RedMoonlight Feedback

Jun 4, 2019

    1. Hello! :kitty2
      If you buy something from me or I buy something from you, feel free to leave some feedback here.
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    2. Thank you very much for buying resinsoul 1/3 body! The reliable buyer, our transaction went without problems.Fast payment of purchase and pleasant communication! :3nodding:
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    3. RedMoonlight bought my Mnf Hwayu head. Made a downpayment to hold the head and the full payment exactly when she said she would. Very reliable buyer, she also let me know when the head arrived safe and sound. Very pleasant to deal with. Thank again for your purchase and sorry again for the delayed sending of the COA copy >__<
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    4. RedMoonlight bought my DZ Cornelia, she was a lovely buyer with great communication and kept me updated when she received the doll. Thank you so much! :)
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    5. I bought a pair of msd black boots from RedMoonlight who was great to deal with very friendly and helpful, they were shipped out quickly and are perfect thank you :)
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    6. I bought some MSD boots from @RedMoonlight and she was responsive, generous and very fast and efficient. The boots arrived safe and sound, and were absolutely immaculate. I was very happy with the whole experience and would cheerfully recommend her as a seller.
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    7. I bought a pair of 70cm shoes from RedMoonLight who was great to deal with once again, the shoes were sent out with tracking number I would recommend her as a seller.

      Edit - when the shoes arrived I made the mistake of opening the package and just gave them a quick look over then put them with the rest of my bjd shoes, I didnt noticed until days after when I was redressing my doll I got the shoes to put on and the soles on both the shoes are coming apart. I messaged RedMoonLight right away about this and the reply I got back was that she didnt damage them and that she cant be held responsible for weak glue used on them, I'm not even 100% sure the glue used on them is weak as the parts of the shoe where the sole isn't coming away does seem quite strong so I'm not sure if she did what I did and just gave them a quick look over and didnt notice them when selling them?
      I was offered a full refund if I wanted to send the shoes back, I do really like them and with the current situation I'm rarely leaving home right now so think I'm going to try repair them but I'm just disappointed this has happened.
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    8. I bought a pair of salafina eyes, easy to shop from and deal with, great communication, fast shipper and very kind :) all in all would live to buy from them again!
    9. RedMoonlight purchased my Dollzone body. She was very kind, paid quickly, had great communication, and a pleasure to work with. Thank you!
    10. I bought some shoes from RedMoonlight. SHe was quick to respond and a delight to deal with. I would definitely buy from her again!
    11. I bought Doll Leaves Nina from RedMoonlight and it was perfect and smooth transaction. The communication was fast and friendly, the doll was shipped quickly and safely packaged. I can just reccomended RedMoonlight as seller :) Thank you so much
    12. Leaving feedback EXTREMELY late but, I bought a LUTS MDF Green head from RedMoonlight and everything went super well! It was packed very nicely, and shipped quickly. Communication was pleasant and fast. I'd definitely work with them again!
    13. I finished a successful deal with @RedMoonlight. I've experienced great communication and transaction. The payment and messages were fast as well. And let me know immediately when the package arrived. I wouldn't hesitate to do business again. Thank you so much~:daisy
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    14. I purchased a Dollzone Cornelia head from @RedMoonlight the transaction was very smooth from start to finish. 5 star service, I would definitely deal with them again in the future. Thank you. :)
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    15. I sold my Little Monic Sofia head to @RedMoonlight through her WTB thread, she was very easy to communicate with, completed her payment quickly and let me know when the head had arrived safely. Very smooth experience and would happily sell to her again in the future :)
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