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Regular Edition of Minoruworld Junior Leila Available

Apr 10, 2007

    1. Minoruworld has just launched a brand new original doll, Leila. She is 33 cm tall and looks to have a more mature sculpt.

      To kick off their new doll, they're releasing a special white-skinned version available for this preorder only.

      For more details, please visit Minoruworld's website.


      Edit: Despite the fact the preorder date has passed for the white-skin Leila, Minoruworld will be releasing her as a regular release doll.

      Updated July 13!
      Minoruworld has launched sales of the regular edition Leila, as well as shoes and dresses for their first original doll. More information in the fifth post.
    2. Is it me, or did the preorder terms end already? ;_______;
    3. Oh, I think you're right. :doh I didn't notice anyone else post about Leila, so I thought I would add it in here. I forgot to check the dates of the preorder. (My mistake, sorry!)
    4. I ask Minoru when they planned to release the regular release Leila and if it would be compatible with products from other companies. This is the reply.