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Rei Tenshi: How much you are willing to pay for them on second handed market

Jan 25, 2009

    1. I have always been curious about this and if a thread like this one is already on, please move this message forward to it. Any of you who love this beautiful tiny angels which volks give in the event lottery, how much are you willing to pay if they sell them?

      I have see that the highest price one is the one with open eyes and with more joints. I hope to see some opinions here.
    2. If you are asking me? I personally wouldn't want to spend so much on a tiny little booger like that, but I'm only guessing because of rarity and brand - People would pay a buttload of money for such a teeny cutie.

      The highest price I've seen? Between $1900 - 2000+.

      Such a shame too. D:
    3. I would adore one ....but if I had that much disposable income ...I still think I would pause for thought
      simply because I would get hammered for customs charges when it came into the UK

      there was one available sometime ago which
      was they one I fell in love with
      ...I did ponder her ...thought of selling off half of my collection to get her ....but the thought of those custom charges ....stopped me ..perhaps one will come into my collection ...I wouldnt rule it out
    4. I have a hard time considering it, honestly, though I want any Rei or Sei Tenshi dearly. I keep trying to go to all physical Volks USA events to increase my probability of winning someday.
    5. Thank You so much for your honest opinions on this. This little beauties can take our heart very easily.
    6. I actually change that the highest I've seen one go for was 500,000 yen which translates to about $5620 give or take a few bucks.
    7. I wouldn't buy one because they aren't for me, but their prices are pretty high. I would feel guilty spending that sort of money rather than putting it in my savings account~!
    8. I feel the same way, I'd rather have my chances in the wind of winning one other than actually buying one. D; Not everyone has this sort of money to burn and I agree with you that I'd rather use that sort of money for something more important like bills or rent.
    9. Wow over $5000 that is over the line in my opinion too. I would never got that far even if i have the $$$