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Recommendations for MSD Clothes?

May 2, 2008

    1. I quite recently got an MSD boy and was thinking of getting another, but I seem to be having more trouble than most finding clothes for them within the BJD companies - I like a lot of the tops, but can't find many casual trousers that I like at all!
      Does anyone have any recommendations for non-fantasy MSD clothing? Any links would be greatly appreciated, since Toshi is currently making do with very non-flattering SD pants. :lol:

      Thanks for your time!
    2. I like Tata's Paradise and Wicked Stitchery. You can find their sales threads in the Marketplace.
    3. I always buy clothes for my MSD boy from Dollmore =D
    4. Thanks for the tips, guys! I'll give all of them a look! :kitty2

      I managed to find some on ebay too that are pretty cool - boggie0909 is her username, if anyone is interested...

      Any more suggestions? ^^
    5. My two MSD's clothes have come from a mixture of places - Dollzone, Lovelyplatform and Mimiwoo for the most part. Clothes are good quality and they fit well
    6. Cheery Doll USA usually has nice casual seperates http://www.cheerydollusa.com/index.html I also second the Dollmore suggestion. With Dollmore's sheer volume of stuff they carry, they're usually a good bet. I just got a nice pair of jeans for one of my mini boys there.
    7. I don't know if this helps but I was browsing and www.dollmore.net is an AMAZING website with soooo many accessories and clothes that are SO cute AND cheap!!! the shoes are reeeeeally cute too!
    8. I definitely fourth the Dollmore suggestion! I just received a package from them and I'll be ordering more later in the week.

      They're super friendly and pretty quick to reply.

      I purchased jeans and they are a bit snug on a Dollzone Megi (I had to use my friend's doll because I don't have mine yet) but the shirts fit well. I forgot to try the boots on.
    9. Thanks again you guys for the suggestions!

      I found quite a few things after a good look around Dollmore and I'll definately be ordering from Cheery doll too, when I have the funds. :)