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Relationship between CP, Fairyland and Luts (official words)

May 19, 2007

    1. Since so many people are wondering what the relationship is between these three companies, I have requested Fairyland rep for a specific explanation. This is the official word from Fairyland.


      Hello! This is Fairyland.

      We heard that many people are wondering the identity of Fairyland, so we decided to explain what is going on.

      We Fairyland have been in good long term business relationship with Luts and CP, the two well-known companies to you.

      CP is actually behind the birth of Fairyland.

      Before Delf was created, CP and Luts used to exchange opinions on models, with Luts in charge of planning and marketing, and CP producing the models.

      Then, to match the rising expectations of BJD owners, CP trained ball joint doll specialists and invested in planning & development. CP's members who used to be in charge of BJD were given independence, and separated to form Fairyland.

      Since then, Fairyland planned & designed the new improved Delf body (due to request from Luts to improve and modify the body), the characteristic 11 and 22 systems of Delf, and Minifee. Then CP manufactured models and Luts took charge of sales and service.

      As it has been before, we will continue to be in charge of system planning and design of our best cooperator Luts' Delf, and produce our designs & plans to actual models by our trusty model team, CP.

      (Just a note - the new joint system of FeePle is planned to be incorporated into Delf and Minifee within this year)

      After sufficient exchange of opinions with Luts and CP, we have decided to develop FeePle as Fairyland's original product.

      Also, with full support and cooperation from Luts, we will introduce outfits, wig, shoes etc for FeePle.

      Luts, fairyland, CP are all indepent specialist enterprises with different skills, and together as the best partners, will will continue to make progressions to the future.

      I hope that your curiosity in regards to the relationship between Luts, Fairyland and CP is solved now. ^_^

      If you have any other questions, please email us or post a comment on our message board, and we will answer you quickly.

      Thank you for reading this long message and we look forward to your interest and love for our new brand FeePle, as you have given for Luts Delf and Minifee.


      EDIT: (updated)

      - Of all the dolls on Luts website, the only ones that are related to CP/FairyLand are 60cm Delf and Minifee.
      These dolls are designed, manufactured, processed by CP and supplied to Luts as finished products.
      (Hence skin tone of 60cm Delf, MiniFee, FeePle and pukipuki tend to match, whilst they won't match Senior Delf's Real Skin)

      - All other dolls, eg. Senior Delf, Kid Delf and other recent line ups such as Zuzu Delfs are manufactured by Luts team, and not related to CP.
      CP does not intervene in these "Luts Creation" sculpts at all.

      Few more notes
      - Some CP sculpts (regular Delf) have been named as "Luts Creation" on the product table but they are marked as sculpted by CP furthur down the page.

      - Luts owns the brand name "Delf". Hence the Luts Creation dolls can be called as Kid Delf, Zuzu Delf etc, and CP/FL owns the sculpts but can't use the name Delf (eg. FeePle Breakaway, FeePle Vampire Moon).
    2. Oh that's wonderful!
    3. Oooooh, okay! That makes sense!
    4. Wow the joint system will be incorporated into delfs? I think I'll wait and buy mine then. O.O
      FeePle have the most beautiful joints for a doll with such a wide range of possible poses... in my opinion.
    5. I was wondering, when exactly did Fairyland branch off? I noticed a distinct change in sculpting style, and I'm wondering if it's because of the branch-off.
    6. Same here. I guess it makes sense that they'd want their own style if they were going to branch-off.
    7. That's about what I was thinking. Good to have an official statement on it, though, so we can all stop guessing. X3

      Can't wait to see their future releases, both through Luts and their own site! :D
    8. Holy!~ Don't do this to me!~ :...(

      I want posability and I just ordered a doll from LUTS without knowing about this!~
    9. That makes a lot more sense now. I can't wait to see where this will take them each! *-*
    10. This makes me somewhat glad that my Felix will be bought some time next year hehe. He should be effected by this new joint system thing. =D
    11. :D Best news I have heard ever! I gotta show Esther to my husband...maybe I can get her later...she is just so awesome!
    12. So are the skin tones from both companies matching?
    13. Is the Feeple gift head the same as the LUTS/CP Na-nu-ri 2007 head? It doesn't look like the Feeple head has vampire teeth, so I wasn't sure!
    14. So, does this mean they may sell this stuff on Luts or strictly keep things separate?
      [edit] I mean the dolls themselves, not the clothes..

      Tell me about it! I have 4 CP boys and would love more posability. Gah! Am I going to hafta buy new bodies!? ;)
    15. New delf bodies 'v'...?? YAAAY!!!
      Even so I won't wait though... I want Elf Chiwoo, by the time the new bodies come, he may be sold out anyways 77"
    16. Nope, it isn't the same~
    17. now THAT explains a whole lot more!!! yay~ thanks! and wait, did i hear a possible double-joint system for MNF? XDDDDDDDDDDDD well, if it's the neck piece the MNFs already has them... maybe next year? waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~
    18. I would love a new joint system for my Minifee Girls:aheartbea But getting the resin to match my girls exactly would be almost impossible, So I guess I'll just have to be content with the current Mini-Fee body since Resin match is so very important to me:roll:
    19. Sweet! That totally answers my question! :)
    20. ... Oohhhh. That explains a lot!