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Release of Lumedoll Keid Ara

Jan 29, 2010

    1. Hi everyone,

      I was on the Lumedoll website and Dollist has released her newest doll.
      She is also going to be attending Idex in Orlando, Fl the 30th & 31th in the Dealers Room. Hope to see you there!


      Check out the website!
    2. More photos were added to the website today! Also on the site, I've added information about the newsletter that I'll be sending out periodically during the year!
    3. Do you have comparisons of the resin colours? And has the light skin colour changed since 2009?
    4. The resin colors are the same as last year. I will have the resin comparisons up in a few days, but the dolls in the body photos are in the light and normal skin tones (the dreaming head Keid Ara is light skin tone).
    5. What's the difference between Keid and Keid Ara?

      They're both lovely either way! :D
    6. Keid is the original sculpt, and is now discontinued. He had a removable teeth part. Keid Ara is a newer version. He is a little more mature looking, and his teeth are not removable.
    7. Mlittarin, the resin comparison picture is up (in the Order section). I've added more photos along with the new girl sculpt that will be releasing this spring.
    8. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I HAVE been searching for "THE PERFECT" BJD, and I found her in TANIA!:fangirl:

      WHEN IS SHE COMING OUT?! How much will she be?


    9. Tania will be released soon as well as her ordering information! Thanks!