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ReleaseRain on ebay-false advertising!!

Nov 26, 2006

    1. :vein UPDATEI just recieved my wig from Releaserain expecting to find a DoD wig WT-14 in brown....nope. It looks more like a Leekeworld wig(short straight over layer with a crimped underlayer)the DoD wig has straight bangs but is not layered through the back with a straight layer on top and a crimped underneath,its all one layer. So basically,she has been using pictures from doll companies to sell wigs she has handmade. If you are going to buy a wig from her that has a company pic(ie Luts,DoD etc)it will NOT be from that company,she said so herself. She did refund my money at least and let me keep the wig but its far and away too big for any of my dolls(she said its an 8/9...ohhhh no its not!Its swallows my SwD Mimi's head because the bangs are inordinately long!)I think she told me to keep the wig as a "Christams gift" to ensure that I would not write her bad feedback on ebay...I never said I wouldnt let the company's she's been stealing pics from, know. I know many people have had good dealings with her and the wig is well made but it was falsely advertised. At least she refunded me though.....I did email the companies who she has stolen the pictures from that she has been using them(Luts,DoD and Volks) She should not be using other company's pics and should take her own. It's just plainly false advertising and a bad business practice.

      I just bought a wig from them and they seem like they have pretty good feedback for the most part but I havent gotten a paypal reciept from them or any shipping notifications either.It says on my paypal account that the payment went through but I havent recieved any acknowledgement from them that I even ordered.I know some of the people here(or people with the same sn's anyway)have ordered from them but I still want to be sure.
    2. I've bought from them with no problem.
    3. I'm with Scissorhand. No problem!
    4. I'm with Scissorhand. No problem! ^^
    5. I ordered from them recently--Blythe shoes and a Unoa wig. Shipping was very quick, no problem at all with them.
    6. Did you guys ever here from them?Or did your stuff just arrive rather unannounced?
    7. No, just paid using the button on ebay and just a little later it showed up. Then again, I rarely check email as most is junk.
    8. thats good to hear!I guess it will just randomly arrive this week then.How long did they take to ship after payment was sent?
    9. With the automated checkout, ebay doesn't foster the kind of "hands-on", constant communication you may be used to from dealing here or from other peer-to-peer transactions. I usually don't hear from most sellers.

      I've bought from these people and had no problems.
    10. I've bought like 6 or 7 wigs from them and I keep going back. Really fast shipping, and they're friendly too. No problems here :)
    11. updated first post..