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ReMent and BJDs

Jul 8, 2019

    1. Does anyone else really wish that ReMent made their furniture and prop sets in 1/4 scale?:eusa_pray
      Their miniature and 1/6 scale stuff is so awesome! The attention to detail is just amazing, and everything is so realistic looking.:thumbup
      I especially love the Japanese historical and nostalgic lifestyles sets. like "The Grandparent's Home" or "Edo Japan".:love
      It's Just really frustrating because those sets contain exactly the sort of props and furniture I need! Exactly what I've been trying to find for Lue's traditional Japanese style house. They are absolutely perfect... except that they are the wrong scale!:doh
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    2. For that matter, in 1/3 would also be great...
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    3. I wish for 1/3 scale too. I love the little sets especially the traditional stuff. Maybe one day we will get to enjoy them in larger scales. Wonder if we could petition it...
    4. Yes, 1/3 would be nice to have as well.:thumbup
      Lol, although I have no plans, let alone the room to have a 1/3 scale Japanese house built for my big guys.:lol:
      Heck, I barely have the room to have the Japanese house built that I want to for Lue.:lol:
      The odd prop would be nice though.:3nodding:

      I've thought about writing to them with the suggestion, but a suggestion letter with multiple signatures would probably have an even greater impression.
      Actually, I'm kind of surprised they haven't collaborated with Volks to produce a line of scale props for the dolls yet.:huh?:
      Maybe it's my Western point of view, but It just sort of seems like it would be a no brainer to me.
      Lol, if I were ReMent I know I would have approached Volks with the idea, and vice versa if I were Volks.:thumbup
    5. Add me to the 1/3 wishing group!

      Though at the same time, I'm kind of glad they don't come bigger than 1/6, I already have too many props taking up space. I haven't started collecting props for my 1/6 figure crew, and I'm trying not to start, even though a lot of rement is sooooo tempting!
    6. I used to collect Re-Ment. I've since given it all up and am not necessarily sure if I'd want to fall down that rabbit hole again if they began making items scaled for bjds. It probably would be very tempting though and might be nice to have new options in ways to further enjoy my doll hobby. I don't keep many props for my dolls now but if a comany like Re-Ment began doing quality themed room sets or food items it could be really cool. I might lament not having space for it :sweat
    7. I would totally get 1/4 or 1/3 scaled ReMent furniture, food, etc. But I would feel like I need it all, so maybe it’s a good thing they don’t sell them.:sweat
    8. I was just thinking this! I wish they made larger scale rement as well.