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Recognizing BambiCrony Ciao Bellas

Apr 16, 2008

    1. This question is going to sound absurd...but let me begin by saying I have BambiCrony CBs elves, so you know I'm not making fun when I confess that I can't tell the difference between the sculpts. At least I recognize my own guyz, but when I see other's or a group picture of them, I'm at a loss. :? Anyone else have the same problem? If not, do you have a trick on telling who is who? Thanks for your help!
    2. Which dolls in particular are giving you trouble? Some of them can be pretty difficult to tell apart but if there are any particular dolls you often get confused for one another, it might help to post (for example, you can tell Gun apart from other dolls because you have one, but Vin and Cookie always look the same, or whatever).

      Some things I've noticed though:

      Roko, Sisley, and Pepe are fairly distinctive. Roko has a very chubby face with almost square cheeks, she has pretty darn big eyes too. XD Sisley's eyes sort of duck in before the inner tear duct bit, and her mouth shape is different, she has a more defined upper lip. Pepe is... well, the grumpy one. XD

      Kumi seems to have a more prominent... under eye circle sculpted in if that makes sense. She has a somewhat sharper face shape.

      Cookie always looks to me like she's squinting a little bit, or maybe her eyes are a little less "tall" than the other BCs.

      Shy I think has the biggest eyes, but it's a new mold so I haven't seen that many.

      I think Lottie's face is a big chubbier in the cheeks like Roko, but she doesn't have Roko's features... I think she isn't quite as wide eyed. I think her nose is bigger as well?

      Gun reminds me a lot of Kumi but... more chubby in the face I think.

      To be honest, a lot of this is just me trying to put into words the subtle differences that are hard to explain, while also looking at the Bambicrony site.

      The truth is, a lot of them are very similar, and it seems like some dolls have almost the exact same mouth or eyes but with a different cheek shape or something like that... like they are all remixes of one another. Also some of this may be tricks of faceups and whatnot, I'm no BC expert as I only have one! XD;

      EDIT: ah, again, not sure if it's just my imagination, but Kumi and Roko seem to have smaller mouths than other BCs, like other BCs have sightly wider lips, wereas Kumi and Roko almost look like they're puckering their lips up in comparison (though they aren't, so maybe that's a bad word to use?)
    3. I can get confused when looking at cookie and Kumi to be honest! ^__^;;
    4. skwerlie, here's a picture of my Shy with my DZ bunny:

      Shys DO have big eyes, lol. My Shy has a "sleepy face" that's technically a Lullabye Lotti, but beyond the Lotti's ears being bigger, I can't tell THAT much of a difference, lol. I think I'm in snowleopard's boat.
    5. skwerlie: Wow! Thank you so much for your analysis(!) of the Bambi CBs! Of the group, I only recognize Pepe. With your facial feature breakdown, I hope to get better.
      Mizuzu: That's very good; you only get Kumi and Cookie mixed up. I'm such a dunce, I wanted Cookie and ended up bringing Kumi home instead. But that's ok, I still love her!
      OphaliaB: It feels good knowing I'm not the only one who can't tell the difference. :)
      Thank you all!:daisy
    6. Hm, for the longest time I had trouble with Kumi and Cookie, but now I see Cookie's face as being just slightly rounder somehow. :sweat

      For me it becomes easier after seeing a few in person; like it gets fixed in my mind better. Heh. :)
    7. I just thought of something- maybe looking at pictures of the elves will help? They all have different ear shapes, so maybe you can use that as a sort of "clue" to help figure out which doll is which, and then carry that over from the elf heads to the normal eared ones? In terms of the normal dolls, Roko and Kumi have been made in a new version where their ears stick out a bit more from thei head, almost like monkey ears. XD; All other dolls have ears that are more flat against the head, and there are older Roko and Kumi dolls with those smaller flatter ears (as well as the sleeping versions) but if you do see a doll with human ears that really stick out to the side, it will be either Roko or Kumi. ^^

      Oh! Shy has the sticking out ears as well since that's a new head. I'm actually not sure about Sisley, I think she was made during the small ears period, but was only added as a regular later, after the Kumi and Roko version 2 wiht big ears were made. I am not a huge SIsley fan so I haven't really paid much attention to her! ^^;
    8. Faireyangel: *grin* can you see me running up to someone and staring really really hard at the doll? Especially since I have bad eyes. The owner will probably think I'm strange! LOL!
      skwerlie: Yes, the ears are the best clues, but unfortunately the wigs get in the way. But, using your idea, I'm really looking at the elves ears--they're easier to see. :) I must confess, the elves are my favorite--I'm thinking they'll be like my flower elves complete with flower names. *sigh*

      Ok--WHO has ALL of the Ciaos at home? A housefull of BambiCronys! Cuteness overload!:daisy