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Releasing Sp Cat ver. of Yellow and White

Mar 8, 2008

    1. any idea on the selling time/date?

    2. Lati had announced the order date!!

      [ 2008-03-10 ] Releasing Sp Cat ver. of Yellow and White

      Hello, this is lati.
      The Cat ver. special limited edition will be released on 17th of Mar which supposed to release within this week.

      We planning to provide for one month(17/03/08-17/04/08) but this item is going out fast it could be out of stock earlier.

      The Yellow and White will be restocked on the same day.

      Have a great day.


      [ 2008-03-10 ] Improved hand part for Yellow

      Hello, this is lati.

      New improved hand which is easier to change will be available soon for Yellow line.

      Yellow special ver. Byurl is only available for now but for other yellow line will be all available soon or later.
      You can change existed hands to improved one, please feel free to ask.

      Picture for improved hand will be posted soon.

      Have a nice day.

      but i still curious about the releasing basic yellow line
      it will release on the 17 march, right?
    3. Yes, that is what it says. :)

      "The Yellow and White will be restocked on the same day." March 17th!! That's quite a while.. :S And I was expecting it to be today. *sighs*

      And what do they mean it's going out fast? o_O; They haven't even sold it yet.. right?? *confused*
    4. when they become available on March 17th
      It means they will be available for a month
      Unless they sell out fast
      like the last release of the tans , they were supposed to be available for a Month
      but they sold so many they closed the edition early

      so really ...they will be available from the 17th ...untill they sell out
      my advice to you if you want one ...get in quick ...to make sure you get one
    5. :) Hi,
      Does anyone know whether the cats will have human hands and feet in addition to the cats paws?
    6. I want to know if they come with people hands and feet too, I didn't see it in the description or in optional parts...
    7. yes they come with normal hands and feet too :)
      I asked
    8. Did they say if the normal hands and feet would be the new magnetic ones like the paws? There announcement is confusing:
      [ 2008-03-12 ] Amendment of Improved hands and feet part

      Hello, this is lati.

      All yellow line include released on 29th of Feb, 2008 provides
      older jointed hands and feet with extra magnetic hands and feet.
      Also, Cat ver. of yellow provides magnetic paws with extra older jointed hands and feet.