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Red and Yellow - YOSD Color Dolls from Another Space 2 (Anotherspace2) 25 BJDoll

Mar 23, 2011

    1. These two little beauties have stolen my heart! :aheartbea I absolutely adore them. I cannot decide which one to get, so I'm trying to save up for both.

      Please tell us about them! :eusa_pray Do you like the body? How does it move and pose? Please share anything!
    2. So I contacted Another Space 2 for their 25 BJDoll YO-SD sized measurements (YL and RD) and this is what they gave me:

      I still would love to know the head circumference and any other measurements people have, if possible!:aheartbea

    3. Well, I was kindly informed by an owner that they take a 6-7" wig.
    4. Also, a new Baby Color is coming soon! Violet maybe? ^____^ They just announced it on the Anotherspace2 homepage this week.
    5. I didn't know that Another Space was releasing new YoSD-sized girls :o.
      Both are very cute! But as always my biggest complaint is that they aren't offered in white skin resin. The new body looks really interesting and posable and the faces are adorable. AS might release WS color babies in the future, but I doubt it.
    6. ...is exquisite.


      Her name is Regina. I hope you like her. :aheartbea
    7. Another Space2 is releasing a new Baby Color! Her name is Purple and she's being released with a new Sweet Girl named Cookie! Check out their preview pics here.

    8. Oh, I love the new Purple baby! I wish Another Space would release her in WS.
    9. Maple Syrup! My baby red girl I love her so much~~~!<333

    10. My Yellow baby - Little Corn. :aheartbea

    11. Aw, the new Baby Color Cream is gorgeous! What do you think, is she normal or white skin?
    12. babyelf, thanks! I think she is of a normal skin. ;)

    13. Are their bodies genderless or are they obviously girls? ^^" And what about knee joints, are they double?
    14. Wow this thread has been quiet for awhile. Original body was single joint, second body was double. They're hard to find now. T_T