Recognizing sculpts

Jun 1, 2018

    1. I met someone who could identify my dog's breeder based on one look at him, so identifying a doll's maker on sight seems pretty reasonable to me. It's the same way some people can recognize bird types, or people can recognize paintings by particular artists. No secret trick to it -- just spending time looking at the dolls and learning to identify little "trademarks". It's probably easier if you can actually see and touch the dolls and get a good look at the techniques, but the photo database here would be a start.
    2. I’m brand new to the hobby, don’t even have a doll yet, but am finding myself able to recognize some of the Supia girls, either ones that I want (Muriel, Muse,) or particularly distinct ones (Nael, Emma.)

      Which I find funny since I’m absolute garbage at recognizing even my own friends sometimes when I see them out of context.

      I don’t think I’ll ever be able to recognize dolls with the stunning accuracy and breadth some other users can because I’m so face blind, but enough time spent staring at anything, and your brain will start to become familiar with it.
    3. Like a lot of people, I'm pretty good at recognizing older companies. Weirdly enough, I think it varies a lot by which country a doll is from? Unless they're really distinct in their aesthetic (BeYours, Dollzone, LLT), I can't really tell Chinese companies apart to save my life. However, I can usually pinpoint Korean and Japanese companies (if not sculpts themselves). It's pretty telling where my aesthetic leans. :P
    4. i just spent a lot of time on instagram. there are so many minifee chloe, celine and mirwen. and as of late lucywens. I just saw them so often that i can now spot them . i can pretty much spot all of the minifee. As well as mystic kids mostly because i have one. i assume that it's pretty similar for others that they just remember the dolls that they see most often.