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Reisner the Scarface: The Shadow of Captain (Discussion)

Jul 8, 2008

    1. Crossposted from the News forum.

      :o Like, WHOA. (Wow, I sound really intelligent, don't I?) Anyway, I've run a couple searches here on the forums and haven't seen anything about this, so I thought I'd put it up. Sorry if it's already been announced (though I can't imagine I would have missed THIS kind of news).

      I was poking around the Volks site, clicked a broken link, and it redirected me to THIS:


      Looks like he'll be released on another one of their cruises in Tokyo bay, being held on Thanksgiving this year. :doh Unfortunately, I'm too tired right now to struggle my way through the rest of the text on the page. Anyone else want to have a go and let us all in on the happy goodness?

      At ¥155,400, he sure is a pricey little guy, isn't he? Oh, but so beautiful... :aheartbea

      And even more pretty information and pictures:
      http://www.volks.co.jp/jp/event/cruise_tokyo08/reisner.html (Looks like they'll be selling a special clothes set for Cecile that matches this Reisner's one, but in white, and also Cecile's special eye.)

      I want one. So, SO bad. Oh, why Volks? Why must you tempt us so?

      EDIT: Oh, looks like it IS old news, and it was just buried. Sorry about that, Mods! You can go ahead and lock/delete this, or whatever.
      And I swear to god, at 2:00 AM last night that kanji sure looked like "Thanksgiving." *_* Apparently I was more asleep than I realized.
      Here's a link to the ORIGINAL discussion thread.
    2. >>; what I'm drooling over the most.. is his body. ^^;;;;; it's wonderfully sculpted!! @@''
    3. Oh man --- I need this doll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder if it will be remotely possible
    4. he is sooo awesome i heart him!