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Red Doll1/6cute BB Body & head updateFace up Event

Sep 4, 2009

    1. Red Doll : 荭人 BJD

      Face up Event:
      From Sep.4th —— Oct.1st
      When order the BB doll,the face up only need 10USD.

      The Present:
      A little present for every order the BB doll's customers.^0^

      +Payment method+
      paypal only

      It needs about 20 days to produce the doll..
      25 days including make-up option..

      Ship worldwide by EMS only..
      EMS service needs 3~7 business days..
      The shipping cost depends on your location..
      please check with me before you send the payment..

      You can order the doll from me.^0^
      And if you have any question.please PM me.Thank you very much.
    2. 1/6 BB Girl : FLOWER LANGUAGE

      Doll price:80USD

      【 Includes 】
      * Doll only
      * Random Eyes、Random Wig、Paper、Blanket、Box

      【 Notice 】
      *Outfits、wig、eyes and make-up in the image are not included.

      【 Size Data 】
      * Tall : 16cm (head included)
      * Eyes size : 12mm
      * Girth of head : 12.5cm
      * Girth of chest : 8.5cm
      * Girth of waist : 8cm
      * Girth of hips : 9.5cm
      * Width of shoulders : 4.2cm
      * Length of leg : 5cm
      * Length of arm : 4cm
      * Foot : 2.2cm
      * Foot wide : 1.2cm

      Name :迷迭〈rosmarinus〉




      Name :铃兰 (Suzuran)



    3. No.3
      Name :爱丽丝 (Alice)



      Name :薄雪 (Leontopodium)



    4. Head & Body:

      The head pic:

      The body pics:

    5. Hi there:
      Okay, the pics update.^0^