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Releasing Gumdrops Urethane Eyes

Aug 11, 2006

    1. Please pm Grace with your individual questions or refer to her website for more information.

      Thank you! :)
    2. I can't seem to get on the site... is it just a temproary(sp) server issue?
    3. I'm a bit confused. What's the difference between the new line of eyes and the old one? They're both gorgeous but I can't quite see what the difference is...
    4. Hello

      Sorry we are also in the middle of changing web host. >.< I know it's wrong timing but it should be working now.

      To answer the difference between "old" Eye Candies and Gumdrops, they are made by different maker. Looks similar but not really, specially since the maker of Mystic Eyes("old" Eye Candies) has started to change his eyes into having very flat backs. I don't know if that style will be permanent however or if he will revert back to before. Also the colors are different and Gumdrops is available in albino version.

      For any questions at all about the eyes, I can be contacted at blythe1972(at)cox.net. It is faster than pm. ~_~

      Thank you,


      Treelore, I responded to your pm.
    5. when will you be posting more pics of 'albino' eyes ^_^ i need to see them all in order to choose a color! thanks!
    6. I will post more albino as soon as I have them in other colors. Right now the latest one I have is only the stormy blue. >.<

    7. What sizes will these eye be available in? Will there be certain features restricted to certain sizes (eg: Albino only available in size 14-18, or no-pupil only in sizes 14-16) or anything like that?
    8. What will the wait be on these? Is it another 3-month wait situation or hopefully better?

    9. What's the price range on these? They're beautifull... But I can't find where the price is listed...
    10. Grace prefers that you email her for prices. :)
    11. When I looked at the pages for the individual colors, under "Product Information", there was a drop-down menu with sizes and prices. And even on the Eye Candies page prices are now listed. <3
    12. All colors and sizes(10mm-20mm) that are available for Standard eyes are also available in Albino and No Pupil versions. ^^

      The wait is a little bit better, about 8 weeks.

      Price range is from $40-$60 depending on size. ^^
    13. Hi, Grace! Best of luck with this new release :D

      I was curious -- do you have a picture of the eyes from the side, so that we can see what the back looks like, and the front paperweighting? I prefer a low dome, so I'm always interested in seeing what the eyes look like in profile.

      Thanks much . . . and I'm DROOLING over the new color range, eee . . . magenta is calling to me!!

      -- Andi <3
    14. Thank you Andi! ^^ Here is a picture I took for you. Sorry about the resin dust on the eyes. >.< I had to sand the stump a little to make them stand evenly. ^^