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Recommended BJD Magazines or Books?

Jan 27, 2005

    1. are Volks pattern books sold in Japanese book stores? Thanks, annie
    2. The Volks pattern books are only available through Volks stores, website, and dollpa. (And sometimes US-affiliate Doll and Hobby). You can't get them at Japanese bookstores or amazon japan or anything like that.
    3. You could also find the Volks pattern books on Ebay.
    4. I was at Emerald City Comic Con this afternoon and found a book by Gentaro Araki. It's fairly short, but the first half of it is about Unoss, and there is a story accompanied by paintings of the doll. The second half is photos of the dolls (if I remember correctly they're all Unoss, no Unoa). The guy I bought it from told me he had just started importing "dollfie books" because people were asking for them. I bought this one (which he said wasn't the most popular) as it was a fair price and the art is neat. I've never heard of any other books like this, though -- am I missing out? I'm going to email the vendor and see what else he's got in the warehouse, but my curiosity has been peaked. Are there any other books I should look for/request? (And this is probably a longshot, but does anyone know what the story is about in Araki's Unoss book? I can scan the pages if necessary.)
    5. I got, as a present, the Super Dollfie Bible, which has almost all of the Limited Edition (except the DP12 one 'cause it came out earlier than that) dolls in beautiful pages and stuff... And some FCS and normal editions. They also teach you how to do face-up, and how to take professionally looking piccies. :grin: I love it. It's about $50 in Japan though. :oops:
    6. Ah. *_* This is the green with envy face. I'd love to own Gentaro Araki's UNoss (yep they're UNosses) book. I've only heard of that, and the others that Kiwiflowers mentioned. I'd love more BJD picture books.
    7. He might be speaking of the Japanese art doll books which feature handmade ball-jointed dolls by different artists and using the term 'dollfie' incorrectly as people seem increasingly wont to do.

      Here is someone's doll book list on Amazon Japan. There are many many of this sort of book available. You can order them from Amazon Japan or through Kinokuniya bookstores (there are other bookstores too but I can't recall the names). Yume_jp on eBay has also started offering some of the art doll books.

      A lot of the doll styles in many of these books seem very Hans Bellmer inspired so if you aren't into that sort of thing proceed with caution. These art dolls are mostly QUITE different than the resin BJD
    8. Whoops, it was actually my misuse. We talked about super dollfie, but he actually said "doll books" -- or, at least, what he wrote down on my flyer was "doll books from Japan". He has a few of the ones you're talking about (which actually look neat; I like artist dolls) along with a couple doll magazies with SDs and other dolls. I could get the new Volks catalogue-book through him, but I might as well save a couple bucks and buy it on Amazon Japan.

      dagnyevelyn -- Verycoolthings.com has the Unoss book, but for a bit of a markup ($22; the yen price is 1300. I was quoted $20 for it, but he ended up selling it to me for $15. And I didn't even flirt with him >.>; ) It's neat; it was worth my $15 ^^ (which is saying something as I only ended up bringing $30 to the con.) I assume it's still in print if it was that easy to get?
    9. I'll warn you about Amazon Japan...you can really get nailed with shipping costs but if you plan on buying a couple books it works out a bit better. As far as I know you can buy the other merchandise they offer as well...and they have toys! :oops: I haven't tried it yet...just books.

      I *love* the artist dolls, too. One of my weaknesses is art doll books... ^-^;;;
    10. I have the Volks SuperDollfie Bible, and the Volks SuperDollfie Perfect Catalogue.
      Most Japanese bookstores should carry BJD books, although the SD bible is probably sold out, and I haven't seen the Perfect Catalogue for ages.
    11. hey guys, for those of you who have them, what types of patterns are in each book? I'd like to get the books but I want to know what patterns are in each one so I know if it has what I want in it?? thanks.
    12. Hi,
      I'm totally new to this forum thingy. I have been interested in the artist bjd's for a long time and only just recently found out about the resin ones. I am currently trying to sell off all my belongings (house included) to buy a Narae doll.
      I was wondering if anybody knew of an available book I can buy on doing my own "face up". I have looked at the wonderful tutorials here, but is therea book out there with it all in?
    13. There is the "Unoa Freak" book and it has a few sections on how to do different style face ups for Unoas, but they're all in Japanese though.
    14. there are some japanese hobby magazines that have tutorials...like Japan Hobby and such...Super Dollfie Bible also has a tutorial in the back. ^__^
    15. Haute Doll Magazine has brilliant tutorials for beginners on face-ups. The past few issues each have a different part of the face-up process highlighted, lips, eyebrows,lower eyelashes, applying false lashes, blushing, and an overview of the whole thing in the latest issue. If you can't get back issues and find that the tutorials online aren't helpful, just try and wing it with some of the information you've gathered. Or, if that's just too stressful, pay someone to do it, many people on DoA know how and do beautiful face-ups, including myself (I have yet to set up shop though, so I suggest you look elsewhere!)
    16. Since this is about books, may I post my own question?

      Does anyone know of any books that have SD13/SD sized patterns? Like, Gothic-Lolita bibles have patterns for humans. Are there any books out there for dolls like that?
    17. Hi Shnooks, Volks has pattern books: http://www.volks.co.jp/en/goods/index_goods.aspx?sbct=60&parts=23

      They also show up on e-bay sometimes if you don't want to order from Volks.
    18. There is also 'Memories' sold be eluts.com that has a few patterens.
      I think its easier to get than the Volks one too (but Memories is more a picture book)
    19. ok i have been looking and looking but i cannot find it! where is the page with the dolly dolly books and dollybird books with the pictures of patterns inside? i was looking at it the other day. help!
      thank you so much!