so cute! I'm not a person who takes my dolls out unless absolutely necessary, but it's good you got such a positive reception.
    7. awwwww!!!! that is so sweet! so nice to hear of things like this:)
    8. Aww so cute and so nice of them
    9. It's very nice, and encouraging. It was a little depressing seeing all the other topics about negative reactions. Also, if it makes a difference, I am 27 years old, and live in a very small community.

      I may bring Marc around more often, because there were quite a few, milder but nice reactions, and I didn't feel silly once I explained I needed to find things that would fit in his size.
    10. Ahaha that is so cute. I just love random gifts like that. ^^
    11. That was really nice. :)
    12. That's so sweet! I sometimes take a doll out and about for photos and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. But none of my dolls ever got a present from a stranger!
    13. That was very sweet of her! and the picture is very cute.
    14. Aww That's so sweet!:)

      You're so lucky!
      I once got an offered by a DoA member for a free outfit and I was so excite because I was very new to this hobby. But after I give my address that member made excuses and I never got anything T^T
    15. Thank you, I am not a photographer, but every now and then I get lucky with the camera. LOL

      That is awful. I was always raised to never make a promise/offer/etc you can't keep, and your word is your honor. Like they say, "Deeds, not words."
    16. Awe this is darling! I love the stuffie and that's it's his size :D People are so nice sometimes! It's very suprising that she got him something haha
    17. Aw, that's so cute. (*^_^*)/"

      Only family members give my boy presents. x'D (A woman giving my boy a sticker doesn't count right x'D I was shopping once and this woman gave him a sticker (lol).) Regarding positive reactions though, it's nice when people are, well, nice about the hobby, isn't it? ^^ Recently a family approached me, and this mother's daughter really liked my boy. ^^ She was asking me about what his name was and stuff. x'D I also ended up taking a photo with the little girl. ^^ Anyway, point is it's nice when people are really nice about your dolls. x'D I mean, I don't care if someone says my doll is creepy since hey, that's what you think and I'm not going to change what I think because of your opinions. Positive feedback though (in person) is refreshing. ^^ (Luckily so far I've had 99% of that x'D)
    18. Awwww! that's so precious! thanks for sharing this story with us, your little boy looks so cute with the bear. <3

      When I worked at BK, I'd always took the order from a senior couple, and they gave me candies :) haha and that's all but it made me happy!
    19. I had to teel a story who is the oposit from yours...I gave a girl a little gift for her doll years ago when i do not own a doll ar create and sell Gothic & Fantasy Jewelry at fairs and such and a girl bought a necklace with a big skeleton key hangin from it. And when i saw her doll i gave her a small skeleton key hanger on a piece of ribbon for her doll! She was pleasantley surprised i did this...hihi!
    20. Lady Arachnia:

      That is sweet! I wouldn't mind doing that if I saw someone with a doll. :3 Smiles and kindness are contagious!