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Recognising sculpts on sight?

Nov 27, 2009

    1. Now that I've been in this hobby for a llittle while, I've found that I can instantly recognise a few sculpts when I see them in pictures, which makes me very pleased ^^ I always recognise Delfs for example, and certain Soom sculpts, and a few others. However, sometimes I see two identical sculpts that look like totally different dolls!
      So can you recognise sculpts instantly? When did you start doing it? Why do you think this is? Are some sculpts more distinguishable than others? Maybe you have "an eye" for certain sculpts? Maybe you just own a lot of sculpts are are very good at recognising others :) or maybe you just spend a lot of time looking at different sculpts (I know I do)! And what can make two dolls that are the same sculpt look totally different and unrecognisable?
    2. I've been in the hobby for about six years and can recognize the faces of dolls I like and many that I don't like. I can also tell Volks dolls from other dolls as they have a certain look all their own, although I can't tell the different sculpts apart. There are lots of dolls I can't recognize at all because they are not the sort I am interested in or collect. Within a few weeks of joining DOA, I began to recognize dolls, mostly because I looked around the gallery a lot and also looked at doll websites. Most doll companies have dolls that resemble each other, so if you are familiar with one of their dolls, it isn't too difficult to spot others. Lots of people slightly mod their dolls; sanding down pointy chins and noses, opening eyes a little and of course, faceups, so sometimes it's more difficult to identify specific dolls. Whatever doll it is, someone, somewhere on DOA will be able to figure out which one it is.

      Edit: I also spend a ridiculous amount of time here, just looking at random dolls. I hate to think how much time, as a matter of fact.
    3. I used to be very good at doing this, but since I've been less active my skill has deteriorated. I could tell every Volks sculpt apart, even modified ones, in small images. It just takes practice and you need to study a lot of different photos of dolls with different face ups, wigs, etc.
    4. I always wondered how my male classmates were always able to recognize cars without seeing the logo - now that I've been into BJD for four years, I understand.
    5. I used to be very good at this, but with all the dolls out there now, I'm lucky if I can keep my Volks dolls straight. I mistook a Heath for a Madoka the other day and was terribly embarrassed, as I have two of them...and am waiting on a third. :doh:

      ...But, to my credit, it was a 100x100px image, so I can't be too upset. As everyone has said, it's something that comes with time!
    6. I haven't really been into dolls for very long but there are certain dolls I can always spot no matter what. But for the most part when I see a doll I can usually pick out the company, then sculpt with those I'm more familiar with. I only see two dolls in real life on a regular basis at this point. My boy and my friend's girl~
    7. Even though it's been over 3 years, I can't tell you the exact sculpts of dolls unless they are VERY distinct, although I can tell which dolls are from what company.

      What sometimes shocks me is when the faceup makes the doll so different that I don't guess the right sculpt or when I'm totally stumped by the faceup! I suppose I'm not as observant as others in certain aspects. :sweat
    8. I'd say I can recognize 80% or more of all Larger Dolls on sight. Some newer companies have sculpts that look so similar to one another that even thier own reps can't tell them apart so I don't feel so bad for not having them all down perfectly. :)
    9. I used to be really good at this, but nowadays there are so many new companies cropping up that I can't even keep track of the companies let alone the individual dolls >.< I can still recognize the big name or older company dolls though.
    10. I've been in the hobby a long time and devote a fair amount of hobby-time to keeping track of what companies are up to. I can recognize a whooole lot of dolls - pretty much all of the Volks, Luts, Fairyland, Customhouse, and other 'old' companies are well-known to me, and I can at least tell you what company a newer doll is from. There's always small nuances (slight dyslexia when it comes to numbers means identifying FCS heads is difficult) but for the most part, I can put a face to any doll sculptname.
    11. I can recognize a decent amount of dolls. I still get excited about it though. :D
    12. I can pretty surely pick out a company based on a sculpt - even many of the newer/smaller/lesser known companies (of course not 100% but I would say a good 80-85%, even 90% if I see the whole face/doll on a good quality picture). I guess that comes from repeatedly scouring through the pages to see if they have anything to offer for the "under 300" list....:sweat

      But I have troubles when it comes to specific names - thanks to my abysmal name-memory. I have no problem when it comes to the better known companies - especially in the 70cm+ range. But with other companies while I recognise the sculpt and sometimes even know exactly where to find it/which one it is, I can't tell the specific name until I go there and look it up :sweat
    13. I can recognize some sculpts on sight. Sculpts I have owned or currently own of course are pretty easy to recognize. I can also tell quite a few of the Volks sculpts (not all by any means). It is mainly because I spend way to much time looking at pictures of dolls on the forums lol.
    14. I can recognize many mini size dolls on sight, at least enough to tell what company they are from. For the larger dolls I can recognize many of the boys but few girls unless it's a Soom monthly. The tinies I can recognize Bobobie and Resinsoul ones, Sooms, anything by Fairyland, and that's about it. Volks dolls I can tell they are Volks, but couldn't possibly tell what specific one they are unless they are the Scar Cecile or Reisner.

      My dad can tell the year and make of almost any car from the 40's through late 60's, so I guess it's common for any interest to be able to recognize parts.
    15. I can recognize sculpts from general companies, though not exactly individual sculpts. Although I'm VERY good at picking out the ones that I really really like. ;D Like some of the LUTS ones. However, some of the more distinguishable and unique sculpts come pretty obvious. Like SOOM MDs or the Souldoll Chiron. xD
    16. I am still very bad in recognizing dolls. I think I do decently on the several companies I own dolls from. But say, I can't tell one Volks from another, especially once they've gotten a custom-faceup. I think I recognize about... 2-3 of them now. Mostly the one I fell head over heel for. XD
      But it does give me great satisfaction to be able to recognize a sculpt and answer people's "who is this lovely boy/girl?" question.
    17. I can recognize most dolls on sight, unless it's, like, an artist doll or something like that, or from some super obscure company. Even then, with obscure companies, I'm decent. Also, Volks dolls. They all look exactly the same to me. Seriously. Same wide features. I mean, I can tell a Volks doll from other companies, but when it comes to Volks molds, I'm clueless. But, for the most part, I'm good at recognition.
    18. I haven't seriously been into BJDs until 2 months ago, but I look at BJDs pretty much every day so I quickly started recognising some sculpts. Soom, DoD, Luts and Fairyland are the ones that I can identify the best so far.
    19. I just became more active in the hobby almost a year ago. When I first came around, I couldn't even recognize any doll. Even when I became more active. I didn't understand how people could recognize dolls without seeing the name of the doll. But now that I'm more active in the hobby, there are a few I can recognize off the bat. More so if they have their default face-up on. But sometimes I can get them without. And if I can't get the name, I can sometimes get the company right. Lol. I could probably get more from the companies I actually know of, and check out every now and then. Like Volks, I don't like many of their dolls. So I don't go on their site much. Thus I don't know any of their dolls. And though I'm not a big fan of BBB, I can tell when a doll is from their company easily. Their sculpts are pretty distinctive. It just depends. XD
    20. This is exactly how I feel on the matter. :lol: I can't recognize dolls other than Volks dolls most of the time, since those are my obsessive weakness. :sweat But there are times I can guess a Dollmore/Dollzone/Fairyland/Luts/Soom doll, just depends on which one, but I can name almost all Volks dolls.