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[released]Lotus Near No.13-No.16 [FairyGarden,DD-Anne's hand made]

Aug 14, 2009

    1. He is available now.

      Hello everyone, *^-^*
      After a long time preparation, new edtion of Lotus Near is nearly ready.
      The theme is 'Black&Death'.

      Although I confirmed the theme in May, the final version is far away from my original plan. I want to bring something new in every edtion, so at first, I design a kimono for him. However, the kimono doesn't fit him. :( (but it fits my zombie Riko,XD)

      Then, I considered about ancient Chinese style. I'm not special in this style, so I spent one morning, searching online for reference and finished a sketch of the second design. I was pleased with it when finishing and bought new materials for it at onece. However again, (- -|||) the more I looked at the sketch, the more disappointed I got, because it's not my style!

      At last, I decided not to be influrenced by these kinds of styles, just to design whatever I like. Then, it's the third design.

      A glance today, he will be ready tomorrow.:)

      Hope you like it.^^


      p.s If you don't know who is Lotus Near, you can find old edtions of Lotus Near here, ^^
    2. I can't wait to see more photos, either. Is this edition in gray skin, then? =D I'd love to know!
    3. bingo~

      More photos




      I considered about 3 colors, silver, golden, bronze for his accessories. I like bronze best since it matches zombie theme well, but there is less choice among bronze accessories. Silver accessories are the most ones I used in his outfits, there are plenty of choices, but I want to something new. At last, I choose the golden accessories. Even now, I'm not sure if it's a right choice. He looks cooler in black and white photos...
      And the tatoos on his arms, look simple, but it's not easy to me. Every arm is different, it really caused me headache. The working process has been paused for several days since I had no idea for these tatoos. At last I found inspirations from the box I bought for him. You may find some similar patterns on his box.XD