Event Registration open for BJDC Texas. August 4-6 in Austin.

Jan 3, 2016

    1. Link is up at BJDC Texas. ball joint doll con (bjdc texas (dot) com)
      We're trying out an online form this year.
      Any problems or questions about REGISTRATION please use email included on the above page.
      (Just add registration and @ to website name)
      All other questions are most likely above our security level. Kidding. Mostly. ;-)
      We will try to get confirmations of registration to you within 24 hours but staff handling it is new.
      Thank you for your understanding.

      More information about convention at Yahoo! Groups (idolls)

      Best Regards to you all. Hope you join us this August in Austin, TX for our Ball Joint Doll Convention.
    2. I went to the Yahoo group and to the website, but have lots of questions. Is there somewhere I can ask questions on DOA about what the $180 includes?
    3. Is that vendor registration or attendee registration?
    4. Hi -

      you can ask the questions here.

      Yes - 180.00 is the registration fee.
      This is a 3 day convention which includes a meal a day. Attendees are elgible for Door Prizes and workshops (presenters sometimes charge an additional fee).

      All new Vendors are being vetted and reviewed by the organizing committee. You can contact for more information at
      [email protected]

      thanks -
      BJDC 2016 Sales Floor

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    5. @sher_in_texas thanks! I asked this somewhere else, but I'll ask here too. I wouldn't be able to go to more than one day. Is there a one day pass? If not, what does it cost to come in with the public? I heard something about the public being let in at a certain time. Thanks again!
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    6. Hi -

      There is no one day fee.

      The sales floor is open only to Attendees on Friday August 5.
      The sales floor open to the public is FREE on Saturday August 6.
      All are welcome on our Public sales day.

      best wishes-

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    7. Okay, thanks Sherri!