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Relationships with your used dolls

Jun 30, 2010

    1. I did not find a thread for this yet, the probably is one out there and I suck at this whole search engine thing an etc.

      So I have a Souldoll Kanguk on Layaway right now, I am not buying him from the souldoll site though I am getting him from a user off of DOA. I have no probably owning a doll 2nd hand. I think its sweet to give dolls new homes! The thought had just crossed my mind today though!
      Can you bond the same way with a used doll as you can with a new one?
      Is the doll ignoring you because you are not it's first owner?
      give me some feed back. This is my dream doll I have on layaway and it would KILL me if he did not love me back ):
    2. I think there are a few threads like this, but maybe none so specific? This one is the only one I found in my cursory search:


      As far as your concerns go--it really depends on the sculpt. I have only one doll out of five that I got brand new from the company, and ironically it's the only one I am trying to sell right now out of my collection of marketplace adoptions. It has nothing to do with her origin, it makes no difference to me! It's just that I found difficulties bonding with her size and sculpt.

      I personally don't think getting a doll from the marketplace effects the bonding process negatively--especially if it's your first ever BJD. Though, like all opinions, I'm sure there's plenty of people who feel differently.
    3. aw I saw this thread not to long ago but yeah it wasn't exactly what i was looking for.

      Oh funny, but no he is not my first doll either i have two an msd,and sd, and an sd head right now. And thanks for the input many thanks!
    4. My second hand dolls ignore me as much as my first hand dolls do which is completely, since they are plastic dolls. As for being more or less attached to first or second hand dolls, I've found it to be the same. It might be different if the previous owner kept "checking in" on the doll or something. In that case it would be weird and I don't know how I'd feel.
    5. First off, if you are attracted to a particular doll, and feel comfortable buying on the secondary market, go for it. Secondly, no matter where you get the doll, it still isn't a sentient being, and doesn't have really have emotions, just those YOU give it. So you're really in control here, not the doll, or where you decide to buy it. ;) Congrats on finding your dream doll and I hope you'll try to stop worrying and just enjoy it! :)
    6. thanks to all of you guys so far :)
    7. Admittedly, I am not all that clear on this "bonding" concept, but my guess is that when people don't "bond" with a doll, it's because they are disappointed in the sculpt, or the posability, or it's just not what they expected. You run that risk regardless of whether the doll is new or secondhand.

      Also, the doll is what you make of it. If you dreamed of having a new doll and you settled for a secondhand one, then you will likely project those negative feelings onto the doll. If it truly doesn't bother you to have a secondhand doll, then that's not something you need to worry about.

      For what it's worth, I have three dolls that I bought new and two that I bought secondhand, and they're all the same to me!
    8. Some of my favorite BJDs are "pre-owned" :)

      It depends on the doll, and your mindset towards it. Be sure to give the doll a chance; don't be hasty. Good luck!
    9. All but one of my dolls is second hand. I am starting to think that I prefer them that way. I like opening the boxes and feeling them for the first time that they are "not mine yet" kind of feeling. It's rather exciting.

      Also I like to look up the previous owner's doll-photos just to see how they had the doll when they had it. Because I always redo the face up then they come home to me. I like that the doll had it's own history before coming to me.

      I know of some who prefer to buy their dolls directly from the company, they are "collectors" that may prefer to buy them with the default face up, fullset, ect....and not like secondhand doll because the dolls may not be "perfect" to their eyes. (regardless of how well kept the dolls where.)
    10. All of my current dolls were purchased secondhand, and none of them "love me back". Neither did any of the dolls I bought new (which have since been sold).

      The secondhand dolls were pretty much exactly like getting the ones I got direct from the company, but with less waiting and a bit more examining for damage.
    11. To me...the doll is "new". He/she may not be from the factory, but if I've never had one before like the one I'm getting, I don't feel it should in any way hinder the "bonding". My guy came to me from a member who had him in a dress and the pix I saw he looked... "sad". Got him home , new wig, new eyes, MANLY clothes, and "NEW" guy. Sometimes I think he's smiling. But I would not let the concept of "SecondHand" stand in the way of happiness.

      - ShadowHawke -
    12. I have 2 dolls that are pre-loved (out of 7) and ironically, they're of the same character. To me, it doesn't matter whether they're brand spankin' new or have been around the block a few times. Once the dolls are in my hands, they become whatever character I purchased them to be and what they were before has no bearing on them.

      For 2 dolls on my wish list, the only way I'll ever get them is through the 2nd hand market as one has been discontinued by the company (Unidoll Ark) and the other was limited to 100 dolls (Impldoll Miguel The Demon Hunter). I'd be thrilled to pieces to have either one regardless of whether I was their first owner or their 10th owner.
    13. I wouldn't get too torn up over if your doll loves you back or not, seeing as it's plastic and doesn't have emotions..<__> But for the real topic, I don't think there's a bonding difference for secondhand dolls, if you like the doll then you like it, doesn't matter where it came from or if someone owned it first.
    14. Well, he should learn to move on! XD Think of this: His old owner didn't love him enough to keep him, but YOU love him now, so if he's not a total jerk, why shouldn't he "love you back"?

      I've gotten things secondhand before.. not dolls, but many things. And usually when you start putting your touch into them and changing their look to suit you, and moving them past whatever the last owner had made them into, the things can start to "belong" to you a lot quicker than you'd think. (I just did this with a WHOLE HOUSE, and I was really surprised how fast I was able to become very comfortable in this house that I hated at first.)
    15. Almost all of my dolls are second hand. The way people care for the dolls keeps them in such good condition, I treat them as if they were new. I haven't really found a difference at all between bonding with new vs. second hand. Don't worry! If he is your dream doll, I'm sure you will bond with him. I got a Soom Glati second hand and I swear I have never bonded faster to a doll. I stuck him in his new hair and eyes and it was like instant attachment.
    16. As long as the doll is in good shape, I see no difference between buying new and buying used. I have three used dolls, and I love them all. I am considering selling one, but only because I do not like how her body is sculpted; I would have had this issue if I bought her new from the company.

      I like buying used. It's fun to wonder where she's been before she got to me. But just for the record, I don't know if any pretty hunk of resin will ever love anyone, lol.
    17. I have new and I have used and I have never thought my bonding or not bonding had anything to do with weather I was first owner or #3 even. I bond on the doll alone, his or her personality as well as the doll itself. If a doll refuses to stand or hold a head up as posed I don't blame fact it was new or used, just it's the doll. In any case I like buying used if it saves me money I can use towards clothes and such to make this doll uniquely mine.
    18. I have a (basicaly) 2nd hand doll. I bought her head off a user from DoA (Serenia) and I adore her to bits and pieces. It doesn't even cross my mind that she hasn't been solely mine. And when it does, I'm just filled with joy that I was able to bring her into my life with the help of someone else.

      I don't know if she loves me as much as I love her, I doubt she does, but it doesn't matter because she's pampered and spoiled lol!
    19. I bought my Tanpopo second-hand and she is easily my favorite out of all of my dolls. I think the fact that she was second-hand made me love her even more. Plus, you can customize the doll to make it look however you want. Every time I change my dolls eyes, hair, and clothes, it feels like it's almost a brand new doll. :)
    20. As long as the original owner took decent care of the doll-(or doll is for sale honestly) I think it's a great way to get a chance to own Special/limited edition dolls/harder to find dolls, or can be a great introduction into the world of ABJDs. a lot of my friends had 2nd hand dolls as the first dolls, and it's always fun to hear the stories/backgrounds of the dolls. One of my friends even go in contact with the first owner of one of hers (she is owner #3 of said doll If I'm correct.) =D